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  • @adele said: I am also new to Buddhism and I watched a lot of you tube - Ajahn Brahm, Pema Chodren; I read a lot from online sites such as buddhanet and the vipassana fellowship and information sections of monasteries and I visited two locali…
  • @karasti said: generally they are very receptive to questions and meeting with you. Sometimes they prefer you to schedule ahead, just depends on the place. I think Thai Buddhism is generally more Theravada (i could be wrong about that though, it …
  • @seeker242 said: Thanks C: and im nervous to go
  • @seeker242 said: I live in south FL. I know of 3 actual temples. This is my korean zen temple. . There's a Thai Theravada temple in Miami. There's Huong Hai Vietnamese temple in Davie. The affiliated American group to this temple, where many mo…
  • @federica said: HI, Chrisv23c , just edited your title to give a broader explanation of content and purpose; smileys are nice, but on their own, convey nothing, and don't help in searches... Thanks! Thanks i didn't know what to ti…
  • I'll be trying the library or maybe trying to get a hold of it online (: thank you so much
  • I went to the library because I don't have money to buy books and my parents won't give me money i have found three books that seem interesting they are 1) Letting go of the person you used to be-Lama Surya Das 2) 3 Ways to the pure land- Dha…
  • Is there a bible in Buddhism?
  • Thank you everyone (: and I'll be heckling the library probably today