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  • Nowadays we can watch on our phone documentaries about taking shit while taking one!
  • So the question arises in my mind that am I missing something in my walking meditation? Is that like a logical thought "hmm is something missing". Or is it monkey mind "I want something better or different?" Moreover it feels like a r…
  • Sounds like a very excruciating and frightening experience but sounds like you came out on the other side having an insight. So much is out of our control. And even what's in our control I mean hey we have our shining moments and our mistakes. Wh…
    in Break Through Comment by Jeffrey May 17
  • I also usually take 'natural' to mean relatively less affected by humans. So a tree growing in a city street is relatively more natural than a fire hydrant. And a state forest an area of more nature. I am interested in mathametics and science r…
  • Remember that sitting and walking meditation the purpose is not to make thoughts disappear. You do return to the present upon noticing wandering in thought. But that's not same thing as trying to make thoughts disappear. That is interesting tha…
  • I found a book I am very pleased with. Each page a bit of advice rather than arranged in paragraphs going in depth into one bit of advice or concept.
    in Books of Note Comment by Jeffrey May 14
  • I remember the fraggles an example to me as a kid that there are different personalities. I think I remember some names: gobo, boober, red, wembly? They had different personalities.
  • I just meditate every day. Instead of thinking about if I should meditate today I don't think about that I just set the time and then sit. So I don't have to think about if I should meditate because it's already done. And then I think about if I …
  • If we could ask Carrie Fisher about karma; here is what she said before her death: “I am mentally ill. I can say that. I am not ashamed of that. I survived that, I’m still surviving it, but bring it on. Better me than you.” —December 2000, in an …
  • Not Buddhist origin but it will do: In order to be what you are not, you must become what you know not. In order to arrive where you are not, you must go by the way in which you are not. T.S. Eliot
    in Buddhist quotes Comment by Jeffrey May 6
  • At one point I worried if the bardos* would be harder with mental illness because my medication might not work at that time. But then on the other hand my brain itself would be toast at that point. So does consciousness happen without a physical…
  • Pro tip saying for when you are trading insults with someone: I’m manufactured from Hevea brasiliensis you’re manufactured from Cyanoacralate and your admonition elastically rebounds off of me and adheres to you!
    in Funny Stuff Comment by Jeffrey May 4
  • I will tell you that from my perspective on meditation there is no such thing as bad meditation. The only way there is bad meditation is if that is what you are convinced of and then that is what is concluded for the time being. That doesn't mea…
  • Did someone tell you the purpose of zazen meditation was to stop thoughts from coming?
  • I think most Buddhists believe that Siddhartha became 'awake' or a Buddha. But at the outset it's hard to know what 'awake' means. It's intuitive right at the beginning of becoming a Buddhist and is a question that remains for me even though I've …
  • The Brain is just the weight of God- For - Heft them - Pound for Pound - And they will differ - if they do - As Syllable from Sound - ~Emily Dickinson
  • Attachment leads to suffering. So path is to let go of attachments. What then is the result when attachment and suffering end?
  • How is meditation part of the path to liberation?
  • Who is confused? Is it your mind or you? The voice that says "this is insufficient feedback loop" or "this thought is too entangled"... What is that voice? Is it also confusion or is it 'correct'?
  • Outside the library where I do tutoring.
  • Throwback to the scary Easter Bunny!
    in Funny Stuff Comment by Jeffrey April 20
  • Remember to leave out chocolate eggs and easter basket grass for the magical Snoop Easter Dogg on 420 eve!
  • Maybe a boycott of packaging that is non-recyclable?
  • I would say "what the heck you asking me questions at this time? Can't you see I am stuck up in a tree hanging by my mouth? Help me out of this damn tree"...THUNK. (now hopefully I am very lucky and survive)
  • In my head I keep in mind that Buddha said remove suffering is the important teaching he gave. Like diamond sutra stuff can relieve suffering in ways that other things cannot reach. But just ordinary acts can also relieve suffering. I find diamon…
  • Sounds good and as far as I know sounds about right. I'm not sure how common dhyanas/jhanas are and like you say they could come to someone who did not read about them spontaneously. But I do suppose they are not as common as 'being in the zone' p…
  • I like that @Kerome. I think that I dealt with some dark sides of things when I had persecutory voices. His positivity is no hologram or floating cloud. This part I didn't quite understand. Does it mean that person described positivi…
  • @herbie I thought you were saying that using your concentrated rational expression you get 'in the zone'. That is a concentration and it can happen doing sports or in your case focusing on writing. However in my understanding being outside of the …
  • The best time to meditate, the best place, the best length of practice is the one that you actually do. Showing up for the practice today, however long or short, is enough. —Kate Johnson, “Calming the Not Now Mind”
  • I'm not sure 'desire realm' is same thing as a 'writing style' of cool rationality versus warm engaging writing style. It strikes me that an attitude of coolness or analysis does not correlate (to me) to being outside of the desire realm. That cou…
  • I think another sense of the word karma is how did we get here? How did we get to be ignorant of our own nature to the extent that our ignorance or grasping causes suffering whatever lives we have. In some way we can be mindful and kind and thin…
  • The good news is that helping people in this world helps us out too to let go of our attachments. The love and compassion helps with that even without so much analysis just truly caring is quite powerful and keeps on pushing automatically at those …
  • In my mind I fit this caption or saying in with the idea of people manifesting as Buddhas to each other.
  • @David I didn't notice that at first. I assumed it was Buddha in my coffee but it could answer where does ones mind go when it is all over the place; It could be going to others coffee.
  • Even if you are doing guru yoga and keep samaya with your guru it is still falling off from that to deny that other practices also truly have their fruits.
    in Blessing Comment by Jeffrey April 10
  • And therefore he is in my coffee too. That actually makes sense.
  • Next question: Why was the Alexandrian library burned?
  • @federica how about "I'm a mouse and I go through the gap"?
  • Where do the socks go that disappear in the laundry?
  • My Tibetan Buddhist teacher in the Kagyu and Nyingma* tradition says that even the Lam Rim text we use which is the Jewel Ornament of Liberation says that you can take refuge by yourself. That text lays out explicitly how to do that. However my te…
  • My teacher says that guru just means 'teacher' or even 'spiritual friend'. I do suppose that there are some cultural differences between Tibetan culture and western culture that you can find Buddhism has spread to. There are even cultural differen…
  • in Funny Stuff Comment by Jeffrey April 2
  • For me video games gave me a small dose of anxiety (exploring something new that was uncertain) that was easily overcome for a victory (in game). I think that's a good thing and it helped me to overcome anxiety and have more confidence. I still pl…
  • I've also heard good things about turmeric. I heard as a preventative measure against Alzheimers. I put it in oatmeal or tea or cooking.
    in Healing Comment by Jeffrey March 30
  • in Funny Stuff Comment by Jeffrey March 30