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  • Re: Contemplating on the body

    @jwredel said:
    If someone says "I like to know how the body works", it's not an attachment to the body, it's an attachment to the knowing.

    None of it has to be an attachment. Not the body. Not the knowing. The knowledge can be used in a practical manner without clinging to the knowing either.

  • Re: Contemplating on the body

    @jwredel said:

    @Hozan said:

    None of it has to be an attachment. Not the body. Not the knowing. The knowledge can be used in a practical manner without clinging to the knowing either.

    Interesting. At what point is 'liking' not 'attaching'? Or maybe, at what point does liking become attaching?

    We can have knowledge of the body's structures or functions without liking or disliking. Just knowing.

  • Re: Contemplating on the body

    Good stuff @Bunks . The main thing is that its working for you. 👍👍👍

  • Re: Contemplating on the body

    No disgust or aversion here. I'm perfectly happy with my perfectly imperfect body. I don't dwell on it but I'm happy in my skin. I am happy to meditate on its impermanence - (aging helps with that anyway) but disgust or aversion are not for me. Disgust and aversion are also attachments in my humble opinion.

  • Re: If you became enlightened today...

    @mindatrisk said:

    @Hozan said:

    @mindatrisk said:

    @Hozan said:
    @Carlita I think if you forcefully put out your ideas and opinions but reject perceived criticism or disagreement it is not advancing your buddhist path at all. You can come across as quite upset/aggressive when you dislike a reply. This is not the way forward. We are all adults here and should be allowed to discuss and debate, agree or disagree, all respectfully. Launching off against perceived disagreement comes across as quite bossy or authoritarian. I don't think citing medical reasons can be an excuse for this.
    Much metta
    Hozan 💚💚

    With abundance metta, sincere and genuine, flowing from every atom of my being, because I say so...

    Why do you get involved? You did this in a previous thread where you were no part of the discussion but involved yourself in a personal dispute, making comments on my character, advising me on my path, misconstruing what I've said. I mean, I can understand an instinct to play peacemaker, but you only add to the dispute, and your overuse of the word 'metta' does nothing to cloak a very clear lack of actual metta.

    Anybody is free to be part of a discussion and contribute. You didn't like me being part of that discussion because I called you out on the inappropriate things you were posting. If you can't handle it that is your problem. I do wish genuine metta so don't dare second guess my integrity. It is totally appropriate to disagree or debate and still wish someone well and mean it. Maybe that is something you are not used to. Either way do not dare to second guess my integrity.

    Well, I am second guessing it, and I am challenging it, because I don't think your words or how you conduct yourself reflect your use of that word.

    Ok you are free to second guess my integrity. That is your right. So I respectfully ask that you and I do not interact anymore on this thread or any other. Thank you.