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  • Re: New? Introduce Yourself to NB Members!

    @Razor said:

    @Bunks said:
    Welcome @Razor!

    Thanks bunks. Nice to meet you.

    @lobster said:
    Hi @Razor.


    Buddha was not a Buddhist. Christ was a Jew. No idea what vajrayana is. Some sort of Hindu cult gone elsewhere as far as I know . . .

    Hi @kerance <3

    Welcome. B)

    Thanks for the welcome. I'm not here to try and explain anything to anyone, but Vajrayana is not a Hindu cult. It actually is 100% Buddhism. You just have to actually research it to find out.

    Don't worry about @lobster. You'll get used to him ;)

  • Re: Buddha's Love

    Hi @eggsavior

    In the preparatory practices before meditation in Tibetan Buddhism we're encouraged to visualise the Buddha and the Merit field in front of us and then imagine rays of light coming from the Buddha into us.

    The idea is that we're inviting the actual omniscient Buddha into the room with us.

    This may be something you could explore as it's helped me feel a closer connection to him in my life.

    Lama Zopa Rinpoche actually says we should visualise the Buddha at our heart all day every day so we can continue to make offerings to him throughout the day and night. It's very beautiful!

  • Re: Mindful drinking of beer as a meditation

    @Namada said:
    At work we have this kind of trips few times in the year, where you have to drink beer or wine.
    Just so you can be social accepted. So its kind of peer pressure from my colleges,
    then I will take one drink or two. Normaly, I never drink.
    But I can even feel how tierd my body feels after just few drinks next morning, its poison.

    Hopefully as you get older and more comfortable in your skin @Namada (I am assuming you're quite young), you'll be comfortable enough to say "I don't drink thanks" and stick to the soft stuff with your colleagues.

    Saying no is perfectly ok.

  • Re: My Weekend Retreat So Far...

    Ha ha! You are an idiot @lobster :)

  • Re: My Weekend Retreat So Far...

    From my (limited) experience, attempting to undertake a retreat at home is difficult when the TV / interweb is only a click away.

    I nred to be away from that in a group environment at my current level of practice.

    Good luck to those who can beat the temptation!