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JohnG Veteran

Thanks, applied to both. :D


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  • Re: Joking About Death

    Being a descendant of Immagrant Slavonic anthracite coal miners, joking about death was commonplace. Even today we do, and it's come as no suprise that some are a bit taken aback. Why? Don't know, all I can say is why fear the only thing we have to do in this life time. But, consideration must be made to those who fear, as for me . . . I'm an organ donar, take what what you need, cremate the rest and throw the ash in the face of the Pennsylvania governor. Hey!, the only way I know I can actually show him my love. :coffee:

  • Re: How do I let insults go without experiencing anger

    Just let it go.

  • Re: How does someone know that they should be a Buddhist?

    It's were I felt at peace with myself and the world, no guilt, no shame, just me.

  • Re: What is YOUR attitude towards the military?

    @Vastmind said:
    My Granddad, and all three of his brothers
    were enlisted. My father was drafted.
    I have two family members buried in Arlington.
    So you can kinda see where a young girl thought
    that must be it! That's how I'll make them proud!

    Ironically, at my Granddad's funeral,
    my Nana shared with me that he hated I went. He thought
    it was no place for a 'hippy' girl like me. That it would
    harden me and undo what I was exposed to earlier
    in life........ wipes a tear ......

    He never said anything. Just
    put $50 in my pocket and told me to call when Basic
    was over. It took me years to deal with thinking what
    I was doing was for someone/people that in fact
    didn't want it for me. It shook my whole way of thinking.

    Sorry for going on.....Thanks for listening. :)

    Well the question is, did it change you? I'd say yes, but not in the way he foresaw. So, be mindful of that.
    ;) The second is, honor is rendered in many ways, although they may have disapproved, You still came out the better, so be happy of that. Third, you have witnessed the fragility of life, as well as how few of us are destined to stand out and protect them, and their ideals. I started off as a medic, became a forward observer (13f) and then back to being a medic, a trip to be sure.

    But for now, have some coffee. :coffee:

  • Re: What is YOUR attitude towards the military?

    Then what is the use of personal freedoms if we have a government that is so willful to send children off to a war they themselves refuse to fight?