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  • Grief is natural, why does society try to rush people through it? Making others feel guilty for being sad, for crying, for not 'moving on' which is so often a cover for 'your making me uncomfortable, stop it!' letting go is different, softer, gentle…
  • Come on in, the water is fine! 😁
  • Speaking as someone who has spent most of her life running, right on! Brilliant and exhilarating.:)
    in Run Comment by kando October 18
  • The most important thing for people is to feel valued for who they are, the true face beneath all the masks we often have to wear just to survive! If society did that, what a wonderful world
  • Chilli for breakfast?🌶️! Hell realm tours is right! 🌋
    in Pain Comment by kando October 9
  • Thanks for posting this @person, lots to think about here! I agree that science is creative, it's odd that so much sci-fi portrays it primarily as a destructive, dehumanising force when it does so much to illuminate life and make knowledge accessibl…
  • Sleep is the best cure for me, works for migraines too. And having a damn good dentist, mine is Spanish and very strict on the cleaning regime! He mutters darkly in Spanish at times, it's a bit Bunuel
    in Pain Comment by kando October 2
  • Tilda Swinton was an inspired choice also I don't know if anyone has seen Derek Jarman's beautiful montage film Glitterbug, a true Swan song, the sequence with Tilda in always makes me cry and smile. Such affection.
    in Bliss Comment by kando October 2
  • @paulyso said: @person said: This made me think of another possible "language". The tender compassion of someone who might patiently sit at the deathbed of someone dying of cancer and the strong compassion of someone who rushe…
  • Thanks for posting that article @kerome, it's good to know I'm not alone in finding a zendo a tad tostesterone heavy!
    in Bondage Comment by kando September 30
  • Thank you for those links @lobster, with my love of Green Tara especially I often wonder if I am in the school of Buddhism that is right for me. It's a work in progress, go fish!
    in Bondage Comment by kando September 29
  • The Buddha box is like an etch-a-sketch without the frustration and eventual incident with a hammer, you can do circles! 😁 As for female lineages, it's good that women get to be named as significant teachers, but my anarchic side can't help feeling …
    in Bondage Comment by kando September 28
  • @Shoshin said: He came up with this Maori proverb...which we use as our work logo... "Ma Te Murumuru Ka Rere Ai Te Manu" ( adorn the bird with feathers so it can fly) That's exactly what I feel my creativity did for me @Shoshin, it…
    in Bliss Comment by kando September 27
  • @federica said Remembering the film "Dr Strange" he himself had to abandon all his deeply intellectual and acquired knowledge, and 'empty his cup'.... Only then was he able to abandon himself to the mysticism and spiritual mystery of that whi…
    in Bliss Comment by kando September 27
  • @Jeffrey said: This is interesting topic to me because I have had interesting mental states from schizoaffective bipolar subtype. The states can be maddening and frustrating in a way but colors can be brighter and you can find enjoyment more e…
    in Bliss Comment by kando September 27
  • @federica said: 'Bliss' can also be termed as 'Ecstasy' in the sense that an overwhelmingly powerful and indescribable state of complete and all-encompassing happiness is felt, with a totally empty mind. This is my understanding of the wo…
    in Bliss Comment by kando September 26
  • @lobster said: So what about Buddhist mysticism? No such thing? Missing? Lots of mystical thinking in Tibetan Buddhism @lobster, at least I find so, there is for me a heavy dose of Shamanism and magic in their reading of psychological sta…
  • Talking of wise rabbis, 'from the book to the book' is full of them! 'thus I would circle the earth in order to die of my images. There are truths that rule over sunny estates. I would meet them all. For the time it takes to formulate a question …
  • Odd coincidence @kerome, I am reading 'advice not given' by Dr Mark Epstein at present. He talks a lot about the way meditation can be used to shut down feelings and how this is sometimes encouraged by the idea of them being 'defilements' - a quote;…
  • @Kerome said: @lobster said: Something is missing? Buddhism can be dry, unemotional (Dispassionate - pah ... who are we kidding?) but it is a head based system ... Yes, exactly. In Budd…
  • @lobster said: There I was meditating on this wisdom, in the queue to be a Buddha ... I'm not good at queues, there's something about being in a line that makes me want to start a konga..........
  • One thing I appreciate about this forum is that people here tend to have very different outlooks yet maintain a sense of humour, which avoids the kind of virtual brawling.that breaks out elsewhere.
    in Pet Hate Comment by kando September 15
  • Trying to post this photo of a bevy of swans on Lough Erne, but our broadband is down again. (The irish are not great engineers, at least not the ones out here in the wilds of Fermanagh!) hope the attached is viewable.
  • Love the Pema Chodron quote, ain't it the truth! Now where did I put that orange........ Or was it a tangerine....
  • How to be naughty if you're the Dalai Lama (John Daido Loori Roshi tells this story in one of his Dharma talks) how at a ceremony HHDL had to leave the hall to go to the toilet and on his way back to the platform passed John Loori, stopped and came …
  • Nice to meet you too, @paulyso
  • Second that @Shoshin, it looks very nasty!
  • What interested me was how different the drawings were to how the person felt. Not all of them, but most. The people who were more self aware and in touch with their feelings were more like their drawings, artist eye view here! Thank you for posting…
  • 'sounding brass and tinkling cymbal' the man said, in the King James version, although replacing 'charity' with 'love' was a good move. That whole chapter could be Buddhist.
  • How to be naughty if you are a revered and much loved zen master: 'A woman was pouring tea for guests in the kitchen at Plum Village, France. The tea cups were straightly arrayed on the tray and the amount of tea in each cup was exactly the same, a…
  • @Bunks said: It's so true @Rojeho - I sat in front of my little Buddha statue last night and looked at him and just kept saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you..." over and over again. And I really meant it. Don't know where I'd be…
  • @adamcrossley said: When I move this autumn I will be near a Zen group for the first time, and I do want to go. I’m trying not to have too many expectations, but it’s hard. It’s like when you try a new practice: part of you hopes, no matter what …
    in Impact! Comment by kando September 8
  • @person said: ...So, I'm coming to grips with the fact that there probably isn't a perfect fit out there and as someone who is very uncomfortable with conformity just need to learn to be comfortable with the feeling of not fitting in if I want the b…
    in Impact! Comment by kando September 8
  • There is something about the sounds a flute creates that is totally in the body and unique. Thank you @Rojeho for introducing me to the shakuhachi and to @lobster for the Sufi vibes
    in Shakuhachi Comment by kando September 8
  • @lobster said: There are more mainstream Buddhist failures: * The genocide of the Hindu majority by state sponsored 'Dharmaists/'monks' in Sri Lanka https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhism_and_violence * Burma 'Buddhist' A…
  • Don't know if you play an instrument @Rojeho. it sounds as if music is becoming something powerfully real in your life and it may be a 'way' in rather than a distraction. Might be worth exploring.
    in Shakuhachi Comment by kando September 7
  • A dash of zany zen - someone once asked Issan, "tenzo! We are vegetarians, so we don't kill animals. But we eat carrots and potatoes. What do you think about killing vegetables?" Issan replied' well, I definitely think we should kill them before …
  • Nature is awake, narure is Buddha, I would call this my core belief. I gravitated toward zen because of the poetry, ancient and modern, for me at any rate this is its heart. But then Han Shan was a Daoist and Saigyo pure land. As always enigmas abou…
    in Impact! Comment by kando September 7
  • Hipster yoga, dig it. Trying to visualise the Virginia Woolf pose, presumably you don't fill your pockets with stones and head for the nearest bridge? (bad taste, with apologies to Ginnie. )
  • Sorry, got my threads twisted there! Never post before you're second cup of coffee Dawn! I give myself good advice but like Alice seldom follow it
  • Yoga got me into meditating daily, which was a good grounding for Buddhism. There was a study at a University recently @FoibleFull that seemed to prove that yoga makes you more egotistical. which would account for those smug buggers sitting in the l…
  • My early spiritual interest was roused by reading 'the devil rides out' by Dennis Wheatley, which I found in the school library! (I have serious doubts about the school librarian although I never actually caught her chalking a pentagram or leading a…
    in Impact! Comment by kando September 5
  • Sod the full lotus I say! Or even the half way lotus, I cannot understand what the twisting of legs into a pretzel has to do with anything!
  • Always been fond of Epicurus, or at least the fragments that have survived of his ideas and lifestyle, his gentle wanderings through his garden with his lady friends, his view of living being a pleasant thing which seems to have enraged his fellow t…
  • Some of the bounce has gone out of my bungee with age and that's a fact. It takes longer to recover from knocks, for example recently having my email address hacked....... Again!
    in Untitled Comment by kando September 3
  • Great image @lobster - definitely going to find it's way into a montage
  • But it's such a lovely place checking out for a while dudes.