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  • https://tinyurl.com/yd62n5f7 You may find this link interesting. Not Buddhism technically but related even if controversial. I'd think though it is possible. Whether it happens a lot in reality is different though.
  • Everyday is a new day resolution for me and a opportunity for change.
  • I recommend bullguard. Or if you want a free one the ms one is actually pretty decent, while using malware bytes as an additional scanner. I'm not sure I like avast it never seemed to work for me.
  • When I hear the word dove in that sentence I can only think of the bird XD I can get pretty lazy with grammar especially online, and sometimes I make up my own grammar to express the way in which I speak. Tbh I don't really like the way the way Eng…
  • I don't think there is any basis to claim sex as is normally described that it is a basic expression of life apart from the fact it is physically needed for continuation of species, for example not all animals or plants even sexually reproduce. (alt…
  • I think dissatisfaction is inherent in life mean more on the lines that things are only temporary and transient (as has been mentioned somewhat similarly above). Meaning you can experience happiness but it is only a passing experience. It doesn't …
  • @lobster. I agree it's not always the mind that produces these things. So healthy emotions can arise in body for example when you are in a dangerous situation aren't so dictated by the mind and constructs. Well unless you want to view reality as …
  • Interesting, I haven't come across the balancing mudras before p:
  • Some people say that Zen has some similarity to Taoism or so I have read. (ofc they are still very different)
  • Ahh i've come across those bullet journal things before but while I like the idea I guess i don't like the neat and orderly aspect of it. I prefer having squiggly out of control writing whereas this feels too clean X3 saying that i do kinda keep a …
  • @karasti It's certainly different sort of limit. I think I read something like it's part of an effort to get more people/twitter competitors with a longer limit. I only use twitter to retweet really or reply so I havent really tested the limit to…
  • I find twitter for the most part a bit boring. I occasionaly go on it and i see some good art though. I guess the other thing its useful for is keeping up with the news or learning interesting facts. But I think the character limit on twitter is a b…
  • @federica said: ...and always be prepared for the unexpected. Hello @Carameltail , welcome to 'the party'. Pull up a chair, grab a mug of tea and make yourself at home.... Thank you And that's a good point, what's happens next …
  • I think a good comprimise is to eat less meat but still eat enough to be healthy. Humans are very flexible eaters and most diets contain too much meat anyway. However we still need it to be healthy for the most part, until the technology to grow goo…
  • The meaning of life is different for every individual although there are some things that apply to everyone. We want to experience and do things actively. So as mentioned already it's a good idea not to spend too much time watching tv and such. …