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  • @DhammaDragon said: Matcha, green tea in general, is an acquired taste, @dhammachick. I don't think anyone really appreciates either from the start. Though matcha lattes really grow into you more easily... I can relate, I have tri…
    in Coffee ??? Comment by Mingle March 23
  • No affect, in fact I read somewhere that some Buddhist monks drink green tea in order to keep them alert whilst meditating.
    in Coffee ??? Comment by Mingle March 20
  • Congrats on not having a fb account. I deleted mine 2 maybe 3 years ago and have never looked back. I felt liberated like I had been broken from a spell when I got rid of it. We don't need to be constantly seeing little windows of what others WANT y…
    in Twitter Comment by Mingle March 19
  • I've never thought it pessimistic. It probably is compared to that warm fuzzy feeling of false hope abrahamic religions give people.
  • @lobster said: Missing head dharma ... http://www.headless.org HA! Perfect. I knew this would have some meaning in the end.
  • @federica said: So....? Throw it away and get a new one. The statue, not the cat. (Or maybe, on second thoughts......) What feedback did you want? Nothing, I just thought it was funny
  • @JaySon said: I've decided I'm done with beliefs. I need hard evidence or unquestionable logic in order to determine whether anything in Buddhism is true or not. Karma and reincarnation... Can't confirm their existence. Also, you could arg…
    in Belief. Comment by Mingle February 6
  • @Shoshin said: Some folk use the term "animal companion" as oppose to "owing a pet" ...Animal companion does have a better ring to it.... I love insects, over the summer I have mozzie & flea companions ...They are cheap to feed too …
  • @dhammachick said: Biggus Dickus I have a friend that calls me that.
  • @Tigger said: Oh federica, what would we do without you I can't imagine what a hard to read forum this would be.
  • @federica said: (Speech). Don't stop me, I'm on a roll. Ah ffs, come on that was just a typo lol
  • @JaySon said: Then we should start a gang of grammar thugs to oppose them. They should fight for free speach, no matter how hard it is to understand.
  • @federica said: @Mingle said: Sorry if my grammar is off (ironically) posting In a rush. I actually read 'bush'. Which would have been funny. Who says I'm not?
  • @JaySon said: @Mingle said: Sorry if my grammar is off (ironically) posting In a rush. No worries. The grammar police doesn't patrol these parts. Perhaps not today
  • @federica said: @Mingle said: Thanks. What's most difficult about it is the meals, just feels like I'm eating a whole plate full of accessories if you know what I mean. I would say there's a whole raft (when you think 'raft…
  • Sorry if my grammar is off (ironically) posting In a rush.
  • Breath in awesomeness Breath out Fucks not yet given
  • @lobster said: Well done on becoming vegetarian. Thanks. What's most difficult about it is the meals, just feels like I'm eating a whole plate full of accessories if you know what I mean.
  • @federica said: Oh good grief..... You've been here 2 years darling.... and you still don't have a handle on it....? Well, I guess it can be a diverse thing to grapple with... Ok, the word Kamma simply means Action. Every …
  • @federica said: You don't need to meditate to 'wake up from the matrix'. All you need to do is to see things as they really are. I guess being aware of the concept alone should suffice. Perhaps sitting outside costa with a latte and watch…
  • @federica said: It sounds to me as if you're looking for the kinds of 'easy listening' books the sound-bytes of which are easy to swallow and follow. Sometimes, we have to plough through what seems boring and permit the inner wisdom to reach us..…
  • @lobster said: Tee hee! Good news! @Mingle said: I know for you guys this is just stating the obvious but to me there is knowing something because you have been told it and then really knowing something because you have ex…
  • @Tigger said: again and again and again from what I now understand about it @Mingle. Now that I understand it I see the connection between my rebirth and my suffering, they are hand and hand - cause and effect. It's very interesting to me…
  • @Bunks said: No but this should help. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_of_Malta Thanks that did help.
  • @Tigger said: Hey @Mingle that's an amazing experience and story and thanks for enlightening me on the true meaning of rebirth because I DID take it literal this entire time, thank you Aha you are welcome. I guess you too have again bee…
  • Any Idea what the temperature is gonna be like in February? I'd love to go snorkelling but I guess that's probably a bit ambitious.
  • @federica said: Yup. That's it lol? That's the least I've ever seen you say. Is that a good thing?
  • Thank god/s for that. You're doing better than those self indulgent ones who make YouTube videos on how their life sucks so hard because their fave celebrity got picked on on Twitter and teh feels are too much to cope with Yes me and my wor…
  • @karasti said: I don't think social media is entirely to blame for people who feel entitled. And please don't generalize that this is how an entire society or generation is, because it is simply untrue. The people who are that way, in particular …
  • @JaySon said: @dhammachick said: Be careful not to cross the line to Nihilism. Obsession with death and dying is not a Buddhist trait Thinking about death has given me a lot of motivation to practice. The other motivat…
  • @dhammachick said: Did we watch the same video @Mingle ? It's basically saying don't self diagnose, don't use depression as the reason for everytime you're not happy. We are not automatically gong to be happy and we have to make an effort …
  • Also an interesting video on this very subject.
  • Gave this ago. It puts you in a great mood. You need nothing more because you are already happy.
  • @David said: Hey hey, Merry Ho-Ho. Gratitude meditation is what I'm thinking you're looking for. If you search on YouTube you should find lots. Aha thank you. I shall give it a go. You might find this video good for a lau…
  • I heard from somewhere that is four kinds of Motivation and we need to work out which one fits us. There is... Towards Motivation - If I do this I will get this. Away from - I should do this because if I dont something will happen. Along with…
  • I have a cat, love her so much. Even after five years my eyes light up whenever I see her.
  • On a side note but not completely un related, I work in a shop and after a while one can't help but make observations. I don't know how you would define an alcoholic but there definitely seem to be a fair few people who are in everyday buying booze.…