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  • @federica At those times, I turn to a Mala, put a sleeping mask on, and begin to recite mantras, which concentrate the Mind wonderfully... Then I sleep. Ditto. The amount of times I've recited the Medicine Buddha mantra over the past 7 d…
  • I first learnt about Buddhism from my mother. She studied philosophy at University as part of her Egyptology degree. Then we studied Buddhism at school in Year 11 in our GRE (General Religious Studies) classes. After I finished high school, I sta…
    in Impact! Comment by Kundo August 20
  • @Kerome said: @elcra1go said: I think one of the first times I read about Buddhism was after hearing italian footballer, Roberto Baggio was a Buddhist. This would have been very early in the 1990s... Ah the divine pony…
    in Impact! Comment by Kundo August 20
  • I love Robina Courtin
  • Thanks for posting this @Kerome . My cousin, to whom I am extremely close, has been diagnosed with carcinoma. He is starting chemo on Tuesday and will be in the same hospital I will be in for my operation. He too is a Buddhist, and has been for abou…
  • @kando you have really nice handwriting
  • @Kerome said: I think you’ll find very few atheists or agnostics try to make a claim on you, as opposed to some sects like the Jehovah’s Witnesses who seem to enjoy going door to door. I've had my fair share of angry neo-atheists approach…
  • @Kerome said: For a long time it has been a great trick of the Christians to switch the burden of proof, to ask people to have faith and to ask non-believers to supply proof that it wasn’t so, when in fact the burden of proof is the other way…
  • I regularly take Facebook and social media apps off my phone for "sabbaticals" so I can increase my consistency in practice. I still check social media at specific times of the day, but limit it. For those of you who are not affected by temptati…
  • @federica said: Yes there is. I don't know. But as I already said, I also, don't care. I'm with Fede 🙏🙏🙏
  • Elwood (the band!)
  • I've always found knotting them makes them last longer. I use cord.
  • I also make my own. However, the one place I have purchased from and been exceptionally pleased with is http://www.custommalashop.com
  • Honestly, I don't think the Buddha really said it either. I don't see why it's an issue if he did. He was human after all. Maybe he got shirty that someone questioned his teaching. Plenty of teachers get irritated by that. But it is…
  • Me 😜
  • I have found by employing right listening that sometimes I find that I might see things differently and change my mind.... 🙏🙏🙏
    in Right Listening Comment by Kundo July 11
  • Or as is the Rede in Wicca (in a nutshell) "An it harm none, do what thou whilt" However...... whilst I don't particularly care how loosely one chooses to adhere to or accept the precepts, they are what they are, own it if you don't follow or adh…
    in The 5th Precept Comment by Kundo July 11
  • @lobster said: ... found what happens if practicing tonguelen ... You become a cunning linguist?......runs away
  • Sweden are my only hope now
  • @Bunks said: Maybe he's giving us the opportunity to create some merit? "The greatest gift is the gift of the teachings" - The Buddha I'll leave the teachers to it then. I'm not that gifted
    in Query on rebirth Comment by Kundo July 1
  • All I can offer from my own experience is don't do it half heartedly and make sure you understand what you're doing. It makes a world of difference 🙏🙏🙏
  • @Bunks said: It's interesting that the last 3 world cup winners have been knocked out in the group stage at the following world cup. I think it's great. I think we'll have an exciting comp for a change
  • I say this with no sarcasm or malice... you seem to ask a lot of questions expecting the answers to be given to you on a silver platter. Have you ever thought to even maybe Google them first?
  • Fighting
  • @ScottPen said: @Carameltail said: @kando said: I was fine with this story @Carameltail right up to 'she was your karma' - this is one concept I have a lot of trouble with! I find it too much like the kind of th…
  • I find mantra meditation prior to bed helps me stay asleep. I have the same issue as @person
  • @Bunks said: The Aussies are on tonight (our time). We need to beat Peru and rely on France to beat Denmark. The odds are against us I think! Maybe, maybe not. Although I'm pretty confident Denmark will win. Peru have been pretty…
  • Fret, stop retrace my steps, give up. Rinse and repeat till I get too stressed and give up completely. Then it just "clicks" back into place. Now though, I'm trying to remain mindful of that point of fretting and reminding myself it's pointless a…
  • To quote my rabbi - Just do good To quote HHDL - My religion is simple, my religion is kindness To quote me - I'm doing my best to be a good person who is mindful of every action and reaction and trying not to fk it up
  • @namarupa said: They just want their petty revenge, but at the cost of losing everything. Truth. And that is how it always begins I was so relieved to hear on the radio that Trump has done a 180 on the bill about separating kids from …
  • I had 48 mins sleep - from 5:12am to 6am. It's 6:48pm here and I'm about to go to bed.
  • Japan played exceptionally well. Ankle pain and bad sinus kept me up for the match. It's 2:25am and I still can't sleep 😢😢
  • @Bunks said: I understand what you're saying @Kundo but at the end of the day the correct decision was made. It was a penalty. Well I disagree because Risdon actually kicked the ball and Griezemenn took a dive fell afterwards. I cer…
  • @federica said: Yeah. Did you not know Maurice Chevalier is on the bench as a sub....? France went down so much I thought the game was being played in a brothel. Ok bitchiness aside, that VAR is a total farce. The ref's backflip on th…
  • Geez these French divas can really act....
  • @ScottPen said: The Visual History of Decreasing War And Violence discuss please - fixed Yeah theoretically that's very nice.
  • I'm going for Australia and when/if we get knocked out, Denmark. @David said: I only watch until the first fake injury. Usually about 5 minutes in. I hear Italy will be giving lessons now they have all that free time on their…
  • @kando said: Coolest moonboot! found your post very inspiring @Kundo - like @federica I'm awaiting medical tinkering at present. Really not good at hospitals! Good outcomes to all ❤ Thank you @kando 🙏🙏
  • @federica said: ... @Kundo, it's decision time! Kick em in the bollocks 💖💖👌👌