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  • Re: I really, really hate it when....

    @dhammachick said:

    @karasti said:
    My husband would probably like if I got an outfit like that :lol:

    should I feel uncomfortable knowing @Hozan has seen my wardrobe? 🤣🤣🤣

    No don't feel uncomfortable. I just see 4 beautiful strong warriors. Not to be trifled with but with hearts of gold. But to even up the score I'll show you something from my wardrobe...

  • Re: I really, really hate it when....

    My wardrobe.....just lots of these

  • Re: I really, really hate it when....

    @DhammaDragon said:
    I really hate it when people insult Buddhism without even having the faintest idea what Buddhism is all about.
    A friend of mine visited a Buddhist temple, posted a picture on Facebook, and one of his friends posted the comment "Sexist jerk," referring to the Buddha.

    But I really love it when you have a good mate to rely on joining in the fight with you.
    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH, @dhammachick!!!!!
    You are the best <3 <3 <3

    @dhammachick and @DhammaDragon are unstoppable on their own. Who thought they could take on the both of them?

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    @DhammaDragon said:
    Sorry for interrupting the idyllic bucolic conversation, but I must absolutely sidetrack our chit-chat to the joys of moderation.

    I bet @federica never had to deal with this sort of problems on this site ever -though we have seen many freaky posts...

    Last week I had to ban a man from one of the groups I administrate on IT because he had stalked several female members with private messages for... masturbation sessions.
    Tonight, one of the moderators flagged a post where a male member volunteered for yoga, massage and orgasmic meditation sessions, and added at the end the measures of his... member (mind the pun).
    How much is 10 inches, by the way...? ;)

    Spiritual sites and apps are no longer what they used to be...

    I'd like to assure everybody here that even though I am in this IT group it wasnt me! It couldnt have been....i'm not a yoga practitioner!