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  • Re: Happy Pagan Fest

    @Hozan said:
    Bah humbug

    Ah, for the days when I could pig out on chocolate more or less with impunity! Now, it's not only the waistline, but the blood sugar line I have to guard. Nowadays, I indulge with big mixed salads, full of rabbit food. Doesn't sound very Easter-y, though.

  • Re: Buddhism, vanity and sexual conduct?

    @federica said:

    I doubt the situation is entirely down to vanity. MY cousin says herself she looks like a bear.... She's never done anything about it, afaik, cosmetically, but she's had her hormones investigated because she was so hirsute..
    For a lady, having more hair than she needs is generally uncomfortable and unsightly. Quite apart from the physical aspect it can also draw tactless, thoughtless and downright insulting remarks.

    I had no idea. It still sounds like it could be stressful, and could try one's patience, if it goes on for two years.

    Sorry, OP; I didn't mean to get bogged down in unnecessary details or make a rude remark. :blush: Clearly, I'm going through a bit of a learning curve, here. Carry on.

  • Re: Buddhism, vanity and sexual conduct?

    @spiderlily said:
    Oh no no, there's nothing medical about this. It's just a beauty treatment using 'intense pulsing light' that removes hair from the body eg. leg hair, underarm hair, hair in the nether region etc. It's a 2 year process and a requirement is we shouldn't shave or wax, so the hair that grows out is prickly most of the time (namely on my legs and bikini area).

    Never heard of it. Thanks for explaining. But....have you noticed the irony in getting a 2-year beauty treatment process while at the same time fretting that dressing more attractively might be un-Buddhist?

  • Re: Eating Crow and It Is Tasty

    Eating crow? Tsk, tsk. JaySon! Aren't you a vegetarian?


  • Re: Can one recover from saying so many stupid things?

    What stupid things? I don't remember any stupid things, OP. Are you talking about--on this forum?

    They're impermanent. See how easy that was? :)