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  • @Tosh said: What's the point in having one beer or a glass of wine? What's that going to do for you? You may as well have a cup of tea or a soda or something. I just don't understand? That's what I said in my last sentence
  • You're not criticising me. I was just quoting what I read. I am by no means an expert and everyone on here probably has a better understanding than me about any Buddhist related topic. I did read however, that the reason for that precept is that …
  • Personally, I don't see the issue with having one beer or a glass of wine. I think the point of the precept was that if you become intoxicated you are more likely to break other precepts (i.e. you might lie or cheat or gossip). I don't think havin…
  • okay okay, you win!
  • @eggsavior, they say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Maybe this is your time to get ready.
  • From my understanding, the main difference is that Hinduism believes in a deity and Buddhism does not. There may be other differences but that's the extent of my knowledge on this.
  • what if someone exaggerates even more than normal...lol
  • no, no, I was kidding @dhammachick...lol It wasn't a lashing at all. I like to over exaggerate sometimes for the comedy
  • I agree @karasti. I have no issue with some of these other religions per say. My mom always says "no religion/bible teaches bad things, it is the people that are bad". In my life, however, the people that were Catholics or Christians were not the…
  • To @Tosh post. Out of curiosity (I swear), how does one be Buddhist and Catholic. I have read that it's possible and I know there are similarities but are there not fundamental differences that would cause issues. For example, Buddha said it is u…
  • Party at federicas!
  • I wonder if that money you sent to Russia went to help.....you know whose election....he shall remain nameless I kid!
  • @karasti said: I had a discussion on my FB wall yesterday about comfort versus discovery. I asked some questions about Lent of my Christian friends. About why it wouldn't be more valuable to their self-discovery and their religious practice to ac…
  • @federica said: Incidentally, I make my own baked beans AND tomato ketchup.... and even though they're lower in sugar than the commercial varieties, they're extremely tasty - and not an artificial additive in sight! I have a friend that m…
  • Toast P.S - those red peppers look delish
  • Just another loophole created by someone greedy. Greed is so ugly!
  • It's the sugar that is the culprit Our entire lives we were told it was the fat - it's the sugar...what a sneaky devil
  • At the very least I think a Buddhist would do a better job channelling their fears, as you mentioned @eggsavior. Other than that, I don't think it would help much. I used to be a very competitive person but it just brings me stress regardless of w…
    in Fear Factor Comment by Tigger March 1
  • Landscape
  • It is something I struggle with. I love animals so much and it hurts when I see how inhumanely they are treated so to continue eating meat does not make me feel good. Someone mentioned (can't find who) that farmers are doing a better job at treati…
  • I find it very hard not to eat meat so I pay very close attention to these types of posts as I am conflicted by my actions. I heard that if you are vegetarian because you don't want to kill any animals then eating vegetables simply doesn't do it be…
  • I do understand @federica. Although continuing my comment may not have made it seem so. I was Catholic for a long time and see similarities every time I read. Right now, I'm really focused on understanding some very complex Buddhist philosophy,…
  • @dhammachick said: @Tigger I own that book and can say from my background (Catholic father, Jewish mother, raised and educated Catholic and embracing my Jewish roots as an adult), there is no indoctrination or proselytizing in favor of Catholici…
  • @eggsavior said: Living Buddha Living Christ is a great read for Westerners whose religious context is more systematic and Abrahamic Does this book have anything to do with Christianity or Catholicism? I am collecting a list of books but…
  • Buddhists are human too so they may tend to get defensive if someone calls Buddhism pessimistic. I think someone that's disciplined in the Dharma should not get defensive about these perceptions because they usually come from someone who is ignoran…
  • @silver said: I get everyone except the Fish...Beer. Heard of catfish and dogfish but beerfish? The bread like batter around the fish in fish & chips is usually made out of beer batter. Flour, eggs and beer amongst other things. Sp…
  • Personally I prefer the company of animals....domesticated, farm and wild (either one). Wild animals can be a challenge but I live in Southern Ontario where you don't really encounter dangerous wild animals, unless you go further up north where you…
  • Hi @Cory , Nice to meet you
  • There is a lot of information on the internet about what foods are good to eat throughout the day to avoid being tired and sluggish and to have more energy, to make sure you get enough sugar but not too much etc. I've included a link to one of them…
  • Keep them coming everyone...I'm getting a really big list of books to read. I will check that one out @Shim. I read what the book was about - sounds interesting. Thanks
  • I'm always more focused in the morning as well. I think as the day goes on there is more and more things that go into our monkey minds to think about on top of what we were thinking of already in the morning. I think @eggsavior has a good idea, wr…
  • Does that saying mean whether you're enlightened or not, live your life the same way? Basically, being enlightened is being enlightened and that's all folks...sorta, kinda
  • what is this chopping wood and carrying water you all speak of? I have never seen that anywhere but on this forum and everyone seems to know what it means....help And great story!
  • I met my beautiful & precious niece for the first time this weekend...that's my partner holding her, although you can't really see
  • Yes, @shep83 I'm in the middle of that book right now. It is a really good read. I thought it would be sad and morbid but it's not. I love the different quotes in the book and the stories. I have been absolutely terrified of death my entire life…
  • That sounds amazing @dhammachick, she must have had fun! I just found out about a 10 day retreat by Barrie, Ontario which is about a 40 minute drive from where I am and they focus a lot of meditation which is great because I have been lacking in …
    in Awesome Comment by Tigger February 21
  • mindfulness
  • I don't think @federica is around right now to send you to the corner @lobster...lol
  • In Buddhism we are not necessarily supposed to avoid suffering but know that it is there, don't dwell on it and understand that its impermanence will make it cease. Isn't trying to see everything in a positive way to try and avoid suffering annihil…