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  • Re: Talking of Right Speech ...

    I don't know if what I expressed above was misunderstood, but just to be clear: what I meant was precisely that it's a shame that nowadays, at least in the tiny corner of Europe where I live, there are many people starving for contact and communication, and few people taking the time to humour them and address those needs.
    Unfortunately, people sincerely caring for another, or at least being able to put themselves in their shoes for a moment, are an exception.
    People don't hold doors, young people don't give up their sit for the elderly or pregnant women on public transports, one gets pushed passed on shops without hearing "sorry..."

    It is radically different from the behaviour I am used to seeing in Argentina.

    During a visit home when my son was 6 months-old, I got spoilt rotten by people who helped me with the perambulator up and down the metro stations, gave me the seat on transports, and held doors open for me when I entered a shop.
    I will never forget the day we landed back in Zurich.
    I was the last to be able to climb into the shuttle bus that took us from the plane to the airport because I was juggling helplessly with my baby and the diaper bag on one hand and the perambulator on the other.
    The people on the bus -and the bus was full- simply looked at me impatiently but nobody, absolutely nobody offered to help me.
    This is the society where I live.
    Welcome to Samsara

  • Re: Out Of The Closet

    I am very vocal about being a Buddhist because, honestly, I don't give a damn what other people may think of my beliefs.
    I don't judge nor misjudge people according to their religious labelling.
    Besides, I don't see the need to stifle in a closet just to conform to someone else's closed-minded ignorance...🐉

  • Re: Talking of Right Speech ...

    @grackle said:
    @lobster. There are many lonely and unheard people in our human family. Sometimes I wonder how many have yet to be heard. Despairing of that hearing ever happening. I try to take time to listen.

    I see that all the time: in public transports, at the supermarket, in shops...
    So many people strike up conversation, especially aged people, with any silly excuse.
    I can feel they are starved for affection, for someone to listen... anyone.
    Honestly, how hard can it be to simply stop for five or ten minutes and simply listen to them, smile, chit chat?

  • Re: Out Of The Closet

    I have told many times how I simply sprouted an Orientalist cuckoo in a Catholic/Jew household.

    To this day, my mother finds no reasonable explanation, given the fact that I was educated in a Catholic school and both my parents are staunch Catholics (though my Mom is half-Jew and has many of the Jewish mamele traits) =)

    I never met with any hostility at home for my beliefs, which went from Taoism and Vedanta to full-blown Buddhism.
    Even at school, they put up with my refusal to attend Mass.

    I do seem to have some petty feud with the many Jehovah witnesses that live nearby, though.
    I have to agree with @Walker, not so much that Buddhists could be lost causes to fundamentalist Christians, but rather that they are simply stumped at the label.
    They do not have us completely figured out, I guess 😅🐉

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    @Kerome said:
    My father got taken to the hospital with cardiac arrhythmia... signs that he is getting a bit older despite being only 68... it set me to thinking about the mortality of loved ones and how our time together is limited and often even many years seems too short. It also made me think about all the things I might have left unsaid in our relationship... there seem to be a few big things left for us to discuss.

    I hope you are able to have the chance to discuss those things, @Kerome.
    Real life relationships are not always perfect and endings are not hollywood-like either.
    Our beloved ones mortality is the hardest issue for me to grapple with.
    Much metta to you💕🐉