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  • Scorsese's "Silence" - Not a Review

    Scorsese's "Silence" is his film based on the novel by Shusaku Endo. The book and film are a fictionalized account of the persecution of Christians in 17th-century Japan; the central figures are Jesuit missionaries. Throughout the fictionalized account I Googled as much as I watched. In case you have not seen the film I will skirt around the storyline. Liam Neeson's Father character made sense at times when referencing religious life in Japan during the 1600's. An unnamed English speaking official dialogue on the state of Japan and its reasoning toward Christianity also made sense. Here is where I stop talking about the film. I got into my Mystery Science Theater 3000 mode and silent commentary which helped me get through Scorsese "Goodfella's" scenes. Laughing and crying is the same release according to Joni Mitchell.

  • Re: I Vow To Stop Watching And Reading Politics

    I vowed to stop all media and political news once Mr. Trump became POTUS. After the previous 10 days of mass presidential mandates I have changed my stance. I try not to get upset but we cannot afford to live in a bubble. Let's make America Great Again may become Let's make America White Again. My heart is with everyone affected by the new laws.

  • Re: What makes you Buddhist?

    Because I Am =)

  • Another Situation

    My life is changing rapidly and I cannot seem to slow it down. I have developed dyspepsia and was told to get a feeding tube. The muscles in my throat have begun to grow weak. The doctors can not say why, other than it is Neurological.

    I have decide not to add a feeding tube and go the thickened/pureed route. Add this to a back disability from 2013. I should greet each day with a "SMILE"...the whole Zen thing. But all Buddhist studies or interactions are on hold...

    Things happen beyond my control sometimes that remind me I am Buddhist. Things that would have flipped me out 2 years ago. (Acid flash back stuff). Kinda like, "How can you be in two places at once when you are nowhere at all?"

    I have turned my time to collecting records, jazz. Music.

    I had enrolled in a class on Buddhism. Stopped.

    Truth be told. My depression has taken over, again.

    Oh well...It will be cool.