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  • Re: Catalog consciousness

    I have a strict habit of only buying things I need, and I generally use stuff I own until it breaks, so catalog consciousness is largely unknown to me. When I read through a catalog I usually end up looking for things I didn’t know I needed, because I didn’t know they existed.

    Thanks for introducing me to another thought pattern to beware of! :o

  • Re: The truth of reality

    @person said:
    I suppose I'm kind of a somethingist. I tend to place some sort of metaphysical quality on Nirvana.

    I kind of tend towards the same explanation but it has some pretty scary implications. The other view I like is the one that it’s an expression of what is in your head.

    @Snakeskin said:
    Somethingist… haha.

    Time. The thing/no-thingness of Nibbana might be compared to that. Time.

    It reminds me of what’s on Osho’s tombstone, “Never born. Never died. Only visited this earth between...”

  • Re: Homemade Buddha scenes & altars

  • Tibetan book of living and dying documentary

    I wonder if anyone had posted this up, it’s about the documentary narrated by the late Leonard Cohen about the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. It’s in two parts, and is very restful to listen to.

    The first part is more about the way of life in Ladakh, when it was largely undeveloped back when few foreigners were allowed. The second part is more about the actual Bardo Thodol, the book of the dead.

    Hope someone enjoys it, as I said it’s very restful.

  • Re: The truth of reality

    The thing I have come to realise is that truth too is a raft to carry us over the river. It is an important tool to give us insight and create clarity. But there are very few truths that are universal, but those that there are are important axioms to our world.

    For example, take a story. It transforms us, it changes our minds, it makes us something, even if it only contains a few insights into truth. It can alter our hearts, make us laugh or cry.