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DhammaDragon · Carpe Diem · Veteran


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  • Re: Food as medicine - how to eat

    I buy organic everything as much as I can, especially at the beginning of the month, when my budget is... well, in better shape...

    Plenty of vegetables, brown basmati rice, and as much brown everything as I can.

    But certain staples I swear by and have in very high esteem:

    -Green tea: especially matcha, bucketfuls every day.

    -Turmeric: I carry my own turmeric when we eat out. Best single ingredient for health there is.

    -Coconut Oil: I add it even to my coffee, and I make my own coconut oil creams and lotions. It is the ingredient I would love to have on a desert island... though hopefully the island is full of coconut trees already...

    -Lemon: the whole family drinks water laced with lemon ridges.

    -Apple Vinegar Cider


    My pantry can be low on other things but NEVER, and I mean never, without these fellows.

  • Re: How long have you tacitly supported terrorism? Hypocrite?

    I think we average citizens have little awareness of the power games that take place behind higher echelons' closed doors.
    And less and less power of decision over our government's choices.

  • Re: Happy Winter / Summer Solstice!

    Facebook warned me your birthday is tomorrow, @dhammachick...
    Happy samsaric stint renewal!!
    🐉 💕 😙 🌺 💟😂

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    So I was in for a couple surprises yesterday.

    The first one: I got this huge hardcover edition book of Jack Kerouac's "Some of the Dharma," which is full of notes and ramblings and quotes by the writer on his path to Nirvana.
    An absolute beauty with a charm of its own.

    The second one: I found a sort of dead roach in our organic salad.
    At least, the corpse had the decency to stay on the plate as I served the salad around and become conspicuous rather than ending in our stomachs... :p

  • Re: Rebirth, Time Between Lives, and Dr. Ian Stevenson

    To me, it's as simple as there is the Dharma wood, and there are the trees.

    Either we grasp the whole picture of what Buddhadharma really stands for, aka cessation of dukkha, or we get lost in the trees of minutiae such as squandering time on pointless smoke speculation that leads us nowhere and perpetuates the entanglement.

    Your choice.
    Skillful or unskilful choice...