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northern Ireland


  • Nasa not nasal! It's really not my day!
  • It is the known universe according to Nasal, or it ought to be
  • Love the hardcore zen article @lobster - your teacher is your mirror. Like that, though you presumably don't use her/him to fix your lipstick. I'm still looking for one and in rural Ireland it ain't easy!
    in Cults Comment by kando June 23
  • I was fine with this story @Carameltail right up to 'she was your karma' - this is one concept I have a lot of trouble with! I find it too much like the kind of thing I had to listen to from high caste brahmins all too frequently in India, karma be…
  • Known in art history terms as a Vanitas. I find them a bit stultifying, but I suppose that's the point of the exercise! Certainly a great illustration of the topic @federica
  • I wish to categorically deny being in any way advanced. I also try to be as good and kind as possible despite lurking theravadan ninjas and their shorts of doom.
  • To walk the path, even though I often have no idea where I'm going - to quote my favorite Zen iconoclast Ikkyu 'if there's nowhere to rest at the end, how can I get lost on the way?
  • It's terrifyingly similar to the rise of fascism in Germany before WW2, insiduous and back slapping, I was chilled by his reaction to guns being arm the teachers, a small instance of utter banal stupidity.
  • Nice to find so many introverts and crowd avoiders here, no wonder I feel at home
    in Craving for... Comment by kando June 19
  • Older, wiser and slower.
  • That should have been vixen I know but that always sounds sexist somehow cultural conditioning, don't you just love it still haven't managed to snap a hare in a quiet moment!
    in Bugsy Malone Comment by kando June 18
  • @federica said: Evolution, nor Revolution. Peoples' biggest problem is both accepting Change, and understanding that with people and environments, situations and agendas, things will not stay as they are. Amen or om to that, change is the…
  • Strange to see them in such a populated area, bet people have been feeding them - the closest I ever got to a fox and her cubs was in London, a friend and I sat in her garden watching them playing!
    in Bugsy Malone Comment by kando June 17
  • Lemongrass all the way for me and lavender - never forget the nasal amazement at the scent of lavender essential oil my only other experience of it being a scent my grandmother used that was called lavander but phew! It was awful
    in Do You Smell? Comment by kando June 17
  • As you have health concerns it's not surprising you avoid risk, and wisely too, as @federica says it's built into us to protect ourselves - hang loose
    in Craving for... Comment by kando June 17
  • @genkaku said: When I flunked out of a Zen monastery, it depressed the hell out of me. My sky-high aspirations were more full of poop than a Christmas turkey. I was a lousy student. Looking back now, I see the adventure as one of the most …
  • The corpse position is a great one for anyone learning to breathe properly and relax, impossible to do if tense - starting and finishing with it helps avoid pulling muscles
  • @lobster said: Just about to do my yoga practice. Getting back into it has been fascinating. At the moment a running injury has surfaced into awareness and will gently be repaired in time. I don't do much and err on the side of extreme cauti…
  • @Kundo said: Nowadays I'll take Mindful Living over Happiness any day - even if it does remind me regularly how shitty a lot of people are. I don't know why this made me LOL this morning I think it's because it's so REAL @Kundo! Thank you…
  • Don't have to worry about sunburn in Ireland, as afflictions go it's one of the best I'd post a photo of one of Father Dougal's sunburn holiday snaps here if I could - remember Father Ted anyone?
  • to you both @lobster and @Kerome - it all helps - some tiger balm sounds pretty good just now also - practiced hatha yoga since I was twelve and it is brilliant!
  • I hate people who make me look bonkers, it's just too easy! I am also getting passed around like a medicine ball at present, consultants, pre opp nurses, anaesthetists' all have their own totally contrary ideas about what is best for me! These are …
  • Our hospital is twenty five miles away, that's if I don't have to go to Belfast! - good luck with it all @Federica ❤ do report back, we'll have to have a temple on site for prayers.
  • @person said: They reach terminal velocity at 60 mph (96 kph) or at about 9 stories. At that point they relax some causing their legs to splay some increasing wind resistance. Then their strong legs compared to body weight allows them to abso…
  • Coolest moonboot! found your post very inspiring @Kundo - like @federica I'm awaiting medical tinkering at present. Really not good at hospitals! Good outcomes to all ❤
  • I lived in India and Pakistan for a number of years so it isn't foreign to me at all. Maybe that makes a big difference in mindset. As for a purpose beyond the artistic that IS my purpose!
  • Maybe tone it down a bit though @lobster - I'm quoting again, P.G. Wodehouse this time when Bertie Wooster quotes Marcus Aurelius to one of his friends "The way he damned and blasted Marcus Aurelius and the great web made me realise that the gag had…
    in WeCroak Comment by kando June 13
  • @kerome the only other discussion groups I have taken part in before this were poetry sites and THAT is the place for egos, really BIG ones! So if I come across as aggressive and know-all at times my only excuse is being used to flame-a-thons! My ha…
  • @Kundo said: ** When I read the title of this post, I had flashbacks to my school musical days Yikes! No way I'd want to go there either @kundo 😉 I thought of splurge guns but then I'm really silly! - no photo of a hare yet, boy are t…
    in Bugsy Malone Comment by kando June 13
  • You'd like Chamfort @lobster - here he is in a translation by Sam Beckett - The trouble with tragedy is the fuss it makes about life and death and other tuppenny aches'
    in WeCroak Comment by kando June 12
  • @federica said: You do realise that most of the devas, dakinis and Gods are symbolic rather than viewed as actual existent beings, you? They're personifications of specific qualities or energies... they're not revered as people, they're revered…
  • Fat cats don't flip! Just flop 😃
  • Thanks guys. What a fantastic flower @Federica you truly have Tara green fingers! And yes @lobster it is amazing to be surrounded by wildlife here,we are very lucky 🍀 I will try to get a photo of a hare and then post (hopefully)
    in Bugsy Malone Comment by kando June 11
  • I got tangled up in a cult in my youth and made a point of learning from the experience - I would avoid any teacher who displayed 'charisma', 'magnetism' or even an inflated idea of his/her spiritual development and understanding - give me a straigh…
  • Sorry, how do you get photos on here?
    in Bugsy Malone Comment by kando June 11
  • This is a little arena where hares often play in the early morning - it's very hard to get a photo though so use your imagination 😉
    in Bugsy Malone Comment by kando June 11
  • We live in an isolated cottage and have wild neighbours, pine martins, badgers, a pair of VERY large foxes, red deer and lots of hares. I love them being around but my husband gets nervous about the stag calls, they are a bit otherworldly! In the ni…
    in Bugsy Malone Comment by kando June 11
  • Here in Ireland we tend to have bogs rather than gardens, unless you can afford four tons of topsoil and a lot of gardeners - lots of horsetail ferns here as there is little pollution, it's been fun looking at all the garden photos
  • Very good company @Federica
  • Makes me glad I'm not a cat 🐱 @Vimalajati! Tried to find some web info about the cat flap but there seems to be controversy and discord - I read it years ago somewhere, it was so his cat could get away from students quickly, which seems to have been…
  • Newton also invented the cat flap (not many people know that) and was such an incomprehensible tutor students jeered! One of those all round British eccentrics
  • I ❤ the ten oxen and mods
    in Soto Vs Rinzai Comment by kando June 10
  • @lobster, if only they were! 😃
  • Back to HHDL I think he's a remarkable human being who truly believes in lovingkindness - another remarkable person Mother Theresa once said when questioned on her statement that "everyone is Christ" said that yes, everyone was Christ, but sometimes…
  • @Traveller said: @Jason and @Karasti Wow and I thought this country (UK) was screwed up, the NHS might be struggling and very underfunded (my personal view is that the Conservative party want to screw it over to contract it out to American health…
  • Anish Kapoor does wonderful coloured sculptures @federica - AI has always fascinated me as a concept as does the nature of consciousness, which gives psychologists and some scientists such big headaches when they try to explain it! Which is the poin…
    in The New Buddha Comment by kando June 10
  • it's good that people find ways of dealing with life and its peculiarities that is simple and direct. I feel that the ideas and concepts within Buddhism, manifold, contradictory and annoying as they often are, can take you anywhere you wish to go, a…
    in MBSR Comment by kando June 10
  • Some of the thoughts that count can be found here - have Dogen's Shobogenzo complete - huge file though! sorry about clumsy linking! Mod note: Fixed!!
    in Soto Vs Rinzai Comment by kando June 9