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  • I do find the half lotus is a strain, but actually at the moment, it helps me to take my practice seriously. It's an illusion, for sure, but I feel more connected to the "tradition" of meditation. As you said before, @lobster: Initially we …
  • At the moment I use guided meditations daily, but I can't settle on a good time of day for it. Can anyone recommend a favourite time of day for meditation? Are there any (dis)advantages to certain times? Is a routine even helpful for you? Thanks …
  • Yes, this! Thank you for putting it so well. And thanks, guys, for the welcome. I think I'll stay for a while
  • Ok, interesting responses. I didn't actually envision the disagreements with my thought: since the goal is happiness (happiness based on the 4NT), what matters is being happy. I know the way to pursue happiness now: so pursue it. I sti…
  • Thank you for all the recommendations! I really appreciate it. I think my perspective is flawed when it comes to this, and I have to remind myself: no one's watching, no one will punish me if I don't practise enough. In fact, since the goal is ha…
  • Hi! I suppose that does help me to understand. Thanks for your insight. I think I struggle because I love to read about people like Milarepa, but when I look at my own life, it's totally hedonistic in comparison. There are things I wouldn't be ab…