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  • Re: The sense of touch and meditation

    The thing that bothers me is that if Buddhist scripture just blindly accepted 5 senses plus the mind as sixth, what does that imply about the thoroughness of the investigation of the structures of mind? Or lists such as the skandhas? The senses are relatively easy to investigate, yet no-one in the community of monks choose to correct the lore.

    Meditation and the senses

    It does concern me a little...

  • Re: Autopsy online

    I had a quick look, there are some demo video’s of a rather fat lady being ‘examined’. It didn’t do much for me, so I doubt whether I will subscribe. But thanks @bunks for the look into the unusual world of the medical examiner.

  • The sense of touch and meditation

    One thing I have noticed in meditation is that I often come back to the sense of touch. For example when I think of the mind, my awareness often goes to my head and tries to “touch what is inside my skull”. Which makes little sense because you cannot touch “that which generates thoughts”.

    Similarly when I close my eyes, in meditation I often come back to the sensation around my bum, where there are often something that feels like ticks or twitches. It is an awareness of the body, but it is not directly touch on the skin. It often seems to be in an area below my bum.

    Have you explored your senses in meditation? Can you keep them separate, for example noise in touch and noise in hearing seem to overlap?

  • Re: Chan Zen teachings

    “The Master (Bankei) always advised people, “don’t get born,” i.e., don’t take on seriously even for a moment any false, limiting identifications of being a man, a woman, a Buddhist, a Confucian, good, bad, old, young, angry, elated, mortal body or even a distinct, immortal soul. In our True Nature we are always only the unmanifest Absolute, which manifests as the conventional “dream” of life while yet always remaining Absolute. Freedom is always Free, and our Real Identity is this Spiritual Freedom or Mind/Heart of Buddha-Nature.”


  • Who to follow on twitter?

    I’ve had a difficult relationship with twitter over the years, I don’t tweet a lot but I’ve found it tricky to build up a good list of people to follow who I actually want to hear from. For example I’m not interested in Kim Kardashian or Donald Trump, but I am interested in Thich Nhat Hanh.

    I’ve had several stabs at this and I think I’ve finally built up a little shortlist of people who I actually like hearing from and find interesting. I thought we could all share and see if there are any gems that we can glean.

    Here’s some highlights of my list...

    BBC Click
    Sam Harris
    Joris Luyendijk
    Brian Cox
    Stephen Fry
    The Humanist Alliance
    Thich Nhat Hanh
    The Dalai Lama
    Neil deGrasse Tyson