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  • Re: Buddhist quotes

    As a river rushes to the sea,
    As the sun and moon glide across the mountains of the west,
    As days and nights, hours and moments flee,
    Life flows away, inexorably.
    ~ Guru Rinpoche

  • Re: Queries regarding calmness in meditation

    This quotation doesn't directly comment on Zazen form of meditation. Nonetheless:

    The purpose of meditation is to see the peaceful, compassionate, pure, and already free nature of mind. But please remember that at the same time, meditation does not come with any hope or expectation.

    ~ Phakchok Rinpoche

  • Re: Queries regarding calmness in meditation

    Good question. I am not sure but I would say if we produce some views on calmness and meditation nonetheless we shouldn't attach to views. I don't think meditation is an analysis space. But when you meditate regularly the mind from the beginning has a quality of knowing. Right now it is here like that. Right here apparent.

  • Re: Buddhist quotes

    Part of Milarepa's key instructions to Megon Repa

    ‘I have realized the unborn reality.
    If you've not realized the unborn reality,
    Then you must maintain concern for karma, cause and effect.

    I've understood samsara and nirvana are not two.
    If you've not understood samsara and nirvana as not two,
    Then you must meditate on the union of the two truths.

    I'm fully trained in the inseparability of self and other.
    If you're not fully trained in the inseparability of self and other,
    Then you must never be separate from bodhichitta.

    Realization naturally dawns for me.
    If realization hasn't naturally dawned for you,
    Then you must never be separate from discriminating awareness.

    There is no meditation and postmeditation for me.
    If there is still meditation and postmeditation for you,
    Then you must practice the path of means in a solitary place.’

    P426 ‘The Hundred Thousands Songs of Milarepa’
    A new translation by Christopher Stagg published by . Shambhala.

  • Re: Buddhist quotes

    Desire and attachment will not change overnight, but desire becomes less ordinary as we redirect our worldly yearning toward the aspiration to become enlightened for the benefit of others. At the same time, we don’t abandon the ordinary objects of our desires – relationships, wealth, fame – but our attachment to them lessens as we contemplate their impermanence. Not rejecting them, rejoicing in our fortune when they arise, yet recognizing that they won’t last, we begin to build qualities of spiritual maturity. As our attachment slowly decreases, harmful actions that would normally result from attachment are reduced. We create less negative karma, more fortunate karma, and the mind’s positive qualities gradually increase.
    ~ Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche