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    @karasti said:
    It seems that a lot of them are immigrants/refugees and while they might appear to have a decent life now, what they fled likely caused major mental and emotional dysfunction. A large portion of those people probably suffer PTSD among other problems. Not all of them fall under that category, of course, but it seems to be fairly common. People of all sorts though are easily swayed but a lot of that has to do with a lack of value they feel towards themselves and others. It is simply not a characteristic of a person who has their basic needs well met to be so uncaring that they kill children and disabled people at a teenage concert. There is much more going on there than just someone who was disaffected with life, it seems.

    It is more than being disaffected with life of course. Its frightening the power of the brainwashing that goes into recruiting terrorists. I watched a documentary about it last year. Men and women of different ages and levels of education ( right up to phD level) were radicalised by " charismatic" leaders. This is a big factor also. They are provided with a path, a goal, a purpose...albeit a twisted and gruesome one. Kids are convinced to wear suicide vests.

  • Re: Spiritual Tourism

    Buddhist. Atheist. Agnostic. Scientist. Father. Son. Brother. Happy. Free.


    @karasti said:
    I do understand how you feel, @Hozan. But within Buddhism, no one is beyond reach. It is easy to assume things of people who live under desperation and conditions we cannot imagine. They are easily swayed by many factors that we cannot comprehend. That does not and should not lessen our compassion for the victims and the impact such events have on humanity as a whole. Providing potential reasons why things happen has nothing to do with excusing it. We absolutely CANNOT come to ways to fix this problem without looking at the root cause. That is the only way.

    I agree that tackling the root cause is the only way to try to solve the problem. I didnt express myself well. What I mean is that at the time of tbid bombing human compassion has failed to reach this terrorist and they have arrived at a state of no compassion themselves. I agree that to solve this is to look at root cause and stop people from getting to this point. My biggest worry is that many of these terrorists have had good childhoods, havent wanted for anything and become disaffected with life and easily brainwashed

  • Re: Practising other religions

    My son goes to a catholic school. We had no choice in our area. Well over 90% of our primary schools are catholic controlled. He is not baptised. Neither is his brother. I respect peoples beliefs and religions but I cannot support the catholic church as an organisation and all of the horrors that have been inflicted on innocent people by them ( many women and children). The way they are teaching religion to young children has become more insular too, trying to preserve their "flock" after all of the scandals which have rocked the church. My 5 year old came home saying he hated the mean guys who nailed jesus to the cross.!!! Religion only rarely comes home as homework but when it does you can see just how much they are doing at school. Every page a cross. God made everything. Dont ask questions. Its frighteningly old school. Zero mention that other religions exist. In many parts of Ireland educate together schools are springing up which teach of world religions and spirituality and you follow yoir own religion or none in your own time. Unfortunately not one where we live.
    I will never baptise our boys into the organisation which is the catholic church ( note: i have no problem with christianity) because I cannot resolve or abide by the organisations level of homophobia, misogyny and history of abuse both physical and mental against innocent men, women and children.
    I made my case and it was perfectly fine for my son to enroll in catholic school even though he is not baptised. Maybe this wasnt an option for yoi.
    Please everybody reading realise I respect all religions in their pure form of good intentions. The catholic church, however, is a man made organisation that hasnt earned my trust or respect and I want my sons to grow up thinking for themselves, tolerant, kind, honest, respectful and caring and most of all happy. What he is learning even at a young age promotes no questioning or finding a path or self discovery. Its all , god made everything, end of story, no further questions.


    Practise today dedicated to the people of Manchester and the victims of this barbaric act. Metta to them and their families. Manchester is such a welcoming city and I have felt the warmth of the people when I have travelled there. May they be strong and stand together as a community. These terrorists need to know there is no place in this world for these unspeakable atrocities.