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  • Re: Friends and their existential fears

    Sorry to hear about your friend 💕. Has she had a diagnosis of anything? High emotionality and hopelessness can be a sign of borderline personality disorder. As can a trauma history. What kind of therapy is she getting? If there is something deeper awry then getting the right treatment designed for her struggles will make all the difference. For example, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy is wonderful for borderline. General counselling is more suited to people with less complex issues. Just something to think about. It’s necessary and important to turn to people for emotional support and to give it but repeated discussions of the same issue is something we used to call ‘assurance seeking’ at the charity I used to volunteer at, providing counselling for for people with anxiety disorders. In the short term letting them know everything would be fine/alleviating distress made them feel better but in the long run it would uphold the feelings because they never tackled them themselves head on - they just kept going for temporary aleviation that just upheld the cycle. Sending her meta.

  • Re: When you're at the end of your tether

    Contrary to someone else's somewhat rude post suggesting you are not a good parent because you are asking for advice on how to parent your child, I think this seems like a quality of a great parent. You want to do what is best for your child and to keep your calm, and your desire to parent sanely and compassionately means that you're driven to ask for help. I think that is wonderful. I am not a parent and do not have anything helpful to add to the wonderful answers here, but hope that such a remark didn't make you feel too bad =).

  • Re: Guilt

    It's snowing here and I wrote this cheesy poem about how transitory 'we' are and how nature is a mirror of that.

    Snow fall

    Iridescent flurries
    of white cloud
    float on air
    And melt into rooftops with icy kisses
    I am made of snow

    I am nothing and
    I am endless
    Free falling through the air
    Waiting to become one with the ground,
    the air, the sky again
    I am made of snow

    My stories of yesterday
    Tiny powdery flickers of life
    Racing towards the heavy concrete
    Fresh blankets of white wonder
    I lose myself and begin myself again and again
    Every past second forgets itself
    I am made of snow

    The spinning, ever-evolving dreams of snow clouds
    Shatter and break
    And begin over and over
    I am made of snow

    You hold fragmented rememberings
    Like water in the cupped, wrinkled maps of your guarded palms
    But they’ve all past, like a dream
    Your old stories don’t belong to you anymore
    You are made of snow

  • Re: Guilt

    Thank you everyone, your wisdom and advice was much appreciated and very helpful to me. I've decided to let it go, all I can do is be better than yesterday and I intend to be so.

  • Re: Low Carb High Fat...

    I follow Dr Greger, a physician who was inspired to become one through his Grandma's recovery from heart disease - she was given weeks to live, after three triple heart bypasses, and went on to live 30 years by going on a whole foods plant based diet (it's the only diet documented in a study to reverse heart disease). He reads EVERY SINGLE medical paper published to a medical journal each year and posts the info online for people to read - he is not for profit. As such, I find him the most trustworthy source of info on nutrition - it's all evidence based and he makes no money from it, so has no reason to push a certain style of eating - more extreme eating habits tend to have money to be made from them. He wrote an amazing book called How Not to Die - how to prevent and sometimes reverse our top causes of death (cancer, alzhimers, depression/suicide/heart disease etc). Amazing book and best thing I've read on nutrition and I've always been very interested in it. Basically whole food, plant based diet - limited sugar, salt and oil is the best diet for human beings - I tend to follow this in the week and the eat what I want on the weekend. Makes me shudder that I followed the Paleo thing for a bit!!