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  • Re: There is no such thing as truth?

    @person said:
    Salvation, as it is in Buddhism, is gained by abandoning all views, not by taking a view or some thing that saves.

    I would say that metaphysical views are progressively replaced by liberating insight into the transient and conditional nature of experience ( aka the aggregates ). As described in the Heart Sutra.

  • Re: There is no such thing as truth?

    @person said:
    Being dependently originated doesn't mean nonexistent as much as it doesn't mean existent.

    Yes, this is also in the suttas:

    "By & large, Kaccayana, this world is supported by (takes as its object) a polarity, that of existence & non-existence. But when one sees the origination of the world as it actually is with right discernment, 'non-existence' with reference to the world does not occur to one. When one sees the cessation of the world as it actually is with right discernment, 'existence' with reference to the world does not occur to one....

    "'Everything exists': That is one extreme. 'Everything doesn't exist': That is a second extreme. Avoiding these two extremes, the Tathagata teaches the Dhamma via the middle: From ignorance as a requisite condition come fabrications...."

  • Re: The truth of reality

    @David said:
    Nihilism would add that nothing means anything or has any real existence.
    For example, equating emptiness with nonexistence is nihilism.

    Nihilism refers to lack of meaning, not lack of existence.

    And I don't know of anybody who equates emptiness with non-existence, it's a straw-man - and definitely not nihilism!

  • Re: The truth of reality

    @person said:
    Having said that, I think you did manage to pin me down pretty well. I'm definitely a clutcher, mostly because I'm afraid and need the comfort.

    I feel like that too sometimes, and I have seen it in a lot of other people. It's a very understandable feeling, given that our human existence is brief and uncertain.

    The truth can be very uncomfortable of course.

    It can, what is the uncomfortable truth here that we're so certain of?

    I suppose the truth that there is no evidence for the things we might want to believe in or assume.

  • Re: There is no such thing as truth?

    @techie said:
    That's what I am asking. If everything, including the 'spirit' world, is empty (going by DO logic), then what exactly are we striving for?

    We are striving for liberating insight.

    As described in the opening verse of the Heart Sutra:

    "The Bodhisattva of Compassion,
    When he meditated deeply,
    Saw the emptiness of all five skandhas
    And sundered the bonds that caused him suffering."