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DhammaDragon · Carpe Diem · Veteran


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  • Re: Drunken on happiness

    I always say that I am high on life, so I don't need any other intoxicants.
    I feel inebriated with life and there are moments when it does feel as if I were drunk or stoned.
    But it's a constant with me: I am positive and optimistic, and I don't depend on external things or happenstances to feel happy.
    It's the way I am.
    Because I am able to appreciate the good moments and sit out in full acceptance when affliction strikes.
    I don't look back nor forth: I live fully in the present moment.
    It is the closest there is to equanimity, except that I am probably too passionate in the way I view life to be considered an arahant.

  • Re: Blog

    I have twitter and a FB page called "Tao and Zenpathy," where I post things that are too spiritual for my FB page.

    But I prefer to do journalling into an actual paper notebook, rather than finding one more excuse to be tied down to the virtual world.

    Living an actual life takes up most of my time and is more important than keeping track of it.

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    @TheEccentric said:
    I'm 18 today. Finally legally old enough to violate the 5th precept :D

    Precepts are not commandments.
    One does not violate precepts.
    One either accepts them as a logical recipe to cope with dukkha and also accepts that the consequences of straying from them will generate more dukkha.

  • Re: Sharing place for Tea nerds :D

    @Kerome said:
    When I first started drinking Yerba Mate I got some Mate Cocido which came in standard tea bags. It's apparently something less strong which they give to children amongst others. Might be worth a try for those who want something less strong.

    Personally I didn't think the normal Mate had anything wrong with it, but then I like strong teas.

    "Mate cocido" is usually yerba mate drank with hot milk, as the Indian chai tea.
    Children drink that a lot.
    Mate drank from the gourd is very strong and not for the faint of heart.
    It was the only beverage that kept me awake in the long nights that I had to study for college exams.

  • Re: Pain, ego

    Hurdles in life help us grow, find more skillful solutions to dealing with dukkha and ideally, not generating more dukkha ourselves.
    Suffering, psychological affliction, helps us grow and develop more skillful responses, become more resilient.
    Ego is not the enemy.
    Ego is the conventional psycho-physical bundle of aggregates that we have been given to move about in this particular samsaric stretch of the road.
    We don't want to destroy it, but to open up its fictional boundaries to embrace the world as a whole.
    We want to teach it that we inter-are and not to take itself too seriously.