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My name is Xavier, my username is a pun.


Illinois, USA
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Illinois, USA


  • @federica yep! It's one of my favorite novels. I love how it describes finding such joy in nature and kindness.
  • @Tigger that reminds me of the Robin in the Secret Garden. It's a great novel to read this time of year
  • Thanks all for your responses. Tonight and tomorrow I'll be busy with St Patrick's celebration (I'm not going to be straying from the dharma TOO much ). I will reply in full tomorrow night or Saturday. It means a lot and you've given me a lot to t…
  • In high school during the worst of my depression social media took over my life. I didn't have many friends in the "real world" so I had many online friends. While I cherish their help and friendship greatly it was unhealthy for me since I spent yea…
    in Twitter Comment by eggsavior March 16
  • @Sophie101 it depends on what time of day you are most alert and when you have time. I meditate inside most of the time so it doesn't really make a difference. But I usually meditate in the afternoon or evening.
  • Hi @Sophie101! Welcome to the forum. I would suggest starting with some short guided meditations until you get the hang of it. The best thing to do is not try too hard, which is easier said than done I know. You might be interested in this series…
  • @IronRabbit "the splintering moment of my death" was very poignant and powerful word choice
  • I initially wanted to pick the latter but I am definitely the former. I can be angry, then step back afterward and figure out all the different reasons I became angry..... but I still become angry in the first place. I never really thought about the…
  • @lobster Thank you! I really enjoy the site you linked to, I've bookmarked it
  • Not a drinker but sometimes I like to meditatively smoke a cigarette...
  • I haven't seriously meditated in far too long and this thread inspired me to return to the practice. Thanks @Kerome. I've had similar sensations meditating, usually after 30-45 minutes, but nothing as powerful. Once after visualizing Amida Buddha it…
  • Currently I'm too wrapped up in judging the present and all my hope is staked on the future. So I would mourn the loss of that future. But I would also think about all the people I've met and things I've done. And I would try to keep a visualisation…
  • @Kerome that's a great idea and seems pretty doable
  • Another book I've recently been reading is an anthology called Queer Dharma. Unfortunately it only has gay male writers. I'd hoped I'd also find transgender, lesbian, and other voices. But it is still nice to read a new perspective close to my own. …
  • I believe animals occupy a different plane of awareness than us. Not better or worse, just different. It should be remembered that some animals have brain functions more refined than even a human's, like whales' emotional capacity and responsiveness…
  • I joined as well. The interface is amazing. I don't think it'll be able to top Skype and other apps that have been around for years but in my opinion it's a lot better than them,
  • I am currently reading a book borrowed from my therapist called The Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker. It's about how violence in the human race has historically declined over thousands of years and our future. It's got a lot of good info…
  • Living Buddha Living Christ is a great read for Westerners whose religious context is more systematic and Abrahamic
  • It is the middle of the day. You've been busy the entire morning and now have the whole afternoon/evening too. Maybe write down all your concerns and thoughts so they'll be out of your system and you can refocus.
  • @lobster's mention of element based meditation reminds me of a great book I read. It is called Living as a River and is based on the 6 elemental practice with modern science and psychology thrown in. It was a great read and helped me a lot when I fi…
  • I agree with @federica. Calling myself Buddhist consistently reminds me of my practice and prorities, and aligns me with our worldwide sangha. I have taken refuge in the three jewels. I have dedicated myself to the dharma. Why not identify myself as…
  • My ideas of this have differed between traditional Buddhist scripture and science/philosophy. When I consider it, I think about what happens before life which is nothing. So we must return to this source after death. Life isn't ours or our original …
  • @Shoshin that's very interesting. Ever since I was a kid wasps have nested in my bedroom window at my mom's house. The nests are always less than the size of a golf ball and there are only a few wasps. They leave in the winter. I never wanted to des…
  • These are some awesome blessings, thanks for sharing (: I especially like the tire @lobster, I've always been interested in helping urban wildlife. As a poet I've found that the best way to appreciate the blessings I see is to write about them. I…
  • I'd like to put action to my thoughts and intentions, instead of simply ruminating on the teachings and waiting for benefits I will actively follow them myself
  • A new piece I made inspired by recent events
  • I really love this quote and will have to follow up on the link and book. Perfectly sums up my thoughts and ideal practice. Thanks for sharing
  • Here is a short story I wrote inspired by these thoughts and ideas http://newbuddhist.com/discussion/24582/short-story-in-the-end
  • @karasti practicing alone is definitely an exercise in self discipline, something I am weak in lol. But as everyone says when the student is ready the teacher will come, so I am fine waiting until I come across one
  • @lobster thanks for the links!
  • @lobster that sutra is awesome and I connect with it a lot. Thanks for showing it to me @Bunks perhaps later I might join one. Are they free or do you have to pay? Some wellness sites I've seen have subscriptions etc
  • Here are some pieces I finished recently. I am interested in process painting and intuitive painting. I feel like non-objective painting is the closest to visualizing energy and emotion I can get, I love it!
  • I practice alone. There are no temples/churches or groups or teachers near me. For a little while I was saddened by this and driven to find a sect to base my practice out of. Now I am slowly realizing that I don't NEED a sect. I prefer my practice t…