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  • Re: Sharing place for Tea nerds :D

    When I first started drinking Yerba Mate I got some Mate Cocido which came in standard tea bags. It's apparently something less strong which they give to children amongst others. Might be worth a try for those who want something less strong.

    Personally I didn't think the normal Mate had anything wrong with it, but then I like strong teas.

  • Re: Agitation/Meditation

    I always find baths and showers a great antidote to agitation. Something about water covering the body bringing the skin to rest, and then drying as a quiet re-energisation.

    Then maybe "sit your butt on the ground" afterwards?

  • Re: Being free from fears

    @Fosdick said:
    It could also be argued that all fears are a reflection of the fear of losing control. To let go of the illusion of self, then, would also be to let go of fear.

    To completely, totally let go of the idea of self is pretty difficult, but so long as any echo of self remains, an echo of fear will remain also. No need to let it bother us.

    Of all the wise answers, this speaks to me the most. That it largely comes down to a fear of losing control and self identity. These things are hard to let go of. But thank you all for the wise words.

    Although I think also losing touch with humanity and family and friends are a big one for me personally. Less abstract but not less powerful.

    I've been going through a tough time of late, my doctor says it's a mental health issue. I'm currently chemically assisted by large doses of lorazepam. Spontaneous arising of these troubles at my age is rare but not unheard of. We shall have to see.

  • Re: What music are you listening to?

    Or if you liked guitar... Rodrigo y Gabriela is a Mexican duo who do amazing guitar music, mixing in percussive elements with wonderfully quick interchanges...

  • Re: Coffee ???

    I remember on Dartmoor there is an inn callled the Two Bridges... they bake their own scones for afternoon tea and they are huge and incredibly delicious. I remember being amazed at the size of those scones on the very sunny afternoon I spent there.