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  • Live Spoken Word with Music

    Hi everyone! It has been a little bit since I have been on here. I wanted to share with you a spoken word event I did recently:

  • Re: I HAD A DREAM! Of a Monk?? He spoke to me!

    I would rather think a dream is just a dream. Whoever is it in the dream who speaks to us is not that important. In life, many people speak to us. Sometimes, the people closest and dearest to us speak to us and we hear not. That could be the origin of our suffering. I
    Thank you!!
    [Deleted User]
  • Historical Progression

    Changes appear out of historical progressions
    Evolved to create pureness for a moment
    Nevertheless, dissipate into oblivion.
    A bit of a surprise for many spectators who view these extraordinary events on Television screens and now the Internet
    Oh, how we have marveled over the powers of technology and how we totally, like totally cannot stop talking about the power of technology
    Oh, how brave we are to take selfies and show off our compartments to the world
    But ignore the ever-moving flow of confirming to the confinement of our being.
    Oh, how we strive to predict the likes we receive on the Social Media.
    Oh, how much have we become accustomed to the rays of non-existent sunshine
    Oh, how we strive to become the self-indulgence of self-discovery
    Oh, I can keep going, but what is the point of making this point?
    I am not any better than an average human participant in this life is.
    I luxuriate for solitude, but thrived on the likes from the many spectators on the Instagram and Facebook.
    I try to foretell what the mirror sees, but share the same encompassing truth as people my age.
    Wisdom comes to those who shall seek it, but those who do not, will not perish in the dying of the light.

    Check more of my writing:

  • Re: Sky High

    @lobster said:
    Where you sky high? You don't seem to be ... :3 In my capacity of free-lance judgemental dharma policing, have to ask ... :p In case you were high, dancing to traffic noises or Tibetan Temple music is to be expected ...

    ooh ... feel all morally superior now. [lobster dances himself to the back of the class] :3

    ... and now back to the dance ...

    Nah, Sky High from the music and the energy. Once I started dancing everyone started stopping to listen and had the band members actually start singing, before that they were just playing the music.

  • Sky High

    I was walking and then I heard this band, so I decided to dance.