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ajhayes Veteran

Knock on the sky, listen to the sound.


Northern Michigan
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Northern Michigan
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English, some French, some Spanish


  • @Tsultrim said: @ajhayes said I would like to submit this as a potential addiction as well. Oh man, that's great. I always heard about Weird Al but never saw any of his stuff, now i know his appeal. He's …
    in For Men Only Comment by ajhayes May 2
  • I would like to submit this as a potential addiction as well.
    in For Men Only Comment by ajhayes May 2
  • Ha ha! Poo jokes!
    in Data Update Comment by ajhayes April 13
  • @DhammaDragon said: I underwent the worst pathological harassment possible in a tiny app like Insight Timer, and just because my harassment was not of a sexual nature, the developers would not bother to help me. They shrugged me off with a…
    in Data Update Comment by ajhayes April 12
  • @federica said: Just to let you all know, I'm getting a lot of 'spam-bot' applications to join the forum, from a website called 'coloncleanse[dot]com. If anyone thinks I should let them in, I'll be asking questions later. That's all. Thank…
    in Data Update Comment by ajhayes April 12
  • The dude abides.
  • I appreciate everyone's insight. I'm feeling a lot better getting that off of my chest. In particular, the comment that @lobster made opened up a door on an interesting series of thoughts. Thank you again for you time and patience.
    in Weird feeling Comment by ajhayes March 9
  • @federica said: @ajhayes said: I am working toward ordination. As of this morning, I have begun (trying) to live by the 8 precepts, instead of the 5. We greatly support and look forward to walking with you on your jour…
  • I am working toward ordination. As of this morning, I have begun (trying) to live by the 8 precepts, instead of the 5.
  • Thank you. And best wishes to you and yours as well. This is one of the finer feel good posts I've encountered. As @David said, you can feel the sincerity.
  • ...And for goodness sake, take a honeymoon and enjoy it!
  • I'm very happy for you guys. May you have many, many years of happiness.
  • Dharma practice is like... confusing, at times... man.
  • When you come to a fork in the road, take it. -Yogi Berra
  • @Mingle said: Just spent an hour on the cushion and I have realised how even when meditating I spend an awfully long time trying to control my thoughts. As the meditator it can be very easy to fall into the trap of asking yourself "am I m…
  • Sometimes it is all I can do to let my thoughts come and go and not serve them tea. Other times I settle into meditation and everything goes well and I feel like I've "accomplished" something. Thus far, I find each session different and some are mor…
  • I think about traveling a lot. I (along with my wife, and probably the kids) have wanderlust. We enjoy exploring together and learning new things.
  • @lobster I won't kill him yet. I need information. Und vee heff vays auf making heem talk.
  • @ThomB said: Hey, I had a little incident and am looking for positive energy/support. Oct. 4th I was out on my bicycle and hit an unseen patch of loose gravel. Rather a spectacular crash ensued. Two weeks later I sit in rehab with a partial hip r…
  • @david Haven't seen the newest episode, yet (But, don't worry. I don't get bothered about spoilers). @federica Thank you. You are very kind.
  • I may have gone for the classic "nod and smile" approach. I find myself using that a lot when I don't know what to say, particularly when someone makes a really outrageous claim that I know isn't rooted in reality. HOWEVER It could be argued t…
  • I'm not. I don't know what is out there, I think there has to be something. It can't be proven or disproven, so, it's irresponsible to say one way or another. I'm sure I'll find out someday.
  • In the absence of a Sangha, I put my trust in all of you to fill that void. I appreciate the humor and wisdom. Thanks everybody.
  • I generally trudge. There is a certain nobility in trudging. Al Bundy (Married: With Children) is a wonderful example of the nobility of trudging. As we plod along, shoulders slumped in defeat, face downward, each step agonizingly long.. We realize …
  • Is "I don't know" an acceptable answer?
  • @Hozan I think we got all of your rain in Northern Michigan, USA. Can we please send some to you? It's very soggy here.
  • @Kerome said: You probably mean "The Big Lebowski", which is a fabulous film http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118715/fullcredits It is the rug that ties us all together.
  • "To practice Zen Buddhism is to train oneself to eliminate hatred, anger, and selfishness and to develop loving-kindness toward all." -Thich Thien-An But, sometimes that is a very lofty goal. I've found that if I sit and try to just be, it's a g…
    in zen Comment by ajhayes July 2017
  • I thoroughly enjoy his talks. I think he's very wise and funny at the same time.
  • A bow and a crisp high five to all of you.
  • I've always found that my thinking is much more clear after a good workout (running in particular). I'm also very mindful when I work out, all of life's troubles and other nonsense just float away as I am fully experiencing the moment. Certainly …
    in Monk health Comment by ajhayes June 2017
  • @Hozan said: Im not sitting on the fence here. I utterly reject trump and what he stands for. Today he pulled the US out of the Paris agreement on climate change. He is a petty, vindictive, small minded man and one man shouldnt have the power to …
    in Trump Comment by ajhayes June 2017
  • It may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.
  • I really, really love it when my 4 year old tells me to "just breathe, dad. In through the nose, out through the mouth. You'll be fine."