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  • Re: Meditating While High?

    @Shoshin said:
    I came across this interesting article....

    "An Ayurvedic Approach To Marijuana"

    Although long revered in India as a sacred plant of Shiva, ganja has, as we have seen, significant physical, emotional and spiritual impacts. In its ancient cultural setting, it has for centuries been used by world renouncing sadhus in conjunction with fasts and severe austerities.

    In such a context, ganja could potentially be of value on the spiritual path, although this author has rarely met a ganja-smoking sadhu who had attained the ultimate goal. Taken out of its cultural context and introduced into a party lifestyle unheard-of in ancient tradition, ganja has become far more problematic.

    No doubt there are Buddhist practitioners who smoke tobacco and or ganja and drink alcohol.... Just for the record....I neither drink alcohol nor smoke tobacco or ganja...I stopped doing these things many moons ago ...But as I mentioned before ....Different strokes for different folks....Each to their own...

    Personally, ganga is all I partake in these days and its usually only when the insomnia/chronic dreaming phase hits or the migraines are too much.

    I also have worsening chronic tinnitus which sometimes makes me want to drive an ice pick through my temples when the migraines gives it that extra painful dimension.

    Somehow I am not at all worried about the grey matter but perhaps that's due to the ginko biloba and Maca root.

    I am basically a health nut now and in the best shape of my life aside from the head stuff I mentioned.

  • Re: Pop Buddhism

    @Snakeskin said:

    @David said:
    I have to disagree. Abandoning unhealthy self views (essential, better than others, seperate, permanent etc.) sounds right. Cultivating healthy self views (worthy of compassion, temporary, able tp help) also seems right.

    What sounds destructive and averse is claiming we have to destroy anything.

    It is all about skillful means I think and duality is a very good tool.

    I have to agree there. However, I would contextualize it in the gradual training. It progressively trades coarse qualities for finer ones then refines those. In that context, foolishly destructive self-views are traded for wisely constructive self-views. To pay at least some lip service to the OP, this practice shouldn't be reduced to a mere, positive psychology, because it doesn't stop with a healthy, well-adjusted person. Instead, it's a religious practice using wellbeing as a stepping stone to something even finer: dropping the burden of self-views. In this way, it isn't a negative path of destruction but a positive one of purification, like refining gold.

    Of course not but the same applies to a mere negative psychology also.

    In the Dona Sutta Buddha says "Remember me, Brahman, as awakened". This is self view from the awakened one.

    Not a noun but action personified.

    Personification implies something impersonal represented as personal. Standard argument: conventional vs. actual. :D

    The term actual makes the conventional seem less important when really the Middle Way is about both in equal measure.

    I prefer the terms subjective and objective but that's just me.

  • Re: Your Self Is Only A Hallucination

    @paulyso said:

    @David said:
    It's actually a pretty handy tool of exploration too.

    An illusory tool but a useful tool.

    agree.what makes us tick is half the battle to inform us of our habits and conditionings.we all have our individual aversion,neutral,attachments in our state of mind.

    And we each have an unique perspective which means we can all probably get good at something we can all benefit from. It would be a shame to toss it all away just because we had this self awareness thing backwards.

    We need to learn to let go without throwing.

    by the way she gave a nice introduction of the mind.the mind becomes solid interacting with brain neurotransmitters but empty inwardly until the next cointeraction with sense organ stimuli.the mind rest and moves with dharma or phenomenon of the interplay with energy and matter.solid and empty in form--coporial...! awemazing.


  • Re: Your Self Is Only A Hallucination

    @JaySon said:

    @David said:
    It's actually a pretty handy tool of exploration too.

    An illusory tool but a useful tool.

    The label "self" projected by your mind, confusing you with the nature of independence and permanence, is the root cause of all attachment, anger, anxiety, depression, and despair.

    I agree but that doesn't address my point. The delusion of separation, independence and permanence is the target of dismissal, not awareness and not even the illusory self awareness. Once distinctions are seen for what they are, it is ok to keep using them. Their spell is broken and so their usefulness is clearly seen.

    Mountains are once again mountains and rivers are once again rivers.

    You might even say this misunderstanding is the root of all evil.

    I agree the disease of us and "them" is a big problem and the only reason I take a contrary position here is because of the word "only" in your title.

    The individual self is illusory but is also a handy tool of exploration and could even be as Carl Sagan put it "a way for the cosmos to know itself".

    Self awareness is not a bad thing or a good thing but it has many pros and cons. It is our greatest blessing and our greatest curse but its only really a curse to us until we understand.

    Then it is a tool.

    You used it to help us become more aware by showing us somebody else using it as a tool to help us become more aware of it.


  • Re: Dependent arising

    @person said:
    "Clock" is just a label our minds place on a shifting set of causes and conditions. In our ignorance we mistake the mental label "clock" for something solid out in the world.

    I think we do it more out of convenience than ignorance but ignorance could follow as convenience is often the precursor for necessity.