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  • mindfulness,memory or recollection is ok.awareness can be better .little by little aware of feelings and awareness recognition help subside strong feelings such as anger. acceptance,how things are better if aware and observe pattern.personal sel…
  • how well are you coping with dukkha? doing ok.recognize personal dukkha is ongoing. is the practice helping you? yes. the tried technique of shifting attention to breath help from theravada.this zen im working on is just breathe . also strengthen…
  • yes kerome i sometimes have left field involentary funky dreams too.but we know it's just brain generated.what you said , nothing should be cling too helps me to not give so much thought to it. thank you. thanks everyone for being great and kind…
  • thank you buddhadragon. no my pain is not so unbearable.nowadays the mental efliction comes and goes.the poem was reflective before buddhist practice especially as a teanager who was an outcast. with buddhist practice --leting go is a real thi…
  • lol,so two are great.i enjoy your thoughts on stuff.
  • mind is like make it yourself instant pudding,it changes with you.besides pudding is yummy.the mind dont mind?!
  • hmm...some thoughts. science and religion is not mutually exclusive.our buddhist practice allow both to be in the same space through the middle way ,or in zen--im guessing--non duel,but non dual.we recollect siddhartha admonition,clinging too st…
  • in my fortys now. i do think about mortality. i do agree with this spiritual genious --way back --on oprah who is now passed away at a young age said something like ,im not afraid of death,im afraid of the honest and so true spoke …
  • in a past life luv this life still luv mushrooms...exercizing our taste buds is wonderful. yay for edible mushrooms...delishouse.
  • in a past life,i kept to this life greatful,to the people who help me along the learn and grow,this digital shangha included.
  • in a past life...i was so serious..this life learning to laugh is good medicine.
  • this sounds like fun... in a past life--yesturday--got this life--today--broke as a joke.the lessen,make some more dough. in a past life--way back--very poor and this life--today--thank god for buddha who kicked my butt :get a jo…
  • nirvanic feeling tone,the buddha siddharth suggest.the feeling tone wins out the negative feeling tone that those concreate example suggest.
  • can nirvana be where there is a low there is a high.such as a sneeze. such as deep sleep after overworked all day. a warm bath to relieve the ache.nirvana can be real.,concreate,from the abstract,imo.
  • maybe zen is for me.maybe built a personal zen vocabulary.such as just sit,just be,just do. this is what shoshin may elude to,everyday life. is do and be,is it that simple?
  • let me finish my misspell words: oh cushion let me sit on compashion and pashion. give it time i might find a simple rhyme.
    in Feelings Comment by paulyso November 9
  • funny...i was thinking of compashion and pashion. i say our compassion, govern our passion. what is our passion, in our every moment session? talk the walk, walk the talk. in time the passion is refined. the compassion may become def…
    in Feelings Comment by paulyso November 8
  • dj sammy & yanou featuring do:heaven. a wonderful brian adams cover. wiz khalifa: reach for the stars featuring bone thugs n harmony.
  • what comes to mind is surfer culture can bridge east and west . to me it's dharma. for example the sign language "hang loose" fits perfectly with buddha-dharma.the spirit of that phraise can be about balance or the middle way.with practice in surfin…
  • great haiku.
  • this remindes me of an old lady.that day i decided to go for a walk at a park trail. i was walking with full of thoughts as usual.i kept on walking.eventually saw a park bench facing the view of the lake.there was an old lady just sitting. i sat …
  • wow it canbe fun food for thought about no self and true self.but no.vim.'s comments makes sense. just sit in the "middle"and be.the cognitive reference will be in the here and now.
  • @lobster said: Indeed @paulyso In many ways we have to create a secular bubble, much like the sangha bubble of inspiration. In other words, the difficulties of this world, the social media and chattering news are only a partial reality ...…
    in Maximum Tao Comment by paulyso October 8
  • touching on being dao-zen natural . one aspect is being tame and beautiful. being kind and peaceful can be quality of being tame.being wise and compassionate can be qualities of being beautiful. being tame and beautiful is being a realise human bei…
    in Maximum Tao Comment by paulyso October 7
  • just being is training ground for personal growth.the trait hypothesis of lao and siddhartha is they dwell in ther body.maybe the zen persuit with dao sprinckle is being natural.
    in Maximum Tao Comment by paulyso October 7
  • @lobster said: > From another thread: What I find more interesting is the idea of attachment to the goal of enlightenment. On the one hand it’s unavoidable, on the other hand attachment is bad. And what to do with the id…
    in Maximum Tao Comment by paulyso October 7
  • thank you genkaku.he is epic!huge smile and chuckle! yeah kerome. i wish i knew ibuprofen as teanager and young adult.what dumb-ass i i know!
    in Pain Comment by paulyso October 1
  • yeah tooth pain hurt like hell. i just bear it with improper speech--cuss like hell.
    in Pain Comment by paulyso October 1
  • @kando said: @paulyso said: @person said: This made me think of another possible "language". The tender compassion of someone who might patiently sit at the deathbed of someone dying of cancer and the str…
  • @person said: This made me think of another possible "language". The tender compassion of someone who might patiently sit at the deathbed of someone dying of cancer and the strong compassion of someone who rushes into a burning building to sa…
  • is our eyes made for tears?is our tears multifacet ? tears of joy,tears of gratitude,and tears of compassion.our eyes has lived through theese tears.our tears can be our companion through compassion. which leads to the subject of soft and strong…
  • @Shoshin said: What comes to mind when one thinks of Bliss ? Hmm to answer my own question ...this comes to mind...But I could be wrong Before Bliss-Chop wood fetch water (same ol same ol)-After Blissed-Chop wood fe…
    in Bliss Comment by paulyso September 26
  • is calm bliss the unity of equimity and ease? the faculty of ease and presence?
    in Bliss Comment by paulyso September 25
  • hi kando!nice to meet you.great response.
  • apostle paul golden moment dharma,parapraising:if i don't have charity--dana or gift giving--or love--metta--then im just noise.
  • @lobster said: Finding the good feeling (positive intuition) is part of the dharma Buddha Way ... right on. peace of mind and metta gradititude is the resultant .keepin on keepin on.
  • so it doesn't have to be a versus . intuitive reasoning. we all have.i like to call it good sense.for exampl we as buddhist know what leads to pain and less pain. um,like dont poke an outlet.we know intuitively and rationally and warn other dont d…
  • another angle could be instinct,or intuition--which i consider an aspect of the hues of instinct--is a sense of experience.lets use the arts as an example.those who are trained in hip-hop dance can feel and sense their body in movement.their experi…
  • ha! lobster we were thinking the same thing.intuitive action.
  • nice.the arangement of two circle is trippy.
  • instinct and cognition.not mutually exclusive. personally,try to be gooku dragon-ball-supra instinct in mind-body unity? ultra ...instinct.lofty.he is my hero.inspiring.great modern day mythos. this instinct has inspired us fans.the mind follo…
  • nice! buddha palm for the win.i enjoyed the movie ....kung-fu hutsle. grew up culturealy family would host monks for meal and bless our house ceremony.didn't get really serious as a lay practitioner until 2005ish.
    in Impact! Comment by paulyso August 20
  • as a landscaper,ive mowed over bugs .in the morning,moths stranded on forces my practice to mow around or move them.def test my patience.but bees we cool. they get out of the way when they detech the roaring machine.long live their queen be…
  • @Vimalajāti said: @paulyso said: still smoking.but yeah willing to acept the karma of lung disease. That's some heavy karma. I'd prefer to avoid it if possible. Part of my clinging to sensual delights. yeah ple…
  • @person said: @lobster said: Exactly @person what is deep meditation? Trance states such as samadhi and zombie type mind clearing? Probably you mean less mind clutter type mindfullness attention? Well that comes with practice and a …
  • still smoking.but yeah willing to acept the karma of lung disease.
  • i sit on a chair ,in half lotus. i sit and be.i think for me is quality over minute or two of meditation is fine for me . the goal of meditation for me to be in a natural state.then i ease into drinking coffee and smokes. advice?list…
  • thanks vimalajata.same to you.
  • from a buddhist point of view,they would call it the auspicious life.def.weird to say the least.btw she gave visual pattern is.