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  • @person Yea I recognize it's a sore spot but for the most part my family made it clear I'm not around. My mother does but my grandfather informed me that I am so useless i should go kill myself. (sorry for the strong words) My mother and I live in a…
  • @kerome You are correct, perhaps it is time for insight meditation. @person I'm fine with being the "alien" but what I'm not okay with is when others see this as a bad thing. That's where the trouble is and I feel like in this day and age it's ok…
  • Oh wow federica, thank you so much for the link. It really did help to know I'm not alone. You are also correct that my initial thought was, why are you so bitter towards me. I'm just being me but then, you start to doubt yourself when so many vo…
  • I guess I just want to be less angry since I feel like it's human nature. I'm okay with the alien part. Maybe not the doormat part, lol. Thank you lobster for the links. 🙏
  • I also have lots of anxiety and depression and have a mental health center I frequent. Mindfulness helps me. When I get upset it helps to just focus on the current environment and wait for it to pass. I admit it is difficult with anxiety though. …
  • I think Buddhists would wisely say no to the idea of being on the show in the first place and find something else to do. Why suffer when you don't have to?
    in Fear Factor Comment by skyfox66 May 2017
  • Out of curiosity, has anyone read Don't Be a Jerk: And Other Practical Advice from Dogen, Japan's Greatest Zen Master by Brad Warner?
  • Eccentric
  • I too would also like a formal training program. I would like to teach the dharma though. I've wanted to do this for about a decade now but there isn't anywhere around here where I live that can teach me what I want to know. I've noticed when I me…
  • As an American Trump occurs to me as a toddler trying to help in the kitchen. He himself doesn't bother me as much as everyone else. What does bother me? I have run into a lot of egos. People who are afraid to admit when they are wrong, about …
    in Trump Comment by skyfox66 March 2017
  • I also have the constant dark thoughts in the back of my mind. 22 years now I believe. I tried to help others to keep my mind quiet but instead it just added on to the guilt I feel by default. I'd rather be kind and leave less damage from my existen…
  • Here in Colorado we have Monastery Without Wallsprogram. If I understand it well its a program that teaches you all you need to be a priest but its not a resident program because the center isn't big enough yet although they are working on it. Thi…
  • I always thought a Bodhisattva was anyone, anywhere, or anything that helped you along your path. I never thought it was some kind of god or anything...just a method to point you in the right direction. For example when you hear a bell ring in the…
  • Oh, I should mention the homeless guy wasn't some drunk guy on the street. He had an old husky with him and I've talked to him a few times before actually giving him money. I don't know his name but I figured he could use the change unlike me. He…
  • I love the idea of making my own meditation cushions but I must admit...I'm lousy at sewing. I have the fabric laying around but my sewing skills need a bit of work. One day I will finish them though.
  • Actually yes, my friends have told me that me caring to much angers them. We're talking like they felt the need to intervene on it. 9 people!!! One that's not at all connected with that clique of friends actually was the one who voiced it first. …