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  • Re: Practising other religions

    I think this is how many religions maintain themselves, it's by indoctrinating the young and defenceless, not because of any real truth. I find Buddhism makes sense, and Christianity does not, many of its prophets seem to be suffering psychosis.

    Science has done an admirable job explaining the real world, and deservedly has swept away all the misconceptions that came before it. People deserve to study this in school, not be forced to remember tracts of the bible or ancient witterings from holy men trying to hold on to superceded ideas about creation. Religion for me is something that should be reserved for later in life.

    Here in the Netherlands the vast majority of all schools are public schools, with no religious teachings, and it gives the young people a lot of freedom to form their own opinions, and they do. The result has been a falling of the percentage of people who self-identify as Christian, about 65% of the country is now non-religious.

  • Re: Do you speak Emoji?

    Apparently there's an emoji film coming this summer...

  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

    My father got taken to the hospital with cardiac arrhythmia... signs that he is getting a bit older despite being only 68... it set me to thinking about the mortality of loved ones and how our time together is limited and often even many years seems too short. It also made me think about all the things I might have left unsaid in our relationship... there seem to be a few big things left for us to discuss.

  • Re: A question on learning methods and commitment

    Yeah it's true, the initiations are very crucial to making progress through the whole system. I was watching a YouTube video about a Khyentse Rinpoche, who seemed to have been a key figure a few decades ago and even HHDL showed up to say what important transmissions he had had from this man.

    Initiations are another thing that are putting me off following Tibetan Buddhism much deeper, they seem so elitist and unnecessarily restrictive, if you look at what others are doing.

    Thanks @DhammaDragon that makes a few things clearer ❤️

  • Re: Balancing compassion without being a pushover

    A difficult situation... I've had to cope with something similar and I'm sad to say I found no solution except to eventually leave the company. Wishing you and your co-worker well :)