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DhammaDragon · Carpe Diem · Veteran


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  • Re: Catalog consciousness

    As a woman, I am hardwired to indulge in catalog consciousness, retail-therapy, splurging... you name it...

    In my recent visit to Singapore, our hotel was very close to Chinatown, so while my hubby and son stayed back in the swimming-pool, I loved to get lost in the chinoiserie stalls along the streets and invariably came back with some new jade bangle, Kuan Yin scroll, koi fan, tea mug...
    Money always found its way out of my purse, and there was always something new to draw my attention.

    Now, back in wintry grey Switzerland, I realize that the things that have stayed with me and that I miss the most, are nothing I gained by exchanging money: the blessings of the monks at the temples, the flavour of perfumed white tea at the teahouse, the spicy air of the hawker stalls, the smile of the children I met on my way, the colourful flowers at the altars....
    How I miss all this...

  • Data Update

    I was wondering if the heading with our names and data could not be updated to include links to FB and Instagram accounts.
    I did post my twitter address but seldom use it, and I know many people these days also connect through other media rather than Twitter.

    I also wonder why the "Location" option is repeated twice.
    Just wondering...

  • Re: What is your Plan?

    Actually, I never really had a plan.
    I am not a good planner, but much more the whing-it type.
    I take life on my stride and whip up solutions as I walk.

    I set out very early on the spiritual path through Taoism and Advaita Vedanta before Buddhism and the reason why I tread this path is clear to me: to attain inner peace, to come to grips with change and impermanence, to teach myself acceptance.

    They say that people do not need to be saved, but rather learn how to save themselves.
    Buddhism does a great job teaching people how to save themselves.
    So, if anything, I love to lead by example.
    I am awful with Right Speech and too rash and impulsive to be the embodiment of the perfect Buddhist.
    But I am at peace.
    With my choices. With life as it is.

    I have attained a good degree of equanimity that allows me to live well.
    And that is something I love to pass on to people.
    To whoever cares to listen.
    My positivity and optimism have improved the life of the people who come in contact with me.
    I may not save them all, but I know I have saved a few, and will continue to do so <3

  • Re: Social Media Shutdown to promote Mindfulness

    @lobster said:

    @DhammaDragon said:
    -I am a hedonist, so what else?

    I think most Buddhists are headonists - too much thinking. :p
    Wait ... that's not what you meant ... :3

    You should know me better than that by now, @lobster...
    I am sooooo not the thinking type.
    Least of all, the overthinker type.
    My cup is only full of tea, but empty of anything else...

    And by the way, I have closed a page I had on FB and a parallel account because I have no extra time to dedicate to media and I have been bombarded with soooo many messages from FB to wheedle me back that, honestly, I would not undergo closing an account again unless it were strictly necessary.

    I have not visited twitter in ages, but since I did not close the account, nobody breathes down my neck about it.

  • Re: the uncomfortable posture

    On good days, I love to do a combination of Bikram, Yin and Kundalini yoga asanas.

    On days when I find no time to pull a long session, I love to practise the Five Tibetan Rites.
    I find them most invigorating and energizing.

    Nothing beats a good yoga session performing deep breathing.
    Deep breathing helps deepen elongation and flexibility.
    And we should definitely manage to stay concentrated all the time to prevent injuries.