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  • Re: Disappearing up the Nothingness

    @lobster said:
    we must not fry our mind.

    Hmmm, butter, a little garlic... Yum!

  • Re: Buddha Zone

    It's easy to find guru ranking sites on the internet, some of whom say one thing and others which say another. Similarly any controversial figure is going to stir up a few "Exposed!" video's.

    But Osho was not a Buddhist, and he was very much in favour of luxury in his commune. The mall was very nice, there was an airstrip, and so on. There were no precepts though the diet was vegetarian with eggs and dairy. He had a unique view on the world.

    I would say, there is a great deal of interest to find in Buddhism. Similarly there is a lot of beauty to find in Osho. The two complement eachother quite well, though as always, test the teachings.

  • Re: Is Buddhism just like the others?

    @Shoshin said:

    Is Buddhism just like the others?

    Well not according to Buddhist scholars Robert E. Buswell Jr. and Donald S. Lopez Jr

    "Many great Buddhist figures state unequivocally that enlightenment is accessible only to those who follow the Buddhist path. One can get only so far (generally, rebirth in heaven) by following other religions; only Buddhism has the path to liberation from suffering. All roads may lead to the base camp, but only Buddhism leads to the summit."

    Well... it doesn't seem to be strictly true... there are those who reach through non-Buddhist Tantra, there are those who appear to reach through advaita Vedanta, there are people like Ramana Maharshi of whom it is not clear - there seem to be a few different paths. It was once said of Osho by a Japanese visitor that he was a master of the seven paths.

  • Re: Buddhism for Capitalists

    So this is our solution for the modern lay Buddhist in a capitalist world? Save enough so that you don't have to work anymore? I think a lot of people might have seen that one coming...

  • Re: Low Carb High Fat...

    I thought I had found a way to be comfortably hungry... then I made the mistake of buying a pound of 'giechels' (liquorice) at the market... now they haunt me, those round, soft, black, tasty giechels, sitting in their bag below my television. I've lost all of 100 grams in the last week, ouch.