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  • Re: Sentience & Insentience

    @federica said:
    I don't see there's any need to share anything, personally, @CedarTree . It was what it was, it is what it is, it's moved on.

    Emptiness means exactly that, right?

    Your so wise :)

    @Kerome said:

    @CedarTree said:
    I am not sure what was going on at the moment but in a flash the need to hold onto "Awareness" & "Life" in any form kind of dropped off.

    Awareness and life, that is quite a large chunk to be rid of. Awareness, mindfulness, is usually the tool which shows you more of your inner and outer life, so for it to drop away seems an interesting development. Has this realisation stayed? Has it made an actual difference to the quality of your awareness?

    I came to understand that Sentience & Insentience kind of drop off in Emptiness.

    I've come across this, that our spiritual selves can be in these different states, without necessarily affecting the rest of our mind severely. Perhaps you have encountered a state of emptiness. Have you also had the accompanying state of mind?

    It was deeply impactful, some things have left others have caused new landscapes to open up. :)

  • Re: Individuality, Nonduality, Anatta, Nirvana

    A poster from another forum said:

    **Awakening is clearly something that happens to a living being, altering their perspective or revealing fundamental truths, however you wish to express it, and, while those fundamental truths might be expressed in ways that involve words like "empty of a self", still, it is the sensations that previously made up both self and other that are revealed in some very vivid, clear, immediate, transformative way.

    Thus, when they awaken, from their vantage pointless vantage point, the whole field of their unique experience is awakened, but, as basically everyone who has awakened and asked other people if their awakening suddenly awakened everyone else, the answer is "no".

    So, while it can't really quite be called an "individual thing", still, it clearly happens to an individual, or a unique sense field, or however you wish to put it. When the Buddha awakened, for example, he still clearly noticed that his awakening didn't awaken everyone, as everyone else also noticed.

    I am curious to know the background to your question and what practical value you hope the discussion will have for yourself as well as others. Thoughts? **

    I think there is something about "Individualism" or "Specificity". Sometimes with our singular focus on Anatta we don't really delve into the meaning and or dynamics of this just like what happens with other parts were we get tunnel vision.

    I guess I want to explore this in an abstract and open way.

  • Re: Balancing Spiritual Life, Political Activism/Anger

    I don't think we need anger for involvement and engagement.

    There are plenty of engaged Buddhist organizations and movements going on right now. They are based in loving kindness and equanimity :)

  • Re: Awareness

    Different traditions put different emphasis on either awareness or cessation.

    Thai forest tradition and in particular the student of Ajahn Chah place a lot of importance on awareness yet most stress it as being empty of "self".

    There have been a few different models present with Ajahn Geoff referring a lot to "non-self" in relation to the conditioned elements yet being careful not to through out "self" all together.

    It's been a tricky road to say the least in how to talk about it.

    I think you will find "Awareness" is a hot subject in Buddhism. In Zen and in particular the style of intensive Zazen in traditions like Gyobutsuji Zen Monastery in America and Antaiji in Japan try and leave the subject open and have someone return to "Simply sitting".

  • Re: Supernatural energy/something bigger than what you have alone

    I get the feeling of "otherness" or the "outside" of my self perception commonly when practicing. I think in silencing oneself and slowly calming down the whirl wind you begin to realize the sheer gravity and awe inspiring nature of what is "outside" the small and constricted self you have constructed.