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The Hammer in Ontario, Canada, eh
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The Hammer in Ontario, Canada, eh
  • Re: Curiouser and curiouser!

    Wonderful sounds like a fun and good word for a reason.

    We are natural born explorers and when I am ever at my darkest hour when thoughts of obliteration are most inviting I find that it's the wonder and curiosity that drives me to live over anything else.

    One way to look at the conditioned is that everything is the result of information being shared (or conditions ripening and coming together).

    I don't want to get too far out there or be too long winded so I'll just agree that curiosity seems like it would be conducive to awakening even as the questioning might seem less important than just being full of wonder.

  • Re: The sense of touch and meditation

    @Kerome said:
    The thing that bothers me is that if Buddhist scripture just blindly accepted 5 senses plus the mind as sixth, what does that imply about the thoroughness of the investigation of the structures of mind? Or lists such as the skandhas? The senses are relatively easy to investigate, yet no-one in the community of monks choose to correct the lore.

    Meditation and the senses

    It does concern me a little...

    I see where you're coming from and I guess that's why I stopped bothering with those kinds of teachings. I won't go as far as to dismiss them outright because the lesson may be lost on me for not being able to assume for the benefit of the lesson that "such and such is such and such".

    I also get what you mean with the hearing and feeling with all the vibrating going on.

  • Re: Buddhist quotes

    "In emptiness teachings, the self is seen as valid when viewed as a mere name or label designated in dependence upon relatively characterized mind and body parts and this account poses no problem. The conventional self is a useful and necessary characterization and not the target of negation. It is the inherent existence of a self as a separate and owner of a mind and body complex that is refuted."

    Susan Kahn - Psychotherapist and teacher of the Madhyamaka (Nagarjuna's school of the Middle Way)

  • Re: meaning of life

    • Share information, have fun and not to hurt anyone nor let ones self be hurt.
    • Help ease suffering and take the vows as if I were a bodhisattva.
    • Wake up as much as possible.

    That sounds more like a wish list.

    But then again, meaning isn't any less meaningful if it's something we make rather than find.

  • Re: Contemplating on the body

    I just don't want you to get carried away or be too hard on yourself is all.

    Hopefully I'm not being a pain.