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  • Re: When you slow down...

    I don't know if it is the effect of age mellowing me, or years of practice kicking in, @Fosdick, but I feel the same way: I cast aside all negative judgement when affliction sends me a curve and simply embrace the situation at hand, wether it's positive or negative🐉 🙏 😂

  • Re: Rebirth, Time Between Lives, and Dr. Ian Stevenson

    This article, and Fronsdal's book by extension, @Kerome, confirms many suspicions I had about the Buddha's original teachings, especially around rebirth.

    Personally, I cannot say I do not believe in rebirth.
    But given all the workload I already with the 4NT and N8P, not to mention all the "Rights," especially Right Speech🙂, in this present lifetime, I can still sleep at night without finding out if I was Cleopatra several lives before or will be a bat in the next one...🐉

  • Re: How long have you tacitly supported terrorism? Hypocrite?

    I think we average citizens have little awareness of the power games that take place behind higher echelons' closed doors.
    And less and less power of decision over our government's choices.

  • Re: Rebirth, Time Between Lives, and Dr. Ian Stevenson

    To me, it's as simple as there is the Dharma wood, and there are the trees.

    Either we grasp the whole picture of what Buddhadharma really stands for, aka cessation of dukkha, or we get lost in the trees of minutiae such as squandering time on pointless smoke speculation that leads us nowhere and perpetuates the entanglement.

    Your choice.
    Skillful or unskilful choice...

  • Re: Rebirth, Time Between Lives, and Dr. Ian Stevenson

    @Dubitator314 said:
    It was actually helpful to understand how lay Buddhists grapple, or don't, with such matters.

    HH the Dalai Lama always says that if a new scientific discovery contradicts a Buddhist teaching, then the Buddhist teaching will have to be updated.
    So should Dr Ian Stevenson's research happen to be duly backed up -which some scientists find is not- I guess the corresponding change would be introduced, or at least taken into account, in the corresponding teaching, at least in the school where the Dalai Lama has some influence.

    As to how lay Buddhists grapple with such matters, truth is many Buddhists do not care to indulge in metaphysical speculation, but rather prefer to concentrate in the cessation of dukkha dilemma, since "whether you believe this world to be eternal or not eternal, there is still birth, decay, death, sorrow, lamentation, suffering, grief and distress." (MN I 428-432)