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  • Re: It hit me like a sledgehammer to the chest...

    I figured I'd update this almost 10 years later:

    This is a picture of me and my ex-wife's 4-year old daughter. I took her out on the town for the day to give her mom some space to be with her newborn. We hung out and took the trains downtown, explored, shopped, and had a good time. She's a cool kid and we love hanging out with each other. She knows I'm her brothers' dad and thinks the whole thing is just funny.

    The point is: her mom and I are friends now. We get along well and some of what made us like each other in the first place has returned to the roost. She has two kids with the guy she left me for (she's still with him), and I have a close relationship with her daughter. Our sons are 19 and 18 now, and we have watched them grow up and graduate high school and start their young adult lives together. We talk relatively often and I have a friendly relationship with her boyfriend as well.

    These rifts can be healed. No matter how hurt you are, it can heal.

  • The death of John Shields

    A beautiful story of a man who chose to end his life on his own terms and of those who chose to share his final day with him.

  • Re: London Bridge Incident ..Stay Safe Londoners...

    @federica said:
    The only person entitled to have the last word around here, is me.

    Well... Not the only person :p

  • Re: Recommended Reading

    Book: "The Miracle of Mindfulness"
    Author: Thich Nhat Hanh, translated by Mobi Ho

    This is a fantastic book to introduce beginners into the practice of meditation. Thich Nhat Hanh writes very beautifully, and uses moments from everyday life in order to pinpoint opportunities for meditation practice. From a letter to a friend about how washing the dishes is the most important thing he's ever done in his life, to a very down-to-earth, almost clinical description of the process of breathing during mediation, this short, well-written book is a perfect introduction to basic buddhist practice and the science of mind-control and meditation. I highly recommend it.

    On a side note, most books by Thich Nhat Hanh are short, well-written, and strikingly clear. I recommend you read other books of his as well, notably the "Heart Sutra".
    [Deleted User]Lucaherberto
  • Re: Thich Naht Hanh in hospital

    I only hope for a peaceful and painless passing for him. He has been a tremendous influence in my life.