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  • Re: GIANT God dam hornet in my room!

    @Will_Baker said:

    @federica said:
    That's nothing. I was stung by two of them in France.
    Phhht! yours is child's play.

    And no - don't you dare destroy the nest. They're an endangered insect. Leave them alone, they won't harm you if you just don't bother them....

    -I bet those wasps are using that chunnel! :-)

    Organised crime is enough, I don't think I can live in a world with organised hornets too.

  • GIANT God dam hornet in my room!

    There I was just sitting there watching a film in my room, minding my own business. Then this motherf£&@er just flew in my doorway. I think I quite literally shouted "JESUS F***ING CHRIST" it's the biggest wasp/hornet/giant stingy thing I've ever seen. I know I have been noticing some rather large ones in my house lately each one bigger than the last but this one was just ridiculous. If there is a nest around I know it's not very Zen but I'm gonna get the flamethrower out I think.

    Dunno if the pic does it justice but it was like three inches long.
    So now to sit back and anticipate those of you that are Aussies scoffing and telling me how tiny it was and how wimpy I'm being lol

  • Re: GIANT God dam hornet in my room!

    @lobster said:
    Unfortunately we don't yet get hornets here :(

    They seem nice. I am sure they make good home or temple protectors. You just have to speak kindly to them. I speak 'wasp' incidentally. I am sure hornet is similar. Bees are the best. :glasses:

    Ah yes my electric toothbrush also speaks wasp. It is a rare gift.

  • My Budda lost his head!!

    Came home from holiday to find this lol (on the floor). I blame my cat, I don't think she ever liked him.

  • Re: What is Karma?

    @lobster said:
    Well done on becoming vegetarian. B)

    Thanks. What's most difficult about it is the meals, just feels like I'm eating a whole plate full of accessories if you know what I mean.