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  • Re: Dhamma dreams

    In a lecture by Osho I recently came across the comment that in the state between waking and sleep, particularly as you just come out of sleep, there is the possibility that you can catch a glimpse of the core of your being and receive some kind of message.

    I was sleeping a few weeks ago and I woke up, and as I woke something said to me “Palestine”. I’ve since been doing research into what Palestine might mean to me, it refers either to the geographical area or the nascent state, but I’ve not been able to conclude what to do with it.

    At least your sentence is relatively clear :) you can investigate your relationship with the dhamma and see whether you need to make changes...

  • Re: Wild Wild Country

    Certainly from a Buddhist perspective Osho had shortcomings as a teacher, such as not taking a stand on right speech or ethics. But labelling him a sham teacher also does not quite hit the mark... he undeniably had a potent magnetism, made significant contributions to the art of meditation, and in terms of his overall impact I can’t think of any single Buddhist teacher who started with nothing and achieved the kind of following he did.

    Osho’s teaching - which the documentary series hardly touched upon - was not Buddhist in nature, it crossed the boundaries of religions and urged people not to repress anything while staying loving and compassionate. The idea of his many lectures was to introduce his followers to the many paths of spirituality, give them a taste of each, and let them choose a governing principle according to their own hearts.

    From what I’ve seen, many of Osho’s sannyasins were beautiful people who were helped by his presence in their lives, even in the archive footage in the documentary you can see a kind of radiance in them. Of course some of them were power hungry and became disaffected, any large community will have a proportion of bad apples. It seems it is hard to teach all of the people at the same time.

  • Re: Giving up the "I"

    “I” like this thread :p

    Very pithy and yet educational.

  • Re: Meditating While High?

    It’s an interesting article, but I have to say I wonder about the strictness of the fifth precept. I guess it kind of comes down to the idea of spiritual progress through meditation and how that is affected by low-level drugs like alcohol and marijuana. If you believe that your spiritual progress on a metaphysical level is impeded, by all means observe the precept exactly.

    But I don’t think that small quantities of alcohol or marijuana create such an effect that they make breaking the other precepts likely. So if that is your concern, things are in a different degree. Personally I’m minded to on occasion relax the rule, and enjoy a glass of wine with family, or a whisky on my own. I have experimented with meditating while enjoying a beverage, and found it an interesting process which does not need much repeating.

    There certainly is a tendency to be more ascetic than strictly required in a lot of religion. Kind of a sliding scale where denying yourself more is also held to be more holy, or more beneficial. That said, I’ve tended to be very cautious with drugs, although I won’t preach to others about what they should or should not do.

  • Re: What is your Plan?

    Well I’m kind of awake... after all I did find Buddhism.

    But about the mahayanists, did they account for population growth? How long does it take for a Buddha to help someone become a Buddha, and does that rate of conversion outstrip the growth of the population? Will the percentage of buddha’s ever reach 100% Buddha-ness?

    This is the problem I have with grand cosmic plans.