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  • The people on the spiritual path

    My mother has been visiting me for the last few weeks, and together we were looking through an old Osho darshan book, detailing the meetings that sannyasins had with Osho... these were basically one-on-one conversations with a small audience, a chance to ask personal questions. We were looking at the photographs and I noticed a beautiful young woman, and my mother remarked "all the people who came there were beautiful, they were innocent".

    It struck me later while thinking about Buddhists that I had met that many people on the spiritual path have a special quality. Perhaps the mere fact that they have gone looking in spiritual places attracts a certain kind of person, someone with a kind of gentleness, sensitivity and purity. Sometimes they surprise you...

    What have your experiences been with the kind of people on the spiritual path?

  • Re: Why Buddhism ?

    Yes @elcra1go that's very familiar to me, coming across some piece of writing and immediately smiling because it feels right and you know you're on the right path. That's exactly it.

  • Re: Eclipse fever!!!

    Talking of the immensity of the universe, I love this video @federica maybe you know it...

  • 'Walk With Me' documentary on Thich Nhat Hanh

  • Re: Why Buddhism ?

    Well my parents broke with my grandparents' strict Christian values when I was very young, and took up with Osho. So from about age 9 I was in various Osho communes learning about all kinds of religious thought, from the Sufi's to the Tao to Buddhism. Then Osho died and I left it all behind becoming more-or-less atheist for a few decades. Following the Dalai Lama's advice was not on the cards.

    Then aged 39 I had a breakdown and ended up out of work, and I reconnected with Osho while writing a long memoir. There were some things I was not happy with in his path, and so I decided to have a closer look at Buddhism, being a little familiar with the basics.

    I still consider myself as much a spiritual seeker as a Buddhist... one partakes of many paths in one lifetime. But Buddhism has been good for me, it has allowed a gentle flowering within as understanding arises. There are still topics in Buddhism that i do not understand - it's like reading the words but there is no corresponding truth within. So I continue to search and practice.

    The thing I treasure most is that I have a lot more inner peace now than I did five years ago.