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  • So it sounds like there is a consensus here. Some people on this thread have mentioned a child being brought up in a unhappy home, can those type of situations not benefit from adoption? Just saying
    in Abortion Comment by Tigger 1:31AM
  • To be honest, I will have to say that I am split between "some climb the raft and enjoy the scenery" and "some climb the raft and let it drift away to wherever it may be" depending on the day. I love beautiful scenery and going where the wind blows.
  • @JaySon said: Without starting a heated debate... is this the universal Buddhist view on abortion? I don't know if you can avoid a heated debate here #thingspeopleliketoargueabout I would say it does fall under the 1st precept as you'r…
    in Abortion Comment by Tigger January 23
  • I don't think I can be a vegetarian all year round but I would like to do so during Vesak to celebrate
  • That is very true @karasti and sad to say the least. A lot of people dislike their jobs and see it as only a means to make money so that they can buy groceries or pay bills and suffer through their 9-5 day. I really like my job and enjoy coming to…
  • it says the file failed to upload
  • I did. Maybe my pic wasn't a good one. It just disappears
  • How do you leave a pic? I have been trying but it's not working for me
  • I absolutely think so @Kerome. Doing the right thing usually feels more natural to me and just feels right from the get go. The more right choices I make, the easier it is to identify them and continue to make them. It's when I am not properly follo…
  • What do you do on Vesak @dhammachick and when do you celebrate it? I think it's the second Sunday in May.
  • Oh federica, what would we do without you
  • @Mingle said: For everyone else they are hell but for me a delight. I am doing a one day a week course at college so Mondays are actually pretty much a day off work. I'll admit getting out of bed early is a drag but once I'm up it really is a lov…
  • Thanks @JaySon and @techie, never heard that expression before (eating crow)
  • I thought it was some kind of saying or something that I've never heard of before and somehow I knew that @JaySon wasn't sitting there with a plate of crow and mashed potatoes and coleslaw
  • I'm going to be honest, I don't understand the eating crow thing. Can someone please fill me in because I have the feeling it is not eating crow literally. PLEASE fill me in. with that said the topic got on vegetarianism so I'm running with it.…
  • Maybe that's the middle path here. To not judge in the negative and harmful way but to judge to ensure your own path is not compromised and that you make the right choices and stay safe, among other things.
  • @JaySon said: Your bank account doesn't belong to you anyway. So who cares, right? @dhammachickk said: Does that count for the bills too? I'd like to sign up for that too!
  • A blessing for sure, brings nothing but peace and happiness
  • My practice does @Will_Baker . I think it's important to understand what one's intentions are, including our own. The Dharma teaches that if a precept is broken unintentionally then it is not considered wrong so practicing intention in Buddhism is…
  • @ZenCanuck said: I'm not trying anywhere, actually. I gave up on online awhile back and don't do the bar scene. Actually, I'm getting involved with local Buddhist groups not just to promote my own spiritual evolution but hopefully to meet some n…
  • I understand that suffering and happiness is impermanent @JaySon since it won't last forever but how can it be uncertain. If I am happy or suffering arn't I certain that it I am feeling this way....again, probably over thinking it and using the wor…
  • @JaySon said: Ajahn Chah would say things like... Suffering that arises within you is both impermanent and uncertain. Happiness that arises within you is both impermanent and uncertain. Suffering is uncertain. Happiness is uncertain. …
  • You would probably know better than me @JaySon but hey, I'm learning so I'll take a stab at it. Could it mean that since everything is impermanent and since we are only living in the moment (not dwelling on the past or dreaming of the future) tha…
  • @lobster said: It is also possible not to hear stupid things. To put it another way, we can choose/reframe what we hear. Good point @lobster. I have to refrain from listening to (and especially partaking in) all the gossip that goes on a…
  • @federica said: Or as has been said before, "You are not punished for your sins, you are punished BY them.... " Love that line @federica
  • I assume you don't mean literally @JaySon...LOL
  • I forgot what the beach looks like @JaySon
  • @upekka said: what does the living-in-the-moment mean to you? For me it means being mindful of what is happening at the very moment....being aware of everyhting around me at that very monent instead of thinking of the past or future.
  • @JaySon said: @federica I feel your pain about Facebook. I'm on and off there. It seems to only lead to comparing yourself to others. It's not really a social place like in real life. It's, "Look at how great I am. Don't you wish you were in Disn…
  • @federica said: I think you need to understand you are most definitely not alone in that. You only have to read this forum to know we all have gaping mouths we're perfectly capable of inserting a size 12 hobnail boot into. Guilty!
  • Thanks @Bunks, I will contemplate on this
  • @SpinyNorman said: It's an interesting thought since Buddhist practice can be seen as a way of stepping outside our conditioning and habitual assumptions - including the Buddhist ones! That's what I was thinking. Obviously if a child wer…
  • @eggsavior, I don't think the point is to wait until one crosses your path but wait until your mind is ready...then he/she will come
  • I'm surprised that picture didn't go up in flames when Trumps face was put on it.
  • I think both of you're right and it depends on how you look at it (IMO) I think @lobster meant that if you are not being successful at something (i.e. concentration during meditation) to try something new because maybe there is a reason for it (i…
    in Correction! Comment by Tigger January 18
  • @JaySon said: I just realized I let my mind chase one desire after the next like a Chihuahua on crack. Time to start letting desires go. Preaching to the choir @JaySon That will be by next focus.
  • @Bunks said: You might find meditating on [Emptiness and Dependent Arising Do you have any particular article to read about this topic that may be easier to understand. I've read about 4 articles on this topic. When I read about this to…
  • Thanks @upekka One day at a time is a good pace for me. It has been difficult to let go of my conditioning but I see it happen little by little with every beautiful quote I read, post I read on this forum and page I read from the Dharma. After …