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  • Re: To Pick One Tradition Or Not To Pick One Tradition. That Is The Question

    @Tigger said:

    @SpinyNorman said:

    There is also the risk of digging many shallow wells.

    Kinda like "Jack of all trades - master of none"

    I was thinking more like "halfway to enlightenment in a dozen directions, but never actually getting there."

  • Re: Being single

    @ZenCanuck said:

    @Dakini said:

    @ZenCanuck said:

    Single now, wish I wasn't, but not losing sleep over it either...I've got a lot of other richness in my life, and Toronto is pretty much a vast wasteland for singles of any age. I'm only half-joking when I say I'm thinking of advertising for an American man who would like to marry his way into Canada to avoid the Trumpocalypse ;)

    I've run into that idea on other internet forums: that Toronto is terrible for dating. Why is that? There are so many singles complaining about it, that it can't be due to a dearth of singles. What's going on over there?

    My experience is that Toronto guys have zero interest in women. They have normal romantic/sexual inclinations if they're gay - they're attracted to men - but seriously? Women are invisible to non-gay Toronto guys. They have zero game, zero interest, and can't be bothered to even pay attention on a coffee date. I don't even waste time on them. They have zero interest in me, and I'm not interested in potted plants.

    Men have told me that the women here are bitchy and cold and that may be true - I don't date women. I can see where they'd think that, actually...

    Do you suppose the one attitude creates the other? That a warm, caring woman would attract more attention from these Toronto guys, or that Toronto guys acquiring some romantic drive would warm up some of the ladies?

  • Re: Good Books on Buddhism/Spirituality

    The complete works of Osho (well nearly) can be found as audio lectures at

    Not sure if anyone else is interested, and I realise at least @lobster would put him in with Trungpa as somewhat flawed, but I still enjoy him.

    And a great many holy texts can be found here...

  • Re: What IS a lady?

    @IronRabbit said:
    Not quite....

    Well, at the risk of some very weird answers, what are males doing with nipples, then?

  • Re: Thoughts Are Bad VS Thoughts Are Good

    I think it's understandable to be disturbed by things that happen close to you, or that are personal. It's not so easy to be dispassionate about those. But I think it's very fair to point out to people not to attach to things that are far away. It's the first step, learn to live in the real world, not the artificial one built up around you.

    And the real world is your cupboard, the walls of your house, the beach, the dunes and nature reserve. The trees that you meet out on your walk, they are a lot more real to you than Donald Trump, who you cannot do anything about. Breathe their air, be calm and limit Trump's ownership of your brain to the minuscule spot he deserves.