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  • Re: Just for fun: the random, useless announcements thread!

  • Re: Letting go versus being attached

    I’m currently (finally) reading Viktor Frankl's Man’s Search For Meaning. This book really puts things in perspective and, I think, will help in your desire to let go of things and find joy without attachment. When forced in to a situation where everyone and everything you have ever known has gone, you're stood naked and the only try thing you have in the world is your naked body, you have no choice but to carry on or die. On reading about this, everything else pales in to insignificance.

  • Re: HHDL’s views on materialism

    I don't see an issue with businesses trying to make money, it is in the interest of their stakeholders to do so, including the staff they pay. I see that quote as more applicable to individuals and their desire to accumulate wealth. People are slaves to money because they want more and more of it and are seldom satisfied with what they have. There is money required for subsistence and beyond that the money serves materialism.

  • Re: Wow. Just, wow.

    Service is different things to different people. Never underestimate the effect even the smallest deed has on the recipient. There are people here in this sangha who do it a great service @federica @karasti

  • Re: Social Media Shutdown to promote Mindfulness

    I'll be interested to learn the observations of your experiment. I've been very tempted to cut all ties from it for a long time. I have Facebook but only use it to let my wife tag me so family can see pictures of the kids. Twitter I use for news and professional purposes but those are the only 2 I think I have.