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  • OMG @lobster that would have saved me a lot of time
  • @seeker242 said: However, belief in hell realm can be reasonable, if you believe the Buddha was actually fully enlightened, knower of all worlds, etc. It's not unreasonable to simply believe that the Buddha was telling the truth. Especially so wh…
  • @kando said: @Dhammika said: We could start a whole other thread on living up to the Buddha’s proscriptions in The Simile of the Saw (which Gandhi manifested in the self-control of ahimsa which guided his campaign of civil …
  • @person, although my post wasn't intended to be about either what you originally thought OR what you posted above, I think this conversation is way more interesting. BTW, I had to google "klesha." Although I haven't read a single thing by any of …
  • @person thanks for your POV. I'm happy to hear that you're doing well and that your practice helps. I certainly wasn't asserting that practicing Buddhism isn't helpful. It helps me, for sure.
  • Some folks think that exacting literal translations are the only path to truth. Others think that due to linguistic and cultural differences, contextual evaluation by scholars has to happen. I think that since (a) nothing is known to have been wri…
  • @person said: If you add multiple lives into the picture by saying that an animal life is preferable to a human life, you also have to add in the concept of an unending stream of lives mostly spent in painful, suffering states. So if you say ther…
  • @federica said: @kando said: Animals are exactly what they are. I do find myself envying that a lot! I like to meditate outdoors and everything out there is just getting on with it. I don't think about other lives as this one is qui…
  • @Jeffrey said: ScottPen human is thought as special because there is enough intelligence to study the dharma unlike animals. Or even if not somewhere where the dharma exists humans can reason what is virtuous/wise at a greater degree than bears …
  • Why is being a human so much better anyway? The hirearchy of sentient beings seems pretty suspicious to me. Humans aren't special. Our ability to think we're special is a byproduct of our brain's physiology- the cerebral cortex having evolved to be …
  • @specialkayme, you're gonna have to trust your vet. Hopefully there's a local veterinary oncologist that you can be referred to as well... my pup had a couple of tumors that had to be removed and the oncologist was an important part of that decision…
  • @Ugyen_Yeshe said: Revisiting the beginning of this thread, it occurred to me that an ongoing discussion on the topic of lojong (mind training) may be both useful and helpful to some here, as well as myself also. My idea was to discuss the…
  • @federica said: Not true. That's like saying that what happens to you, you can't help, because your behaviour is alien. It makes the fault/responsibility lighter. But that's not strictly accurate. Because it brings out a side of you that e…
  • @Frankj, I'm going to quote a comment that I made in an earlier thread that you started back on June 1. After re-reading it I think it still makes sense: @ScottPen said: The first 4 precepts can be summed up thusly: don't be an asshole. Th…
  • I dunno about martial arts, but I am trying to master marital arts. Or is it partial arts? My wife probably thinks so.
  • @lobster said: Humans congregate around noise but the Buddhas sit under trees and learn ... A wise man once said, he who sits under a noisy tree is soon to be shat upon
    in Cults Comment by ScottPen July 6
  • @Vimalajāti said: @lobster said: Long live the Supreme Leader (Sheikh Ya-Muni aka Buddha 1 of many) Personally, I've always been more of a fan of the teachings of Sheikh Yerbouti. The venerable Yerbouti has…
    in Cults Comment by ScottPen July 6
  • @NB1100 said: Hi guys, The story is long, so let's just straight to the meat of the question. Some time ago someone in an improper manner said to me, "you are a leper". I don't have leprosy but I am kind of fear I will develop the disea…
  • Perfect
  • @kando, no apologies necessary. I think I've gotten bogged down with all of the deep thinking and serious thought in my head. Seems like I should lighten up for now
  • @kando, I may have turned a phrase a little harshly there. But yes, I think you're right, perception is important here. Ya know, I just wish I could imagine the guy acting a little goofy or bellowing laughter. Nah, I don't really feel any joy in th…
  • @misecmisc1, if anatta is true, then there isn't any sort of "us" as we know it that continues through rebirth. If this continuity doesn't exist, why is it relevant where your 5 aggregates end up after you die? The "you" that you are now will have …
  • Burdened
  • @Shoshin said: I don't know about Sid, but Hotei AKA the laughing Buddha was full of laughs Thanks, @Shoshin! The only Buddhist image in my house is a hand-carved wooden Hotei. He certainly seems like a dude to have fun with.
  • @Vimalajāti said: You need to wait until the Mahāyāna scriptures to get some nice deadpan humour. At the opening of the Vimalakīrti scripture, the venerable Sāriputra knocks on Vimalakīrti's door. Vimalakīrti responds: "No one's hom…
  • @federica said: The Buddha spoke of attachment, and also implemented rules for his Monks and nuns. There is no doubt in my mind that, as with any other religion, the personal opinions, views and interpretations of those committing his tea…
  • Good point fed. That's what got me thinking about it in the first place.
  • @Shoshin, @Ugyen_Yeshe, @lobster, & @Jeffrey, thank you all for your help. I'm trying to cobble together my best practice and this does seem beneficial. @lobster, that pic was an amazing find! +1 for you on that
  • If anyone finds exhaustive investigation into the origin of famous quotes, check this out
  • Impermanence
  • This is where I meditate at lunchtime every day. Not pretty, but my eyes are closed so I don't think it matters.
  • All I know is that if we let compassion guide their actions, each one of us can help someone. I have no idea about the possibility or efficacy of economic ideas, but I know that I and my immediate family can give what we can of our time and resource…
  • distribution
  • am I the only one who thinks that pendant looks like a lobster?
    in Cults Comment by ScottPen June 26
  • @person said: "Bulk SMASH" ... afflictions I see what you did there
    in Positive? Comment by ScottPen June 26
  • @Kundo said: @ScottPen said: @Carameltail said: @kando said: I was fine with this story @Carameltail right up to 'she was your karma' - this is one concept I have a lot of trouble with!…
  • Wow that dude ain't gonna get scurvy
    in Positive? Comment by ScottPen June 26
  • OK lemme fix that @person said: molars Millstone
  • @Bunks said: Great quote @ScottPen and so true! I often think the person we lie to the most when breaking the fourth precept is ourself. Oh man @Bunks , I dunno about "we," but I know about me. And methinks I can relate.