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  • @federica said: @Razor, @everyone: Not sure if Sophie will be back. There was an issue regarding her age and presence on forum..... @federica said: @Razor, @everyone: Not sure if Sophie will be back. There was an issue regar…
  • Hi @karasti, thank you for your advice. I will try a couple minutes tonight and tell you guys how I get on
  • @federica said: Then how old are you actually, Sophie? I am not allowed to say, I asked my parents and they forbid it
  • Oops, Im not twelve, I've only just realised I typed it in wrong haha.
  • @Cory said: I prefer to switch it up. Sometimes I will do 108 count of a mantra, sometimes I will let my mind roam free and be comfortable with my thoughts (Or uncomfortable, which is also good), or I will meditate focused on a sertain subject. …
  • Hi @genkaku, thank you for the link . I'll check it out.
  • I think I will try in the evening as I find it easier to relax in the dark.
  • not trying to be nosy, but do some people find it easier to meditate in daylight or darkness?
  • Hi @eggsavior . Thank you for your input. I wont try too hard.
  • @federica, i forgot there were other countries that had this site too, I can be a right dumbo at times hahaha
  • @federica said: The youtube videos suggested are a good start. Please understand though that nobody would ever expect you to meditate for long periods of time from the very start. Progress, as with any new form of "exercise" is gradual, varie…
  • @federica said: Try to schedule your meditation time when either she's at school, or asleep. You can also do 'recharging bullets' of meditation during the day. For example, sometimes, during my lunch period, I'll sit in our cloakroom and simply c…
  • @federica said: @Gui said: I would suggest finding a sangha nearby if possible. Not all that helpful, really. All very well for some. Impossible for others; my nearest 'sangha' is 60 miles away. As things stand, that's…
  • @Lonely_Traveller said: Hi @Sophie101 you may find this series of videos by Ajahn Jayasaro of the Thai Forest Tradition on how to meditste useful: https://vimeo.com/album/180330 Thank you. I will watch them now.
  • @Gui said: I would suggest finding a sangha nearby if possible. I've looked online for one, but it is confusing. I live near London and there's not many nearby.