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  • Re: Omg yet another rant

    Sounds to me like avoiding such conversations with your neighbour would be a good start.

  • Re: Omg yet another rant

    You appear you be attached to your dislike for your neighbour or an enjoyment of the animosity between you. Either is unhealthy. Take yourself out of the poisonous situation if it causes such a state of mind in you.

  • Re: Solitary Confinement

    @federica said:
    @Lee82, quiet week then....?

    I linked them.

    Yes just had a look thanks, downloaded the sample of Frankl's book to my Kindle and having a look for Fire Under The Snow now.

    I saw Mandela mentioned as well somewhere. I've read Long Walk and it's interesting to see how he coped so long in jail with much if it in solitary. However, as much as you can understand why he did what he did, he still waged war against the state and was rightly locked up in the context. He didn't promote non violence like Ghandi did. Read both autobiographies if you get chance, neither man is saintly but both left a legacy and there's much to learn from them. The films in no way do justice to the true stories, you have to read the books.

  • Solitary Confinement

    Interesting brief interview with Terry Waite who spent 1760 days in solitary confinement!

    I sometimes think it would be nice to have the opportunity to see what it's like but it wouldn't be the same if done intentionally and had a fixed duration. I have no plans to get kidnapped any time soon!

  • Re: Karma and video games

    I've played games since I was 2 or 3 and have played just about every game type there has been, so feel reasonably well qualified to comment. Games are a temporary separation from reality but there is no doubt that they desensitise you to real world events; there's nothing that I could see happen in the real world that hasn't happened or worse in a video game that I've played.

    That said, I firmly disbelieve any of these theories that violence and bad behaviour are linked to, or caused by, video games. Someone that kills another has not been made to do it by playing games, they would have to be of a particular mindset to carry out those things in real life and would likely do it regardless of their gaming experiences. Of all the terrible things I have witnessed in pixel form I have no doubt that it is not real, it is no different to reading or writing a work of fiction. I therefore also don't believe there can be any karmic effect resulting from pursuing a gaming hobby.

    Gaming addiction and whether or not time spent playing games is skillful use of one's time are more worthwhile questions to consider.