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  • Re: Rebirth, Time Between Lives, and Dr. Ian Stevenson

    Too focused living in the moment to ever spend time contemplating if rebirth even exists.....just live well in the now...the rest will take care of itself....

  • Re: Low Carb High Fat...

    Think broccoli....

  • Re: Bodhi of Christ

    I am following the Path of Buddha before Buddhism. Nothing supernatural comes near. My own Path. My own Responsibility.
    The reason I dislike the word Religion is because most of them have taken on unneccessary baggage and dogma and supernatural extras over the centuries and millenia. Thats why I am so much looking forward to reading The Buddha before Buddhism @DhammaDragon .
    Please don't mistake what I have just posted. I respect all religions and peoples right to follow any one or follow none at all.
    My own personal take is that the Buddha was an agnostic. So even though I am Buddhist, to me that isnt a religion or my religion - it is my Path and way of life.
    I suppose I am an agnostic buddhist really...and Irish...and left handed... and.....all just labels....😉😉

  • Re: Is hair, in fact, a sign of vanity?

    I can't help you @DhammaDragon . I can understand a monk living as a monk and a non monk living as a non monk.
    Like you I cannot understand why a person who is not a monk or a nun would choose to live as one.
    I am grateful for my buddhist practise but a monk I most certainly am not.

  • Re: London Bridge Incident ..Stay Safe Londoners...

    @techie you seem determined to want to constantly get the last word or prove you are right on this thread. In particular with @DhammaDragon and @dhammachick .
    In my own personal and humble opinion I feel you have been disrespectful to both using sarcasm and starting replies like "and you didnt mean to be descriminative" or "persecution complex". I don't think that this is a skillful way to communicate with others. I haven't seen any discriminative comments or persecution complexes on this or other threads. People have been making fair and reasonable comments.
    You might disagree and its fine to "agree to disagree". This does not mean there is a need to always have the last word or be disrespectful.
    This is only my very humble opinion and you may well totally disagree with it and that is perfectly fine too.
    Best wishes and Metta to you @techie
    With every respect