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  • @Kundo na I'm in Adelaide. And our internet isn't good enough for Skype. Plus I do Pilates Wednesday night.
  • @seeker242 - a very good question indeed! Was to still, I couldn't stop long enough to sit! But @namarupa I tried a REALLY long walk with my husband and I was tired enough to do some meditation and reined the monkey mind in.
  • Lol meditation over Skype sounds interesting. But the time zone could be an issue! Most of you guys are in the US it seems. I'm in Australia!
  • @federica Yes sleeping enough. It's more broken than normal but still enough
  • A picture of my court yard designed with meditation in mind (we recently moved into this house after designing and building it ) So I moved my outside Buddha and actually meditated in our court yard. With the light rain and cool breeze with the…
  • @federica the writing is a good idea. Only has to be on comp as cant hand write long cause of wrist problem. Wouldn't take very long at all for it to get sore :P @Jeffrey - yes Buddhism isn't exactly the same as meditation for psychology but I use…
  • yeah that is a good idea. I will work out a set time I think but my dogs at my meditation cushion so floor for me!
    in I'm back! Comment by newlotus October 15
  • No! its nothing like kick boxing! You should google it. Its when you focus on the area of pain in ur body, notice it. Then you move to an area of your body where there is no pain and focus on that. Going back and forth between the pain and not pa…
    in Pain Comment by newlotus October 15
  • @federica Lol the job wasnt that good. Was over worked and under paid. But no, it most definitely wasn't worth it. my wrist is much better but it will never be 100%. But after over a year off horrible intense pain it's a very good improvem…
    in I'm back! Comment by newlotus October 15
  • For about a year I had a chronic wrist injury. My wrist would dislocate at least once a day and I would click it back it. Until the pain stopped recently I didn't realise how much agony I was really in. The only pain killers I could have knocked me …
    in Pain Comment by newlotus October 15
  • @dhammachick Bother! I lived in Sydney for a year but moved interstate An online / email thing sounds cool though! Also, then I don't have to go out anywhere after work :P @Traveller - yes agreed!
  • LOL sorry that's a bit funny! I have that magazine sitting on my coffee table but haven't read it yet
  • I have a few days off work and it's cold and raining outside. So I have an excuse not to go for a long strenuous walk. Opting instead to light a fire and curl up under a blanket reading a good book. Which atm is 'the Tibetan book of living and dying…
  • @karasti "The teacher said "you do it anyways, she loved you enough to give birth to you and you have to appreciate that." Well, "love" goes a lot farther than getting pregnant and squeezing a kid out of a uterus. " A teacher said that?!?! WOW…
  • @mosquito -Thankyou that was very helpful advice. Yes I can feel myself clinging to it but I'm trying to work it out. Not actually sure if I believe in Karma. Definitely not from a past life. That seems unhelpful and unproductive. @federica - I a…
  • This teacher isn't the main teacher. It's run by 2 other Lamas. I think further teachings are run by them. But yes she could have explained it more carefully. It is a sensitive subject and could have massive impacts on people. We will see how it g…
  • Yeah I can agree with that @nakazcid Things could have turned out very different for me with my history. But instead of having a negative effect on my life I think in the long term this will make me a better person. And it brought me to Buddhism. …
  • No, the teachings don't seem super clear. But really I would have been surprised if a compassionate person (Buddha) said that abuse was the person's fault. Doesn't seem to fit! Thanks all
  • Thank you. Yes, not sure I agree with the teaching on Karma we were given last night. Which is where I got this idea from. That if a child gets murdered - for the child it's their bad karma from past lives. For the murdered its horrible karma f…
  • I have complex PTSD and have found meditation and Buddhism to be just what I needed. It's given my life more meaning, and a better understanding. I practice mainly on compassion meditations focussed on healing. Mainly through using imagining of Ta…
  • I wouldnt get to jelous of the puppy.....He is a load of trouble wrapped up in a cute little ball! lol No, I am appreciating everything all the more. Once I start something I comit to it. So Im happy to keep on this path.
  • @dhammachick NO way! I work for a family run company all of which are judgy Christians sigh Ah well, am pretty good at getting myself into trouble lol
  • I'm finding myself practicing it more and more during the day. Its really helping me at work as I deal with people being in HR. Sometimes like today when I wanted to hit my head against a wall saying 'WHY!!! HOW??? Are people so damn stupid and anno…
  • Thanks!
  • @lobster you made that very simple! lol
  • Thanks guys! I think its a bit of my own clarity and for others. Im still trying to work out who I am. I like the Buddhish....and Trying to be Buddhist. I believe in it all and I'm trying to practice it always, so I guess that makes me Buddhish! …
  • We had to kill our chicken last week. Well my husband had to, I was bawling my eyes out on the sofa. The worst thing is that it was my dog who attacked it. I know now its just his instinct but I felt terrible for the thing. Must have been a terrible…
  • I find the deity Tara helps me the most. To help remind me I have a Tara medallion on a necklace which I wear all the time. If I'm stressed or needing help I play with it and focus on the matra. Helps ground and calm me.
  • thanks fredrica @Shoshin - good advice! I am working on all that, going well so far. At least I have the right livelihood in check right concentration? Hmm that could be tricky. Lol.
  • @kusalo I wouldn't quote me just yet! I am also pretty new on here and still not sure how the posts work. But none of the things I have posted have been deleted so guessing I'm doing it ok! Oh the worst case scenario! Yeah I can relate to that one …
  • Im wondering if you could send some good will my way? Friday I had a job interview which went really well. I so desperately want this job! Cross all your fingers and toes for me?
  • Richdawson - i had a little internal voice saying the negative things (grumbling) in my head rather than to the customer. LOL I was a teenager and very not following buddhism.
  • This is an interesting topic for me. Firstly, how can doctors prescribe anti depressants over the phone? That is wrong on so many levels! So I have been taking anti depressants for years now and they help me significantly. However, just taking me…
  • yeah.....retail assistants are a special breed. I worked at a super market for a few years while at uni. Argh.....it is trying with annoying people sometimes.
  • @lobster thats awesome!
  • I fear it may have been a mistake to post this. I put this post up because for once there is something good in my life that I want to share. Since I'm not talking to my family I wanted to share a little on here. Please don't judge me as doing the …
  • @TheBeejAbides - he is being a little darling now. Sleeping nice and peaceful. He's a little cutie. Cant wait until he can come for runs with me
  • He does have a cute face......but for the moment we are saying that is keeping him safe. Babies are made to be cute so to ensure survival, works well in this case. LOL (kidding btw). He is a nice little boy just needs to get rid of those needle teet…
  • @federica i didnt know u were a dog behaviourist! Its alright we are managing it. He's got a little personality
  • He is a cutie They both are. He is chewing because he is teething. Its a tad painful as his fav is our fingers!
  • aww poor kangaroos.....yeah dont eat kangaroo
  • Ok great, thanks for clearing that up Yes we are trying our best to source ethical meats ect.
  • @federica said: Also: One should not consume elephant flesh... horse flesh... dog flesh... snake flesh... lion flesh... tiger flesh... leopard flesh... bear flesh... hyena flesh. Whoever should do so: an offense of wrong doing." — Mv.…
  • Random post...... So we are getting a puppy! We have a little cat, and a 4 yr old Westie. We decided he should have a friend. A cute little 12 wk old Westie friend That also means I get to have another cutie pie! So excited! But also asking myse…
  • @Mingle said: Totally drunk. Yeah that was a typo. Now I am sober I can explain what I meant. Alcohol just seems to bring stuff up. I have always been distant from my emotions and Its nice as it makes me feel more in touch with myself. Can feelin…
  • Not a problem it was amusing reading! Yeah, I slept all day today and did nothing productive lol. So need tomorrow morning to catch up on study.
  • You guys are all hilarious but I'm a little lost... lol So disappointed though I cant go to the class tomorrow. Oh well next week.
  • indeed. I more so got another view. The 'I'm christian and believe in God so I can do what ever I like to people and be forgiven'. Or 'I can treat people badly, confess my sins and then all is forgiven'. I know its a generalisation but my experience…
  • I have a few new books: Wisdom Energy; basic buddhist teachings by Lama Yeshe @ Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Why is the dalai lama always smiling by Lama Tsomo
  • yeah I know (knew) a number of religious christians who were very far from religious. (if that makes sense).