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northern Ireland


  • Great image @lobster - definitely going to find it's way into a montage
  • But it's such a lovely place checking out for a while dudes.
  • That is great advice @federica and I may have to take it in regards to this site! You guys are too damn interesting
  • @Kerome said: This might turn into a legal conflict... the landlady is not allowed to terminate the contract but is trying to anyway. It’s all rather stressful, and I’m having trouble finding the words to talk about it to the people who may help.…
  • Thank you for posting the Dharma talk @Shoshin she is an amazing teacher. Lots to learn from in there!
  • @lobster said: @kando said: Absolutely agree on free speech @person,, it must never be tampered with, it just scares the hell out of me when it's used as an excuse for racist and sexist hatred and to ferment fear and hysteria. Inten…
  • RSVP? Count me in 🎈
  • Reading back over this thread is enlightening, wot! thanks to @sova for bringing it back - I didn't get the rhythm back there, glad I kept dancin'
  • I've never really felt like a single entity, never felt that my personality or identity were fixed. So fragments, moments, a kind of fleeting mosaic, are what make up my memory, my days, my life. I think this is why films mean so much to me, they po…
  • Wonderful snail @Shoshin, I feel an affinity. (although I want to make it clear that I don't trail slime)
  • @lobster said: It is a good death. Less suffering. Die before you die. Sufi Saying. “Letting go is the lesson. Letting go is always the lesson. Have you ever noticed how much of our agony is all tied up with craving and l…
  • The circumstances make a big difference and also how much you have enjoyed living there. I need MY room, the rest of the house is just wrapped around that nexus of books, art materials, shells, stones, found and favorite objects, DVDs, CDs and more…
  • Dreams often help me to make sense of various events and states that would otherwise remain chaotic and unfixable. At bad times in my life I kept a dream diary, these days I just write down any interesting ones. I met Peter Cook in a dream once and …
  • @lobster said: It can change you @kerome. Some books and films are life affirming and provide insight. Can anyone provide examples? How much time have you got? only about a couple of thousand books and quite a number of films tha…
  • Cultural belief has a lot of weight, I was surprised to realise that a lot of Elizabethan Protestants truly believed the second coming of Christ and the end of the world were imminent events. Then there was John Dee and his angelic conversations, su…
  • @lobster said: Practicing Buddha Tantra equally fanatically has done me nothing but good. Internet 0 Buddha Won .... Use the force @lobster - my own OCD focus are films and books, being aware does help but sometimes not much!
  • I've never understood why lying down and dying quietly is seen as so advantageous. So that article has caused ripples in my pond too. Came fairly close to the final frontier in February, out of the blue, no warning given, and I didn't feel at all qu…
  • 'But we, when moved by deep feeling, evaporate: we breathe ourselves out and away, from moment to moment our emotion grows fainter, like a perfume.' 'Does the infinite space we dissolve into taste of us then?' From the second Duino Elegy. Far…
  • The part that got to me most was the angry woman, just being allowed to be that angry. That kind of acknowledgement and acceptance must have meant so much to her. Rilke thought we should all practice dying, although I'm not sure how you go about it.
  • Also the link is brilliant as is HHDL. He has a way of putting the most complicated things (for me at least!) so simply and it always touches the heart.
  • That is a very beautiful article @kerome, thank you for posting it.
  • The troll management programme here is first class, there must be a Home for Sulking Trolls out there somewhere, in the ether.........
  • I do when I make an effort @kundo
  • @lobster said: I was moderator on a Buddhist forum where one of my fellow moderators died (I have an alibi). Most of them are asleep and drunk on their Buddhist 'power' and expertise. Pah! (it is an expression of disgust - as in DJ t…
  • I'm beginning to feel like Ireland is in some kind of chill globe, its quite cool here, 14 to 18 C most days, autumnal even! I think Irish folk are feeling left out, they do so love drama
  • @person said: Remember the suffrage movement used freedom of speech to gain the right to vote. The civil rights movement pushed back against segregation via free speech. In the US there was a period of time where [McCarthyism] (https://en.wik…
  • Freedom of speech is a tricky one as the people most likely to exploit it are so often violent. I would use this forum as an example and wonder what it would be like without our awesome moderators? I've been on one other site where the mods were eit…
  • Love the line 'he is intent on what is exquisite' ooooh, gives me goosebumps. Cool ones. I am a word junky!
  • I think for me anticipation is one of the best, as you never know where it's going to take you
  • @yagr said: Well, to clarify, we were stalking for reasons other than hunting... I'm intrigued by that @yagr because it is very like the way a visual artist tends to look at the world, in my experience at least. Lov…
    in Splatter-mind Comment by kando August 7
  • I keep hitting u instead of I today, although in the case of Damien Randolph Hurst and his pickled cat Rosebud it was providential. (post modern references are ingrained after years of art training) Another reason I'm not addicted to the net is tha…
  • As for Damien Hurst @libster, don't get me started! No doubt when he dies he will have himself pickled and put in a case in the Tate and I can go and pull faces at him through the glass
  • My point was @Angus that we don't know how many enlightened people are out there rught now and that the Internet, for all its potential ills, could be helping more people than we know. Me for a start! There are so many resources now and that has to …
  • I do feel a bit protective of this site as it's the one place I get to communicate with other Buddhists, living as I do in rural Ireland, topics of conversation being the weather, what your neighbours are up to and the price of cows!
  • So how many enlightened beings were there at the time of the Buddha? Did your monk have a number? I hope you don't mind my saying that it sounds like a very odd thing to say! I've found the Internet vastly useful in my own practice. Especially findi…
  • @Shoshin said: Slightly off topic ( but I guess body language is just as important too) Just recently we (Aotearoa NZ) have had Ms Southern & and her partner in slime Mr Molyneux pollute our fine shores... I found observing (with th…
  • @JaySon said: I love Zen. It seems to just skip to the end. It is the get out of jail free card and it begins and ends for me at least with Dogen. He literally wrote the book!
  • Kindness, kindness, kindness (worth saying thrice)
  • Quite a few catholics have been involved in and interested in Buddhism, practiced meditation and mindfulness. Thomas Merton to name just one. No need to be conflicted, I know others on here will know a lot more about this than I do
  • Due to various internal organs turning nasty on me I am on the lighter than light diet, lots of salad, veg, low fat protein. I would call it the en-light-en-ment diet but it might catch on I have benefitted artistically by a collection of scans an…
    in Eating Buddha Comment by kando August 3