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Alaska, USA
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Alaska, USA
  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    The last few days we had a snowshoe hare coming around to eat seed underneath the bird feeder. He would stop at my basement window at 11:00 in the morning, look in at me sitting at the computer, then move on down to the feeder - provided I sat very still. If I so much as twitched he would take off like a rocket. In 15 years of living here, this is the first time I have seen one close up.

  • Re: Funny Stuff

  • Re: Funny Stuff

    gassho @Federica, gassho @silver, should have figgered that out meself.

  • Re: Haiku

    Warm sun of springtime
    The bright snow is melting fast:
    Puddles on the floor.

  • Re: Being free from fears


    I've been going through a tough time of late, my doctor says it's a mental health issue. I'm currently chemically assisted by large doses of lorazepam. Spontaneous arising of these troubles at my age is rare but not unheard of. We shall have to see.

    I had a very miserable time with anxiety and depression a few years ago when I was close to 70. Felt like I was carrying a ball of molten iron in my gut and thought that death was looking more attractive all the time - these symptoms went on ceaselessly for months, including when I was trying - largely without success - to sleep.

    I emerged from this sorry state only after I began to look into (self-administered) energy healing as a possible solution. I began doing some exercises from that discipline - both physical and mental - and saw a significant improvement in symptoms within a week, culminating in reasonably good control of the problem inside of two months or so. After that, I pretty much quit the energy healing stuff and went back to the more Buddhist style practice that I had laid aside while I was doing the energy healing.

    I have no idea if your experience is anything like mine, and I am certainly no expert on energy healing - I only mention this because it worked so well for me once.

    If you want to check this out, I recommend the book Energy Healing - Essentials of Self-Care, by Ann Marie Chiasson, MD. I think she may have a couple of videos on YouTube that illustrate her approach.

    Some of the practices I found most useful in my situation were toe-tapping, circular breathing, and anything that served to remove excess energy from the head area and relocate it to the hara/lower dan tiens/second chakra area. Every practice in the book is useful, but there are rather a lot of them to get through.