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  • Ignorance is the only enemy

    My boss has childish temper tantrums and goes on the path of destruction. His anger and criticism was prodding me until I felt anger and a strong sense of self arise in me. I didn't know what to do because I was mainly practicing various forms of loving kindness meditation, and it didn't matter how peaceful and loving I could make myself with this type of meditation because clinging would arise in me, a sense of an angry I, and my peace would be destroyed.

    I didn't know how to handle this situation and I still find myself caught in the same delusion, but have figured out how to pull myself out of it fairly quickly and let go of clinging to it.

    An insight came to me in meditation: Ignorance is the only enemy. You don't get angry at an ant for being ignorant, so why get angry at anyone for being ignorant? In ultimate reality there is no self attacking another self. There is only ignorance attacking ignorance.

    The way I've transcended above my boss's attacks is be constantly reminding myself of no self and that ignorance is the only enemy. When I see it this way, Right View has won the day and anger can't arise in me because the basis of anger has been wiped out.

  • Re: Meditation and vibrational quality

    Random thoughts...

    I was kind of like a high vibration junkie for a while, but ended up not finding wisdom in it.

    In other words, if someone is angry and criticizes you, it doesn't matter how high your vibration is. You're still going to believe a self is criticising a self. You're still going to be delusional and act accordingly.

    But if you harness the power of high vibes to realize Emptiness, then it's not just a temporary escape from suffering.

    As far as I can tell, many spiritual people cultivate a high vibration and use it only to feed their delusions because their motivation comes from selfishness to gain more things or more status, chasing after the eight worldly dharmas and creating a more insane ego.

    The Secret, for example, is not Dharma, but a way to strengthen delusions.

  • Re: Dharma Overload

    Funny part? The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know. So I feel less wise by the day.

  • Re: Remaining pockets of sanity in America

    The first amendment entitles everyone to free speech.

    Yet there is no amendment that entitles anyone to freedom of violence against those who disagree with you.

    (Of course some countries believe in censorship)

  • Re: I Vow To Stop Watching And Reading Politics

    Mindful Consumption is what it is called. Controlling what you consume mentally.