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Thanks, applied to both. :D


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  • Re: Question for Christian Buddhists or Buddhists Christians?

    Only on the surface Christianity and Buddhism are similar. Dig deeper, and not very deep you will find a very vast gulf of difference. Buddha preaches he is but an enlightened man; where as Jesus declares himself the son of god. A very vast difference; for two millennia genocide was conducted in the name of Jesus and his God father to those who refused to accept Christianity. There are no such thing for the spread of Buddha' wisdom.

    There is no similarities between Buddhism and Christianity, only a few who want to see there is.

  • Re: How does someone know that they should be a Buddhist?

    It's were I felt at peace with myself and the world, no guilt, no shame, just me.

  • Re: What is the method for abandoning hatred?

    A method I discovered when I studied Bruce Lee, and used it in my writting. As you meditate, give your anger a color, a taste, a texture; feel and study these as what they are, color's, tastes, texture. Roll them into a ball, and mentally ignite them. See a whisp of smoke rise from it, then more, then even more; a glow of orange growing on the balls surface, slowly it ignites into a roaring flame; watch it consume the ball into ash. And then, let the ash blow away in a breeze.
  • Re: What is YOUR attitude towards the military?

    Yes, I learned a lot from the Vietnam combat vets. And, a lot of myself.

  • Re: What is YOUR attitude towards the military?

    Then what is the use of personal freedoms if we have a government that is so willful to send children off to a war they themselves refuse to fight?