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  • Re: Data Update

    @karasti said:
    I find Twitter worse. I find the bullying and abuse and misuse of anon. accounts worse.

    I absolutely understand how that can be.

    I have a lot of things working in my favor on Twitter:

    • I'm a white male with an avatar announcing that fact.
    • I'm not on any haters' radar.
    • I have friends on there.
    • I do not allow it to send me any notifications or interrupt my day.
    • I basically only follow people I want to be friends with and block anyone who says something sideways.

    And still every day I am prepared for it to turn on me.

  • Re: Data Update

    I choose not to allow Facebook (which owns Instagram) data on this or any site I run. I regard it as both a competitor and unhealthy nuisance.

  • Re: Married on Nov 11

    @federica said:
    ...Still waiting for the awesome photos, @Linc....

    Me too. I expect we'll be a ways into 2018 before the photographer finishes editing them all. :) There are a few kicking around Facebook, but I don't really wanna collect a bunch of random shots when I know the good ones will be along.

  • Re: Let's ease off on the "metta", please

    @Shoshin said:
    Perhaps for the members concerned its a case of ..... "Fake it till you make it!"

    A funny sentiment, but let's take care to not wag fingers. It's very easy to turn a discussion about our culture into a discussion about individuals, but only one of those discussions is productive to have.

    Perhaps overusing metta is a case of "Fake it till you make it!"

    That's funny without singling out folks.

    Perhaps us overusing metta is a case of "Fake it till you make it!"

    That's funny while taking responsibility for something greater than yourself, which is what communities are built on.

    I've never signed anything with 'metta' but whatever it's symptomatic of is my own issue as much as it is anyone else's because I help define what this place values.

    Anyway, apologies for belaboring your point, it was simply a useful illustration for me to play with it a bit.

  • Re: Mindstream question

    My approach to dreams has always been that they are unimportant junk. Finding meaning in them feels like wringing sweat from a shirt and wondering what you can use it for. It already did its work, let it go.