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  • Re: Gremlins in the works...

    I'm glad I stumbled across this thread, it happened to me the other day. I'd been about to start a thread about my poorly dog and then I wondered if anybody would be interested so saved the draft and then came back the next day and people had been making nice comments.

    I'd had a few glasses of wine so I thought I must have drunk posted but that would've been unlike me and now this explains things for me.

  • Re: The five precepts - How strict?

    @federica said:
    ....and truth told, you can only kill 'em once. No goin' back and doin' it agin....

    But what about killing the undead >:) surely that's more about getting them before they get us?

  • Re: Attachment and weight loss

    I lost 42 pounds last year mainly for the health benefits. I was under no illusion about it making me more popular or winning me friends, people take me for who I am not for how I look - I'm not out to win a popularity contest, just get through life in the best way I can.

    Another reason was as a health care professional I have a duty to promote good health practices to my patients and being that overweight I wasn't a very good example. When I tried to lose the last 14 pounds by starting to run I knackered my ankle and four months on I'm still in a brace and hobbling around, that'll try and teach me to be a good example.

  • Re: What's the Karma for killing slugs?

    How toxic are the slugs which are then eaten by birds, foxes and other garden visitors such as trolls.

  • Re: Message for the anxious !

    The trouble is I never know that I'm anxious I just am anxious, the moment I know that I am anxious I realise that's all it is and I stop being anxious.

    I'm now a little anxious about how many times I've used the word anxious in one post and need to go for a little lie down but I'm a little too, erm, anxious.