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  • Namaste @BikkhuJayasara Thank you for your much appreciated insights. The life of a villager is beyond overrated. The joy of freedom will eventually find you. Metta
  • @Shoshin said: No doubt there are many benefits , however one that comes to mind (pun intended) is .... The practice of mindfulness in everyday life help one to develop an alertness of mind which acts like a buffer zone between thought and…
  • @Bunks said: I hope this post finds you all well? 🙏 I'm trying to work on letting stuff go. Particularly at work. My day at work has become more unpredictable recently and, as something of a controller, I'm finding it difficult to adjust. …
  • For those that struggle with monkey mind at the moment, it might help to just sit and think about the running thoughts for a moment before actually sitting. Like warming up the cushion so to speak?
  • Perhaps inspiration is an important factor to a good meditation. If that is the case then we should try to perserve it. How? I guess one way would be to be less judgemental and just do it. Only if it doesn't cause suffering for anyone including …
  • Just wanted to share this. https://www.facebook.com/creeativeideas/videos/1902189043390361/
  • @mindatrisk said: I've been blessed with a set of circumstances that means I can, more or less, be in solitude retreat for six months. I've done silent retreats for a week or so a few times in the past where circumstances have allowed, but obviou…
  • A "beginner's mind" is the anecdote for an analytical mind. It might help a little to notice when you're being analytical, but don't do anything other than watch. The analytical mind is the same as the "monkey mind", and you would deal with it the…
  • When do you find yourself breathing normally and with ease? Then ask yourself what is different about that time and when you're meditating. If it's nothing more than just the sitting or the act of meditating itself then it's quite normal and j…
  • "You'll have to face it one of these days anyways" "It's better to learn to cope with it before it happens, than to fear it and let it keep bothering you" are some things I try to keep telling myself.
  • How to live? Like every day is your last, leaning towards...this life is your last.
    in How to live? Comment by namarupa July 28
  • Why did upekka get banned? It didn't look like he was being offensive at all. ?
    in Mx Angry Comment by namarupa July 24
  • If you just take one noble truth and ask yourself, is this true? It's a life changer.
  • Without Buddhism I don't know where I'd be, either dead, insane, or 1000 times more depressed than I already am maybe. Perhaps anger is not just something to be unrooted this lifetime. Perhaps maybe I decided last lifetime to unroot it, I don't …
    in Mx Angry Comment by namarupa July 18
  • As ex-Thai Theravada Buddhist monk, I can tell you that that is just a proper way to bow as taught from monastics to other monastics, and also to lay people as well. Why must there be a proper way versus any form of bowing? I think it was develope…
  • There's a level of greed, desire, anger, hate, delusion, and ignorance where they arise and pass away without giving us any trouble. There's also another level where they take over our being completely and leave us in more trouble than we can handl…
  • I remember a monk telling me that sañña/perception is also memory. So as it relates to your question, memory/perception/sañña does arise. I have to use it to understand what I am reading or looking at.
  • Prayers to the victims, friends, and families. Metta
    in MANCHESTER Comment by namarupa May 23
  • There are times when we might not have an answer, and not know what to do or think. That could be the time when we have to just accept and move on. There might not be an answer for everything. Just letting go of it is all that is needed.
  • Treat speech and non-speech as actions, and all actions are karma.
  • The mind is used to being rash, possessive, and controlling. The difficulty is going from that, to a more peaceful, aware, and noticing mind. Noticing that the body functions in unison with nature and the environment helps calm the un-meditative…
  • Here. Sorry I'm late!
  • Anywhere where there is no interruption for up to an hour should work.
  • If the gain from pain does interests you, I will say that pain does diminish once comfortability is established, and occurs less frequently to not at all. When the legs start to send signals to the brain, its sending a question. "Hey! take a look …
  • Why is this your last OP @upekka?
  • Meditation is similar to sitting on a raft, and letting it drift in a safe direction. Mindful drinking would be like allowing the raft to drift towards rougher waters.
  • Reminds me of this...
  • @techie said: I've been trying this for a while now. Watching the in and out breaths. Sometimes after i breathe out, I notice that I do not immediately breathe in. It is like there is a somewhat long gap before I breathe in again. M…
  • You can't paint a clear picture on a newspaper.
  • The answer is compassion, so we must try not to formulate too many questions since we already have the answer.
  • If you have a raft and a destination, karma would be the direction of travel.
  • The self is like a rainbow. It's a phenomenon that does exist, but chasing after it is pointless.
  • @SpinyNorman said: @namarupa said: The past cannot be recalled, but the present is available. Uncertainty should not be grasped at. The problem is usually grasping at an illusion of future certainty. Its every…
  • The past cannot be recalled, but the present is available. Uncertainty should not be grasped at.
  • Can one recover from saying so many stupid things? Stupid things that did not harm anyone I guess would fall in category of idle chatter. Can one recover? Depends how much time was wasted.
  • I heard a saying once of an unknown origin that made sense. "As you get older, reasoning should increase, and acting out emotions decrease".
  • I believe it refers to a certain level or state of awareness where your mind may penetrate or tap into something that not everyone may experience. Hence it was phrased "neither perception nor non-perception". You may see it, but you know its not t…
  • When I sense that my mind drifts off on a tangent, or starts to notice something intensely, I always consider the three characteristics or the three marks of existence, and that usually keeps me grounded into a normal meditative state. I believe th…
  • I think the video is more opinionated than concrete.
  • As @lobster advised to stay grounded, one way to do this is to stay relaxed no matter what. If there is an issue that is causing us to feel anything other than relaxed, and cannot be dealt with during meditation, then that issue needs to be address…
  • What does the teaching of the Buddha, the true nature of things, and the way to the deathless offer? Everything and more.
  • Part 2. *body in & itself = Not "my" body *ardent = Motivated *alert = Awake *mindful = Attentive *putting aside greed & distress = Not "my" greed. Not "my" stress. *with reference to the world = Not "my" body. Not "my" g…
  • My guess is the following but I could be wrong. *body in & itself = Not thinking "my" body "my" arms, legs etc. *ardent = In a good mood. *alert = Not falling asleep *mindful = Aware *putting aside greed & distress = …