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  • Re: Is Meditation safe?

    Its good to hear that @Lonely_Traveller .

  • Re: A Few Basic Terms.


    ' skillful means ' those actions or practices which lead to greater awareness.

    Meditation is an upaya, but so is painting an elderly neighbours fence..chanting is another upaya..

    Prajna ( sanskrit ) Panna ( pali )

    Wisdom, concentrated Insight that is part of the flux of things. It is ' uncovered ' , not created, by the use of upayas see above.

    Dhamma Vinaya

    The doctrine ( dharma ) and discipline ( vinaya ).

    What the Buddha called the Way that he founded, he did not call it Buddhism..that's a western construct.

  • Re: New? Introduce Yourself to NB Members!

    Hello, I am not new, but never introduced myself. I first took Refuge in the 60's.
    I was a student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and leaned Vipassana from Dhirvamsara.
    I would not now identify with any one particular Buddhist school.
    I am a psychiatrist who is also a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. I try whenever possible to prescribe medication minimally..but meds can be useful and sometimes essential.
    I love to cook.
    I live in Surrey UK with my Vajrayana practitioner wife who also works for the UK National Health Service.
    I have adult children from a previous marriage and two granddaughters.
    I like The News Room, Green Wing, Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright, Blur, Schubert and Anthony Bourdain..

    Peace, Shanti, Shalom, Salaam...
  • Re: Dukkha....That's life !

    Samsara is Nirvana said Nagarjuna..Just as long as emptiness of self is realised .

    And no one to realise it.

    It all arises in mutual dependence..we, cats, cushions, stars, pain, pleasure, hotdogs, tofu, bacteria, the very cosmos..All arising, all passing, all empty of self.

    Nothing to fix.

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    Poutine sounds great...AND I can eat it...for those of you who missed my tale of bravery and derring-do in the face of huge suffering I passed a kidney stone last week.

    Yes, a kidney stone
    I passed it with total coolness and unruffled calm and hardly got impatient with my wife at all, and only whined and writhed for the first four hours..

    Anyhoo, to rule out a cardiac 'event' etc I had my arterial system scanned..

    And ...I have no plaques or fact the consultant said my " vascular tree " was healthier looking than his...

    So pass the poutine, and the butter, and while you are at it fry me some double cream.