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  • Re: A question on learning methods and commitment

    I always haunted Tibetan sanghas because they are the best represented in my area.

    At the same time, I nourished myself on bibiliography from all schools, to have a broader gist of the scope of Buddhadharma.

    After years of mix-match and trial-and-error, my heart is not altogether with Tibetan schools.

    I do practise lamrin and lojong meditation and keep including Tibetan bibliography in my reading, but find Theravadan, even Chan and Zen, closer to the Buddha's original teaching.
    The Tibetan emphasis on rituals and initiations seems to me to defy the appeal to apply one's logic as found on the older suttas.
    At the same time, it does provides some scope for the magical and the spiritual where Theravadan could seem too dry or rational.
    Like drawing and colour in painting.
    I appreciate the differences, but personally envisage joining a Theravadan or Zen sangha in the future.

  • Re: Out Of The Closet

    I am very vocal about being a Buddhist because, honestly, I don't give a damn what other people may think of my beliefs.
    I don't judge nor misjudge people according to their religious labelling.
    Besides, I don't see the need to stifle in a closet just to conform to someone else's closed-minded ignorance...🐉

  • Re: I really, really hate it when....

    When I think of women warrior archetypes, Green Tara and Shakti come to mind...

    I have always looked up on them as role models of balanced yin female resilience.

  • Re: Samadhi and Jhanas meditation

    @SpinyNorman said:
    So have you seen anything specific which is different to the sutttas?

    For the time being, it is just one more sutta, written in an old-fashioned way, a composite of all the above... not too different, not too alike... and with some interesting insights.
    Next week I'll have more time to delve into it, and I'll see if I can post some quotes.
    🐉 🙏 💕

  • Re: Out Of The Closet

    I have told many times how I simply sprouted an Orientalist cuckoo in a Catholic/Jew household.

    To this day, my mother finds no reasonable explanation, given the fact that I was educated in a Catholic school and both my parents are staunch Catholics (though my Mom is half-Jew and has many of the Jewish mamele traits) =)

    I never met with any hostility at home for my beliefs, which went from Taoism and Vedanta to full-blown Buddhism.
    Even at school, they put up with my refusal to attend Mass.

    I do seem to have some petty feud with the many Jehovah witnesses that live nearby, though.
    I have to agree with @Walker, not so much that Buddhists could be lost causes to fundamentalist Christians, but rather that they are simply stumped at the label.
    They do not have us completely figured out, I guess 😅🐉