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  • Re: Dream Interpretation

    @ajhayes said:
    Last night I had a dream where I visited with the Buddha.

    I was traveling with my wife and family in India and our guide said (as we passed a house) "That's
    Siddhartha's house" I asked if we could visit and the guide said that people usually don't do that. Then The Buddha walked out, waved, and said "come in." I don't recall what we talked about, but, it was a very friendly discussion and I woke up feeling really good, calm, at peace, and happy.

    Does anyone have a guess at what this may mean (if you believe in that sort of thing)? Or is it just wishful thinking.

    It strikes me as being a dream where the surface meaning is about travelling, encountering wisdom, and being welcomed, and being succoured by wisdom. It’s a beautiful dream, have you been thinking lately about going travelling in search of wisdom?

  • Re: Book of Eights: Chapter 12

    Yes there are 4 more. I think we could have gone faster, for me it was just a weekly thing to come back to the Book of Eights and read another intro and poem. The temptation to read ahead was definitely there but I resisted :awesome:

  • Book of Eights: Chapter 12

    There doesn’t seem to be that much interest for these anymore - very few reads, replies or contributions, so I’m somewhat doubting whether it is useful to carry on.

    Anyways, Chapter 12 is called “the shorter discourse on the dead end”, and it discusses the subject of truth in the debate amongst renunciants. The Buddha says each renunciant creates his or her own view on the truth, but that these are just concepts, and that he himself does not say of anything that it is the truth.

    These stanza’s stood out to me...

    Based on what they have seen, heard, and thought out,
    And on precepts and religious practices, they show contempt.
    Taking a stand in what they have determined,
    And happy with themselves
    They say “my opponent is foolish and unskilled.”

    The Buddha goes on to explain the problems of entrenched debating stances, and finishes with...

    Set in what they’ve decided,
    Having themselves as the standard,
    They get into quarrels in this world.
    But those who have abandoned all judgments,
    Create no conflict in the world.

  • Re: What music are you listening to?

    Early morning chants off YouTube...

  • Re: Turning 30

    @Carlita said:

    @seeker242 said:

    @Mingle said:
    I really cannot get over the fact that my body is gonna start getting weaker

    I'm nearly 45 and that has yet to happen. =)

    You gave me hope! I'm 36 and getting weaker and sicker. I blame it on my illness rather than age. :p They say things start getting older in your mid 55s.

    You can kind of get away with not doing anything until your forties... then it’s time to start paying attention to exercise and diet and those things. You’d be surprised how much getting in shape in your early forties can turn things around. But my father is 69, and until recently he was still doing Bikram yoga in heated rooms three times a week.