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  • Re: Buddism Ireland?

    Thank you for that information.
    I'd seen the happy st Patrick's day post but it's celebrated all over the world now so I wasn't sure if anyone on that thread was actually over here. I have been practicing for close to a year but only recently decided to call my self Buddhist (that's what I call my conversion and coming from a strict Catholic background that was a big deal) that's when I decided to try and connect with other Buddhist in my area (and discovered its very much in the minority here).
    A quick Google will bring you a few Buddhist meditation centres in the city but other then the address there isn't much info to be found there so was just hoping for someone to point me in the right direction.
    I'll check out the retreat that @SpinyNorman mentioned as well as the other link but as I don't drive so I'm pretty constrained to where I can get to by public transport.
    I'll keep up the search and will put anything I do find up here for any others that come looking for similar information.
    Thanks again

  • Re: Meditation for kids

    Thanks @Ciara - my daughter was given a large weighted unicorn toy for this sole reason. I might look in to the weighted blanket though as the doll will slip off her or she just doesn't use it.

    I found mine very helpful a word of caution though mass produced weightdd blankets can be very expensive and often very uncomfortable (stiff like trying to wrap your self in cardboard) so if your interested in getting one you're probably better off getting one from a shop that makes them to order. I have a friend who bought a mass produced one and its almost completely useless it's so hard. Again sorry that this is not about the topic mentioned it would just be a pity to spend money on something you can't use (custom ones can often work out less expensive which is an added bonus and fabric textures can be adjusted to suit the person)
    I really hope you find a solution that works well for you and your daughter.
    Best of luck with it.

  • Re: Meditation for kids

    Hello (this is my first post ever),
    I would first like to start off saying that I too have aspergers as well as sensory processing disorder. I have always struggled with getting a full nights sleep and have recently found that meditation can help me help me to settle my mind when I'm finding it extremely hard. However I feel though you may find it difficult to teach your daughter considering her age (I would have found that level of concentration impossible at her age). Recently I have been finding it especially hard to sleep and was on the verge of going on medication for it but my occupational therapist recommended that I get a weighted blanket to help with it and honestly it worked like you wouldn't believe. They can be a little on the pricey side so I opted to make my own ( and it turned out very well considering my lack of sewing skills).
    Honestly if you don't believe me just Google it these things work wonders for in this sort of situation.
    I know not exactly what you were looking for but I thought I'd share my experience considering the similarities.
    Hope this helps