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Edinburgh, Scotland
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Edinburgh, Scotland


  • I have read a few books by Thich Nhat Hanh- I am about 3/4s of the way through 'Awakening of the Heart: essential Buddhist sutras and commentaries.' It is great because it contains the original translations, then TNH goes on to explains 9 different …
  • Pema Chodron wrote this on The Six Points of Posture: Sitting meditation begins with good posture. Awareness of the six points of posture is a way to be really relaxed and settled in our body. Here are the instructions: (although I close my eyes)…
  • @Kerome @lobster I fully agree with the investigation in whether the dharma or practice is true... And I was quite surprised when Lama Katen said that; but just repeating what he said... I think what the Buddha and others have said about the medi…
  • During a Dharma talk at Kagyu Samye Ling, in the Scottish borders, given by Lama Katen, he said, rebirth was not up for debate- it is part of the Buddhist docrine. Adding it is not to pick and choose... We also had a guess spee who helped research …
  • @Kerome yip- it is a beautiful city. The Fringe Festival is on just now... so comedy shows and late nights a plenty!!!
  • @FinnTheHuman said: this week I’ve probably been the most anxious I’ve been for months... I have been feeling kinda similar all week- I can feels anxieties creeping back in- feelings I've not had for months... I had friends visiting an…
  • I think one of the first times I read about Buddhism was after hearing italian footballer, Roberto Baggio was a Buddhist. This would have been very early in the 1990s... Everytime I read an article in 'Match' or 'Shoot' magazine- or when commentator…
    in Impact! Comment by elcra1go August 2018
  • I am on their mailing list, and get a daily dharma email evey morning... I don't subscribe because I'm cheap. But the free articles each morning are good x
  • Thanks all. I had a good hour long practice last night, and had a really good sleep later on. I think the longer sessions help as get into a flow of more concentrated practice and this clears my mind.
  • @person I don't really 'get involved' with my thoughts, or become frustrated... I am just very aware of each thought as it comes and goes... but it has stopped me from falling asleep (for long periods of time)- It isn't like 'monkey-mind' and my mi…
  • I think as we learn that mass production of meat is a major cause of environmental pollution and emissions- we should try to follow Right Action, as our aims are at promoting moral, honorable and peaceful conduct. The care of ourselves and the plane…
  • I just found 'Rumi' a few weeks back... and x
  • Hello @adamcrossley I am new to Buddhism and found that 'Buddhism: One Teacher, Many Traditions' By HH The Dalai Lama and Thubten Chodron was a good book at explaining the differences & similarites between the Pali & Sanskrit traditions, it …
  • @federica the link is the video above my comment for 'Ryuichi Sakamoto- music for yohji yamamoto' Reminds me of water- rain, streams, rivers.... stick with it!- hope you like x
  • Hello all!! My name is Craig. I joined the site about a month ago, but not introduced myself. I have been practising Vipassana for just over four months now, and as commented on other threads, I have been reading up mainly on Theravada, but I have…
  • I was the same for a good while- I think when I started meditating I read so much on the subject- I was sitting there telling myself- Watch the breath... be aware of the Rising/Falling of the stomach- there is a sound, label as 'hearing', this book …
  • @CedarTree Thanks!
  • I heard this for the first time a week ago- quality stuff!! Find some good speakers, lie down and enjoy x
  • @mindatrisk I don't think It's you... just a growing number of lost, angry people who wrongly think about outwards violence, instead of inward peace to change things... Peas!
  • I think I'm more an individualist so I was looking for something to help me... (or selfish) I came across a video on meditation by Mingyur Rinpoche- as soon as I heard the term "calm your monkey mind chatter" I thought, 'that is exactly what I need…
  • Hello @Charley and all... I am also new to this site and fairly new to Buddhism. I knew small details about Buddhism such as Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path. I started Vipassana meditation after reading 'Mindfulness In Plain English' by Henep…
  • I practice vipassana and metta, loving-kindness meditation. Mostly I've been reading from Theravada website 'access-to-insight', but I have been devouring anything that I can get my hands on... a little from Zen, some from Tibetian... and a few othe…