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  • Synopsis: Alcohol is used in Ayurvda (Indian) medicine to create certain affects and depress others. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche was of the Buddha Family and naturally inclined to space. He had to hold himself down to earth in order to teach. He appa…
  • Okay @Frederica. Thank you.
  • I do this for everybody. Today, three times, especially for you. May Thom have happiness and the causes of happiness. May Thom be liberated from suffering and causes of suffering. May Thom never be separated from the happiness that is Free …
  • @Snakeskin Okey dokey. If hate and clarity go together for now - whatareyagonnado? I would rather see clarity than peaceful stupidity in folks. (Stupid: The original boring!) Hope you get some grey tones - feels better.
  • @satcittananda "A pratyekabuddha, is still a buddha and as buddha is our ultimate nature; spontaneous liberation will always be possible if it is within our natur. So a pratekyabuddha should be respected. Sparks from a forest fire may ignite anot…
  • Ethics and Intelligence require we see things (and trump) as they are. Just don't hate.
  • @specialkayme This is a very significant problem. There are practices, but as a suggestion, you should find a teacher to talk to. I can, along with many others I'm sure, can recommend masterful teachers who can assess and help you - then send yo…
  • Hi, I'm new here. This is a Most important distinction right now, from this perspective. Thank you all for your wisdom. I thought I was certain about the distinction, then I began to wonder. Still - it seems to me that Discernment differs from…