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  • Re: Married on Nov 11

    @federica said:
    ...Still waiting for the awesome photos, @Linc....

    Me too. I expect we'll be a ways into 2018 before the photographer finishes editing them all. :) There are a few kicking around Facebook, but I don't really wanna collect a bunch of random shots when I know the good ones will be along.

  • Re: Married on Nov 11

    @ajhayes said:
    ...And for goodness sake, take a honeymoon and enjoy it!

    We delayed that a bit until the dead of winter, but we are headed somewhere warm. :)

  • Re: Mindstream question

    @David said:
    You obviously don't dream that much, let alone remembering dreams or having lucid dreams. That kind of comment from someone that dreams would be considered averse. From someone that doesn't dream it sounds condescending and unhelpful.

    I can sometimes recall dreams. I've had lucid dreams. Rarely have I had ones where there is a "plot" like I hear some folks describe; they tend to ramble more than have a point.

    Generally I've found I recall them less over the years. Perhaps because I care about them so little that I don't put any effort into remembering them anymore. Perhaps because I've figured out things that cause me to have weird dreams or have less deep sleep and have cut back on those things (especially watching TV or playing video games late in the evening, or watching movies that stress me out). Or perhaps because I'm generally so skeptical of dreams that when they irritate me I typically either wake up or (less frequently) realize it's a dream and take them over and change them (and then inevitably wake up when I change it too much).

    I admit I have no idea how being disrespectful of dreaming translates to disrespect of the folks who have issues with it. Like, I compared it to sweating, but I know folks can have sweat disorders, and I have no idea how that connects to me not caring about dreaming (or sweating).

  • Patton Oswalt: Annihilation

    I cannot speak highly enough of comedian Patton Oswalt's recent Netflix special "Annihilation", in which he discusses the grief from the loss of his wife.

    The words from his late wife continue to echo in my head: "There's no higher plan. The world is chaos. Be kind. Be kind. Be kind." I find myself thinking about it over and over in many contexts. "Be kind" is the simplest diagnosis of so many problems, and I find myself lately just bringing everything back to that simple thing.

    Here's an interview with him and Steven Colbert from a year ago, if you're interested:

  • Re: Let's ease off on the "metta", please

    @Snakeskin said:
    I think you misspoke: “Be kind, don’t [just] wish for it.”

    I felt that was implicit, but yes, that's a clearer rendering of what I meant.

    Speaking of the difficulty of communicating. :chuffed: