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  • Re: I love Monday mornings

  • I love Monday mornings

    For everyone else they are hell but for me a delight. I am doing a one day a week course at college so Mondays are actually pretty much a day off work. I'll admit getting out of bed early is a drag but once I'm up it really is a lovely time of day.

    I get to town, grab myself a Starbucks and enjoy a nice mindful gentle walk to college. I love it, its so foggy and mysterious looking. Walking is great, especially through town. I enjoy walking past all these people just going about their day. I find that in itself is a kind of meditation, just realising how meaningless (in a good way) my life is. I'm just one person amongst billions.

    I try not to listen to music as I like the sound of my footsteps on the ground, I hear my gentle breathing in and out and taste the sharp sweet flavour as I sip my coffee. I feel the cold on my fingers and watch everyone else stuck in their minds wondering which goal to accomplish next. I try to imagine myself from the point of view of someone in a hot air balloon, all my feelings, thoughts and beliefs, insecurities don't matter. I am just one "ant" walking around amongst the others.

    I find for most people I know a trip to town is something that needs to be brief. They park somewhere and they grab what they need and get on with other business. For them they are always thinking of the next thing and there has to be a reason behind everything. I wonder how people can be happy always constantly in a rush. Does there have to be a point to everything we do? Can we walk not to get somewhere but for simply the act of walking?

    I believe we should strive to accomplish in life but I also don't see the point of being so focused you cant just stop and enjoy what you have. Do goal obsessed people get to a point in their lives where they wish they weren't so goal obsessed? Do they ever wish they ever took the time to just stop and smell the roses so to speak?

  • Re: Seeing reality

    @Tigger said:
    again and again and again from what I now understand about it @Mingle. Now that I understand it I see the connection between my rebirth and my suffering, they are hand and hand - cause and effect.

    It's very interesting to me and I have been reading about it thus contemplating it. While reading The Mind and The Way it said that if one passes away without any desire or want or need for anything then what is there to be reborn into. Does that mean if you die understanding this suffering and therefore not desire for anything you won't be reborn (in the sense of actually coming back after death)?

    That would be breaking the cycle of samsara (if reincarnation is real) and it is what Buddhist strive for. It is impossible not to desire as it is a desire to desire you stop desiring. To live is to desire, even a plant will grow towards the sun. The state I think you mean is a way to get around desire or to live with it and not let it control you and that's called Nirvana. The jury is still out for me of what I think of it and I posted a thread on it before, here it is

    I Just try and enjoy the journey and not worry about the end result.

  • Seeing reality

    Finally after 2 years I feel my practice is beginning to justify itself. I feel like meditation is starting to show some merit.

    I have just had a great session. My mind just seemed to go silent in anticipation of something. What started off as a swarm of thoughts just turned into the odd one just flutter by. It was like all the meaning I gave everything just disappeared then everything was meaningless. Life was no more then my gentle breathing out and the random noises in the background. All I felt was just consciousness and everything else just seemed arbitrary.

    I know for you guys this is just stating the obvious but to me there is knowing something because you have been told it and then really knowing something because you have experienced it.

    I also think I understand rebirth better now too and that It has nothing to do with any afterlife. It is infact a metaphor for our constantly changing perspective on things. We conjure up this idea of us and give ourselves this backstory and call it "me" but all we are is an on going process that can never be frozen and labelled "I". Its not as simple as "Hi my name is Fred and I like this and I don't like this" in fact all our old habits are constantly dying and new ones are forming.

    I will use my rack of cd's as an analogy. I have collected many over the years. Some I listen to some just gather dust. If someone wanted to know what music I like they might look at my cd's and believe that they know my taste but I find this silly, because to me you only really like what you like right NOW. I have many Cd's that I used to love but cannot stand now. Today I like rock but tomorrow I may like Jazz then those rock cd's will no longer be what I'm into. One day I might like rock again but it wont be the same as I will simply be falling in love with it again.

    It is just a constant change with music and so it is with ourselves. Like the cd rack we define ourselves by all that we have ever liked, disliked and done but yet it is just an illusion that we have conjured up. Even to remember our past is to do so with biases formed by our current perspective. We our now, if we meet someone new they will define us as what they see now. We are constantly dying and being reborn. The me that started writing this is gone and by the time I finish I will be a new version of myself. We cannot be pinned down.

  • Re: What do you make of this video?

    @karasti said:
    I don't think social media is entirely to blame for people who feel entitled. And please don't generalize that this is how an entire society or generation is, because it is simply untrue. The people who are that way, in particular young people, are that way because of their parents. Because their parents tried too hard to give their kids everything and protect them from everything based on their experience growing up. The internet influenced their parents long before they were even born, and I know far more middle aged people who are utterly inpatient the second something from Amazon didn't get there in 2 days. They set poor examples. But even in their case, many of those parents were the children of baby boomers who were the first generation to be able to give their children much more than they had. For a long time we thought it was a great thing. Turns out, perhaps it is not. This guy is probably a millennial himself (my husband is) and thinks he's superior to people younger than him because they haven't experienced what he has in his couple of years of extra life. Like my 20 year old arguing with my 8 year old today. Pointless. I get so tired of hearing people rip on young people. The kids I know that are around that age are FAR more aware and engaged in politics, the economy, and their communities than all the middle aged idiots who complain about them all day long.

    I think a lot of our values as a society have created a lot of unhealthy mental issues in a lot of people. But, I don't think the # of them with severe, clinical, chemical imbalances is the same. Most people create their own mental health-for good and bad. It's just easier to take drugs than it is to get to the root cause of our discomfort. Which is how we treat every single problem we have in every realm. We treat symptoms, not causes. No one "deserves" to be depressed, anxious or anything else. But we create our own reality most of the time. So in that way, we get what we "deserve" because of the effort we've put in.

    In any case, I agree with @person. His message might not be wrong, but the delivery sucks. Another case of someone churning out their mind diarrhea and thinking it's important enough to share with the whole world.

    I think depression is a result of modern civilisation and would probably go as far to say its only gonna get worse. Things like processed food, staying indoors too much and odd sleeping patterns are all a deterrence from our biological programming.