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  • @Kerome You took that waaaaaayyy too seriously. It's pretty evident that emojis aren't a symbolic language all on their lonesome; they lack all the requisite features of any self-contained writing system. The comparison to cueiniform is merel…
  • I got a really weird look at dinner the other day when I pointed out how history inevitably moves in cycles, and here we are introducing cuneiform again...
  • I would like to echo @lobster's recommendation for physical exertion. I've been working against chronic depression and anxiety for years, and I've spent thousands of hours researching the mechanisms by which it occurs and perpetuates itself. Aero…
  • Thank you all for your kind responses. I am a bit overwhelmed. To be honest, I worried that I was being boring or self-centered. I very much appreciate the feedback, advice, and encouragement.
  • Honestly, I'd grab hold of the hand of whoever's sitting next to me and talk with them for as long as possible. I used to have extremely bad flight anxiety, where I got to think about this exact situation many, many times over, and this is precisely…
  • @karasti Agreed. I got into an argument the other day with a person who believes in the validity of TCM's underlying philosophy of qi and meridians, which to me is no different than the Greek idea of humors or early Western vitalism concepts. The…
  • While it's not quite a supplement, I've lately been interested in the health effects of negative charged air particles (negative ions). Negative ions are found in nature, particularly in areas with a lot of movement. You'd find negative ion concentr…
  • Thank you all for these extremely helpful and valuable insights. As I continue to practice, I will keep in mind what I have read (and watched!) here.
  • @grackle The other day I was listening to a radio program which suggested that many younger people communicate better using devices than actually listening to each other. If this true than using devices for communications seems a social negati…
  • I get the sense that I may not fully grok your meaning, @genkaku, but if I refrained from entering any conversation where I harbored such doubts, then I might as well take a vow of silence. Come to think of it, that might not be such a bad idea. Any…
  • In my view, the average American: * Consumes far too much sugar. * Consumes far too little fiber, both soluble and insoluble. * Is likely deficient in magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin K2. * Likely has an unfavorable omega-6 : omega-3 ratio.…
  • As a total beginner, I've found this video series to be very helpful. Thanks for posting it, @lobster.
  • in Funny Stuff Comment by Refugee April 4
  • Much appreciated.
  • That makes sense. It's all relative, I suppose. Where I am, I see precisely the opposite of what you see. Around these parts, there's been a huge surge of activism and sudden interest in political participation in reaction to the election. If anythi…
    in Trump Comment by Refugee April 2
  • @karasti I am not sure whether you are responding to me or lobster or a combination of our posts. For my part, I was not in any way intending to communicate that the events are trivial or not worthy of consideration. My post was about my own allo…
    in Trump Comment by Refugee April 2
  • Federal
  • Putting all political observation aside, I credit the Trump phenomenon with making me realize that I had been engaging in the following unskillful behaviors: 1) Spending too much time consuming "news," which prevents me from thinking. 2) Focus…
    in Trump Comment by Refugee April 1