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The Hammer in Ontario, Canada, eh
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The Hammer in Ontario, Canada, eh
  • Re: Trump

    It always seems to go two steps forward and one step back.

    Plus a global community mindset (which we can't help but be headed towards now that we see each other a bit more clearly) is like a dandruff shampoo. At first it seems like it just makes things worse because it brings out all the flakes.

  • Re: Free at last ...

    There is no true and solid ground.

    Stand regardless.

  • Re: Talking of Right Speech ...

    @pegembara said:

    There is strangely no mention of "white" lies ie. in the case of words that the Tathagata knows to be unfactual, untrue but beneficial. So are white lies okay since there is no explicit injunction against them?

    I think it would depend on the person and the situation because what we are saying is that we don't think the person can handle the truth so instead we lie. In some that could do more harm than good so it's a touchy one. I'd advise silence.

  • Re: Bodhi of Christ

    I can't even reconcile the teachings of Jesus with Christianity let alone Buddha and Christianity but hey.

  • Re: Bodhi of Christ

    @lobster said:

    Many of us were brought up as Christians or worse ... :surprised:
    No doubt that is uncharitable. However many become atheists, nihilists or trekkies because their Buddhist from child upbringing provided little functional spiritual skills ...

    Religion in itself is dependent on the depth of enquiry. That is why Christian mysticism is as deep as any path of revelation. As this is a Buddhist forum, the work of Meister Ekhart is often considered relevant ...

    Just as I cherry pick my dharma, I remind myself of the good in Christ. For example:

    Be humble
    Be compassionate (a possible translation of sympathy through mourning)
    Live simply (a possible translation of meek)
    Be ethical (a possible translation of righteous)
    Be merciful
    Be pure of heart
    Be a peacemaker
    Do not live in fear to do what is right
    Be an example to others (“the light of the world”)
    Do not murder (the Buddhist First Precept)
    Do not commit adultery (The Buddhist Third Precept)
    Sin is not only found in action but in intention (the Buddhist concept of volitional action creating karma)
    Keep your promises (The Buddhist Fourth Precept)
    Turn the other cheek (The Buddhist concept of compassion or karuna)
    Do charity because it is in your heart to do so (the concept of dana)
    Do not judge (The Buddhist concept of the three poisons: hatred, greed and delusion)
    Always be seeking and questioning ("seek and you will find .. ")
    Beware of false prophets and judge them by the fruit they bare (the sutta of the Kalamas)

    So Easter? Christ dies! Ay caramba!
    Can Christ help Christians? Buddhists? Just irrelevant? Too hard/unrealistic?

    The teachings of Jesus can surely help but I've never been fond of this Christ business. I do prefer to celebrate the coming of spring this time of year as I admit to finding the whole Christian concept of Easter confusing.

    Celebrating the birth of Jesus on Christmas can easily be incorporated into the way I have come to celebrate that time of year but celebrating his execution and the birth of a zombie Jesus just doesn't make sense to me. And what does that say about the supposed sacrifice?

    The Jesus I can envision lived for us and was killed due to ignorance. That he came back from the dead just takes away from the meat of his words.