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  • Re: What music are you listening to?

    I've had a really weird day musically, my iPhone somehow slipped into Shuffle mode.

    I started of with Madness then Marc Almond then Mantavani onto Black Sabbath, Queen, a random selection of 80's interspersed with all of the above but Mantavani was the most played and I only bought it on a whim. It all worked well together in a weird way, my patients loved it.

  • Buddha - The Original Communist?

    This is just the seed of a thought that occurred to me the other day, okay a sapling as I've been thinking of it for a day or two.

    Siddhārtha Gautama despite being born into all of his wealth realised that we are all equal, in my opinion he declared there was no real point in extreme religious devotion and that it could be detrimental. Gently tried to make people realise that we are all equal and should help each other out. There were people that could be supported in various roles (i.e. monks) by sharing things such as food and shelter and that would benefit society as a whole.

    Like I say, it's just the beginning of an idea but I thought I would share it before I go to sleep zzzzzzz

  • Re: Test Of 'Faith'

    Apparently the pleural effusion is back and can't be cured without more major surgery. The specialist vets want to crack her sternum open and fill the chest cavity with water 'to find the leak the same way you would if you were finding a leak in an old tyre'...

    She does like to photobomb...

  • Re: Test Of 'Faith'

    I've got my princess home, a little bit tousled and sleepy, a few more scar that'll be hidden by her fur but still as gorgeous. £4,500 is worth every penny.

    There's probably a lesson for me about attachment in this tale somewhere but a life without love is not one I would want to live, my life is certainly richer for having had her in it and let's hope I can manage to hold on to that attachment a little longer.

  • Re: Test Of 'Faith'

    @federica said:

    @FairyFeller said: She had a sewing needle embedded in her lung purely the fault of my partner who is forever leaving them on the sofa but I didn't tell her she was to blame, she knew she'd done it and I'd warned her hundreds of times it was going to happen.

    The vet managed to retrieve it at a cost that would lift a small country out of international debt and she needs 4 days of close monitoring but hopefully she's going to be okay.

    I'm sorry to be antagonist, (and I might be misunderstanding your comment) but I think your GF should be told.
    Otherwise she will continue blissfully unaware of her actions and the consequences - already serious and nearly fatal - could be much worse.
    as to the vet's bill, although I'm sure you would be vociferous in your contradiction, I think she should be at least somewhat responsible.

    However, I don't know if I'm reading your comment correctly.

    She knows she's done it, she's trying to convince herself/me that the dog managed to inhale it but to me the X-rays look like she's laid on it. There's no point in me shouting or getting angry as it'll achieve nothing and she's already emotionally punishing herself.